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Red Mahone Bed & Breakfast

The Red Mahone Bed and Breakfast is located in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, in Canada. It is near the city of Lunenburg and close to the surrounding ocean. The property was first made by a sea captain in 1876 and has served many purposes until landing in the hands of Barbara, the current owner of the bed and breakfast. The building contains two rooms that guests can rent out, the John Henry and the Maggie. Both of these rooms are named after boats that the original sea captain made with his father, who was also a sea captain. Those who stay that this establishment can find many things to do in the area or may choose to relax at the property, whether in the yard, around the fireplace, or on the front porch.


The Red Mahone Bed and Breakfast is located in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, in Canada. The property has a quaint, two-story building for its guests to rent two rooms from and a front and back yard. The two rooms are called the John Henry and the Maggie, deriving their names from ships that were constructed by the property's first owner. The inside of the building generally looks modern and contains the two guest rooms, a living room, a library, and a dining room. Guests that stay at this bed and breakfast are free to use any of these rooms to relax, read a book, play board or cards games, and/or snack on food.

In the front yard of the property, there are large maple trees that cast shade onto the grounds for any who are looking for it. There is a front porch that guests in the past have enjoyed spending time on while being outside. The backyard of the property has fewer trees, offering more of a sunny environment for those who choose to spend time there. There are a couple of flower gardens in the backyard that help to provide some variety and beauty to the existing grounds. There is also a very small apple orchard in the back that contains four apple trees.

Throughout the yard, guests will find a couple of seating areas that they can use to sit in the sun, take in the views that the yard provides, or to have a cup of coffee. There is a small outdoor fireplace that guests in the past have used to spend time with family, friends, and other guests, roasting marshmallows and talking around the fire. Guests have done other activities in the backyard as well, including yoga and a variety of lawn sports.

The area directly around the home is surrounded mainly by a neighborhood. The Red Mahone Bed and Breakfast is located at the end of the main street of town, so the owner claims that they are on the quiet end of the street. The city itself is a relatively small city, containing a population of about 1,100 people. Because of the size of the city, the main part of town is only about a three-minute walk from the bed and breakfast.

A complimentary breakfast is provided by the staff to their guests. The breakfast typically includes cooked foods like stuffed French toast or waffles, bacon and eggs, or fish cakes. There are a variety of other foods that are made for breakfast at Red Mahone, but it is usually chosen spontaneously throughout the week. The breakfast is served around 8:30 every day, but if a guest needs it earlier or later, some exceptions can be made. Dietary accommodations are also made for those who are gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, and more if the staff is notified beforehand.


The staff at the Red Mahone Bed and Breakfast hope that the guests who stay there feel like they are welcome. They want them to come into the building and feel as though they were personally invited to stay there. To help their visitors to feel this way, they try to provide comfortable, clean and cared-for living spaces and amenities for every guest to use. They strive to chat with their guests when the guest would like to talk to them. Getting to know their visitors is one of the owner's, Barbara's, favorite things. Because of that, many guests in the past have felt very welcome by the management at the bed and breakfast. These guests have left many reviews for the property that highlight many things that they have enjoyed. One guest wrote that "Red Mahone was clean and elegant, and my room was the perfect combination of classic and modern. The hosts made me feel pampered and welcomed while also respecting my privacy. The breakfast was also absolutely delicious."

The hosts live on-site, so they are almost always available for those who need them throughout their stay. They have many goals for the property, including the hope that they will always be able to get to know their guests and have them come back again, but they also have a goal to someday put a third room in the home up for rent as well. They also hope to keep providing the quality of service and of rooms that they feel they already do.

Guests are able to check-in between 3 PM and 5 PM, and checkout is at 11 AM. The bed and breakfast is typically open for eight months of the year, opening in April and then closing for the winter in November. The busiest time for the establishment is usually around July through August and sometimes even through September. Guests to the property tend to be older couples, but there is also the occasional younger couple.

The Red Mahone Bed and Breakfast has been known for its prepared rooms, the service given to the guests, and the breakfast that they provide to visitors. One guest who stayed here highlighted these same things when they left a review, saying that "the friendly hosts provided fabulous food at the time we chose. They went above and beyond expectations here. Home is centrally located in Mahone Bay, walking distance to coffee shops and restaurants." A guestbook is left inside of the property for guests to use and write little notes inside of, and they have often left positive reviews similar to the one just mentioned. The property is also known for its small history, which mainly consists of one of the families that helped to found the town.

Near the bed and breakfast are many things that guests can go and visit while they stay on the property. There is a world heritage site that is near the city of Lunenburg, which is only 12 minutes away from the property. A couple of festivals happen there every year, which brings a lot of guests to the business. Less than an hour's drive away is the city's capital and the airport, making the property an easier location for those visiting to stay at. Guests can also visit the local beaches and Oak Island for tours. Kayaking is a nearby available attraction by means of Pleasant Bay Paddling. A few restaurants that are in the area are Mateus Restaurant, Oh My Cod, and Rebecca's Restaurant. There is also a local pub is the Mug and Anchor. Something interesting about the pub is that those who film The Curse of Oak Island actually film inside of the business.


The Red Mahone Bed and Breakfast was originally built in the year 1876. It was originally owned by an old sea captain who helped to found the town and has been owned by many people since that time. The Presbyterian Church used the building as a residence, and then a doctor owned it for a time. The original sea captain used it simply as his home, where he and his wife raised 7 children—3 boys, and 4 girls. The boys all traveled around the globe, but the three girls stayed in the city and were buried in a local graveyard. The two rooms that are currently rented out to guests are named after two of the ships that were built by the sea captain and his father, who was also a sea captain.

The property has been owned by Barbara since the year 2019 as a bed and breakfast. Barbara entered the lodging industry because she wanted "to do something good" in her retirement. She enjoys the people that she gets to meet and learn about while they stay at her establishment. Guests have come from many places from around the world, all carrying different stories that she likes to hear. Barbara strives to serve her guests in any way that she can.

The staff had to make some renovations to the building once they bought it. The only changes that they have made towards the building after renovations are adding a bathroom and changing a doorway in one of the rooms. In the future, they may add a third room that guests will then be able to rent in the hope of bringing more people into their town.

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