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1796 House - Inn at The Ridge

1796 House - Inn at The Ridge

Located on five acres of land in the countryside area of Wallkill, New York, is the Inn at The Ridge. Since 2007, Sal and Beverly, the current owners, have enjoyed managing the B&B and renting the rooms out to guests. The home features four bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. Each room is decorated with modern touches to complement the rustic characteristics of the house. The building features some of the original aspects from when it was built in 1796, about 225 years ago. Breakfast is served every morning at 9:00 a.m. and cooked by Sal, whose former profession was in the culinary arts for 52 years. Inn at The Ridge is located in the middle of a wine trail, giving guests the chance to visit a few of the wineries and breweries nearby. The inn is located in a rural countryside area and is close to a variety of outdoor activities. Additionally, several landmarks and cities near the property hold historical significance. 


Inn at The Ridge is located in a rural area in southern New York near the Wallkill River, covering approximately 5 acres of land in total. The building is 4,000 square feet with four bedrooms in addition to a living room, a kitchen, and a dining room—all of which are decorated with antique furniture. The house was built in 1796 and is nearly 225 years old, with a historical styled exterior still remaining. The main building includes an entrance through the front and back doors of the house.

Fifteen flower gardens surround the area in different locations as well as a fire pit spot with provided firewood and roasting sticks. Several activities, such as corn hole and giant Jenga blocks, are available to guests who want to spend time outdoors. For those who hope to relax, hammocks are posted at a few of the trees in the backyard. Additionally, located in the backyard of the inn is an Asian lotus pond, as well as several willow trees. Visitors staying in the king-size bedroom—the most popular unit of the inn—have a full view of the willows and the Asian lotus pond. 

A complimentary 7-course breakfast is served at 9:00 a.m. unless requested otherwise. The breakfast options may change according to the day but it generally includes vanilla yogurt, zucchini bread, fruit, French toast, sausage or bacon, milk, and scones. Many previous guests have mentioned Sal's scones being one of the best parts of their experience staying at the Inn at the Ridge. Sal, the current owner of the inn, is a professional chef who graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in the class of 1974. The Inn at The Ridge features a vegetable farm that guests are able to purchase home-grown produce from during the growing season. The Inn at The Ridge also holds weddings, birthday parties, and events, hosting up to a hundred people. 

Inn at The Ridge is located nearby several restaurants that many guests may find pleasing. Some of the local favorites include Lombardi's Restaurant, Garvan's Gastropub, Hoot Owl, and Captain Jake's Restaurant—all of which are within a half-hour distance of the Inn at The Ridge. In addition to these restaurants, the property itself is situated right in the middle of a wine trail. Located nearby the inn are multiple breweries and wineries that draw in a fair amount of visitors. Furthermore, Lego Land, skydiving, and hot-air ballooning are among the variety of attractions that generally appeal to guests staying at the bed and breakfast. Hiking is a notable activity within the area, especially near Sam's Point. 


The Inn at The Ridge resides among many landmarks where much of New York state's historically significant events took place. Visitors may have the opportunity to see various landmarks such as Kingston, which was New York's first state capital, or the Potomac River, where George Washington famously crossed to Pennsylvania with his troops during the Revolutionary War to win the Battles of Trenton and Princeton. Guests can also visit West Point and learn more about the military and General Robert D. Lee. West Point provides information for visitors to better understand more about New York's background and how the state developed into what it is now. 

According to the owners, Sal and Beverly, the remote location of the Inn at The Ridge gives off a quiet, calming atmosphere that is separate from the active city life—one of the leading reasons why people stay at the inn. The surrounding area of the property is known to be relatively laid back and undisturbed by the more urban, densely populated central parts of New York. This may interest visitors who prefer outdoor activities such as fishing or hiking and are looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The inn is open year-round for guests to rent, and various activities are available throughout each season. Some visitors come to New York during the fall to see the leaves change colors or to participate in pumpkin and apple picking.

The season when the inn receives the most visitors is September to October when temperatures are generally decent for outdoor activities. Several guests have mentioned Sal's breakfast to be very accommodating, and that it provided a sufficient amount of energy to last the whole day. One guest, in particular, said, "Sal and Bev were more than welcoming, treating us like friends and they met all of our needs.. The refrigerator was well stocked for breakfast and there were chocolate chip cookies for snacks as well. The basic items were added to and replenished throughout our stay." Additionally, visitors also appreciated the well-air-conditioned rooms. 


Sal and Beverly have owned and operated the Inn at The Ridge since 2007. It all began when Sal's passion for cooking led him to have the desire to own the property while still pursuing culinary arts. The house itself was built during the post-revolutionary war era in 1796. The very first owners, a family with the last name of Decker, lived in the house. It began as a small cottage that progressively developed into a two-family house with the addition of three new extensions. Sal and Beverly have worked diligently to maintain the inn's historical exterior and landscape.

Sal and Beverly plan on replacing the willow trees with brand new ones in the future, in hopes of keeping the natural ambiance of the outdoor area. Over the years, new blueberry bushes, fruit trees, and flower patches have been added to the yard. The paved driveaway became an addition to the property about four years ago, and accommodates up to six vehicles. Sal and Beverly hope to achieve their goal of managing the Inn at The Ridge until they retire and pass it on to family members.

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