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31 Queens Road B & B

Found in the southern part of The United Kingdom, 31 Queens Road Bed and Breakfast is located on the western edge of the city of Winchester. The two-story building is located across the street from Royal Hampshire County Hospital and is a quarter of a mile away from The University of Winchester. The bed and breakfast first opened in 2006 after previously being a private residence for the family of Richie and Elaine, who are the founders and current owners of the property. The home contains two bedrooms that are currently available for rent and has the capacity to accommodate up to four people. The bed and breakfast has received various reviews throughout its time of operation, with the cleanliness of the edifice and the quality of service by the owners being some of the commonly mentioned items in those reviews. 


The establishment known as 31 Queens Bed and Breakfast is located in the city of Winchester, which is located in the south of the United Kingdom. The bed and breakfast is a two-story building with two rooms currently available for customers to rent. Richie, one of the owners of the business, describes the style of the building as "relaxed... home away from home." The exterior of the building is partially made with bricks, including a brick chimney that comes through the roof of the home. Apart from the building itself, the property is surrounded by various trees, with a garden garnishing the property itself. 

Inside the building itself, and in addition to the two rooms available for rent, there is a dining room and a living area that patrons of the property have been able to access and use in the past. In recent years, due to the restrictions in the area caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, guests are expected to avoid face-to-face contact for the safety of other visitors; therefore, the dining room and living area are currently not available for customer use. The two rooms have the capacity to hold two guests each but are also available for a single person to reserve, depending on the situation. Both rooms are outfitted with private bathrooms that are both ensuites. The property also contains various other amenities that are available for all property patrons to use, including free internet access, twenty-four-hour reception, plug-in adaptors for international guests, available cleaning supplies in each room to prevent the spread of COVID-19, weekly housekeeping, and others. The owners also provide basic toiletries for guests that are in need of them, including shaving kits, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other bathroom amenities. 

Guests to 31 Queens Road Bed and Breakfast are provided with a complimentary breakfast each morning during their stay at the home. Breakfast is served directly to the guests' rooms on a tray. Richie explains that they have "essentially converted the continental style breakfast into the current tray version of breakfast," so customers can choose from various items each morning. In addition, Richie explains that they make accommodations for vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan guests, including an option to bring their own breakfast for a discounted overall price for their stay. 

Apart from the property itself, there are multiple attractions that customers of the bed and breakfast have access to during their stay. For example, Richie explains that the University of Winchester is within walking distance of the home; there are many bars, restaurants, and golf courses within the city of Winchester itself that guests can visit. The business is open year-round, and Richie explains that they are consistently busy throughout the year, with a small break in activity during the months of February and March. 


Richie and Elaine, the founders and owners of 31 Queens Bed and Breakfast, strive to "make sure the people have a relaxed time" during their stay at the property, as Richie says. In order to accomplish this goal, Richie and Elaine have instituted various practices and policies. An example of a method that they have instituted to provide a relaxing experience for their guests is that they provide complimentary teas and coffees for their guests, and they try to accommodate the different preferences of each client by offering different varieties of both. Richie believes that their efforts enable the patrons of 31 Queens Bed and Breakfast to feel as if they are in a "home away from home."

There are various policies that guests are expected to follow during their time at the home. These policies include a ban on indoor smoking due to the fact that it is illegal in England to smoke indoors, but patrons of the property are able to smoke outside in the gardens if they so desire. In addition, pets are allowed on a "case by case" basis, according to Richie, and need to be approved by one of the managers prior to the customer's reservation. There is no quiet hour at the bed and breakfast, but Richie and Elaine expect every guest to "respect each other" in regard to how much noise they make. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the owners have instituted various policies in an effort to maintain the safety and health of everybody in the building at any given time. Richie illustrates that following these rules is vital due to the fact that the bed and breakfast is across the street from a hospital, and many of the guests stay at the property while they are visiting people who are in the hospital.

Richie believes that 31 Queens Road Bed and Breakfast is known for its "cleanliness and friendliness" by the guests who have previously stayed in the house. The property has received various reviews during its time of operation. One of the previous guests to the home described their experience during their stay as "very accommodating" and they "did not know there was a wide array of breakfasts available." They further remark, "Prime location. Any issues [were] quickly and professionally resolved."


31 Queens Road Bed and Breakfast has been an operating business since the year 2006. Prior to its conversion into a bed and breakfast, the building was a private residential home for the family of Richie and Elaine, who are the founders and current owners of the property. Richie explains that the reason that he and Elaine first decided to convert their family home into a bed and breakfast was a "change of career." Sixteen years later, he states that his favorite part about owning and operating 31 Queens Road Bed and Breakfast is "meeting interesting people" who have decided to stay in the home. 

Since its inception as a bed and breakfast, Richie and Elaine have made various changes and renovations to the property. They have added all of the ensuite bathrooms to the guestrooms, and they have expanded the kitchen in order to accommodate the amount of breakfast they need to cook on a daily basis, to list a couple. Richie explains that they have future plans to continue expanding the number of rooms available for reservation and to expand the family room. 

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