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4 Beaches Bed & Breakfast

The bed and breakfast, known as 4 Beaches Bed & Breakfast, is located outside of the town of Sooke, British Columbia, which is found on the southern end of Vancouver Island in Canada. The two guestrooms, Sandcut Beach Suite and China Beach Suite, are available for reservation from March to December. An informational sheet and a list of restaurants can be found in the rooms when occupants arrive. Breakfast is provided to patrons every morning. The business is located near several beaches, and there are various companies that offer tours of the area and can rent out equipment to visitors, such as kayaks, paddle boards, and bicycles. Walking trails, including Whiffin Spit, can also be found in the vicinity. One of the suites at the bed and breakfast is pet-friendly, though there is an extra fee for patrons that bring their dogs. The owners, Alison and Pat, have been running the bed and breakfast since 2014.


At 4 Beaches Bed and Breakfast, there are two suites that visitors can reserve. The Sandcut Beach Suite offers a three-piece bathroom that faces the Olympic Mountains, which are found across the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the United States. The China Beach Suite is the other room with similar amenities as The Sandcut Beach Suite. According to the owner, both suites are 220 square feet in size and are capable of double occupancy. They each have a Keurig coffee maker, queen-sized beds, bathrobes, oversized towels, toiletries, access to Wi-Fi, and a free parking space. A list of restaurants in the area is also provided in each room. The owners invite everyone staying at the property to breakfast in the morning.
Breakfast is available each morning and is complimentary to every guest staying at the bed and breakfast. Alison, one of the owners, mentions that they have about six different menus, which are rotated out each morning so that visitors do not eat the same thing every day. They serve various dishes, including fruit cocktails with granola, yogurt, eggs benedict, baked goods, homemade waffles, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs, bacon, frittatas, and more. The business can also accommodate specific diets and allergies, such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and others. Breakfast is usually made by Pat, the other owner of 4 Beaches Bed & Breakfast, a professional chef, and Alison's husband.

Besides the two suites, which are found on the house's ground floor, there is a Great Room, which contains a dining area and living area, and is located on the second floor. The dining area is where breakfast is served. Later in the day, patrons are able to order meals to the house from the surrounding restaurants and eat them in the dining area. The dining area is equipped with a large table and provides what Alison describes as "the best view in the house" of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains. The Great Room is a visitor lounging area with various games available. Additionally, there is a television, a table with chairs, jigsaw puzzles, and "comfortable seating," as Alison describes it. Outside, one can find the front porch area, which has seating. The second floor has a balcony that guests can use at their leisure. It should also be noted that the house has a hot tub that is located on a covered balcony at the rear of the house. One unique feature on the grounds is an innunguak, which is a person-shaped wood carving. The innunguak at 4 Beaches Bed and Breakfast stands about seven feet tall, though they can range in size.

Beyond the property line of the bed and breakfast, one can find the city of Sooke and various other towns along the edge of the ocean. Ella Beach and Sooke Bluffs Park are a couple of beaches and outdoor areas that allow patrons to spend time at the water's edge. There are several walking trails, with one of the more popular ones being Whiffin Spit. Whiffin Spit takes visitors along a narrow stretch of land into the bay. Some locations rent outdoor equipment, such as paddle boards, bikes, kayaks, and more. Other companies offer guided tours of the area, whale watching, and more. The owners also like to tell guests about restaurants in the area, including 17 Mile House Pub, West Coast Grill, and Hara Sushi.


Alison and Pat, the current owners of 4 Beaches Bed & Breakfast, would like their visitors to feel relaxed and as if they are "staying at a home away from home." In an effort to help them feel this way, the owners do their best to learn the names of those coming to the bed and breakfast. They leave each person a personal note in their rooms as well as a list of restaurants in the area. When patrons arrive, Alison gives them a tour of the property to inform them of what is available during their stay. She and her husband interact with guests frequently, especially during check-ins and breakfast.

Many people learn about the establishment through referrals, but they also learn about it through the business's online presence. Alison remarks that the typical demographic of guests tends to be "retired folk" and cyclists, although she mentions that they have a wide variety of visitors, especially throughout the summer. Over the years, many people have left reviews of their experience at 4 Beaches Bed & Breakfast. Aspects that are commonly mentioned in reviews include the breakfast that was provided and the location of the property. One person wrote, "They fed us great and filling breakfasts every day and gave such good recommendations of what to see around/near town. The room was also clean and comfortable."
The business has several policies that are enforced. One of the suites at the bed and breakfast is pet-friendly, allowing guests of that room to bring their dog for an extra fee. Check-in is typically between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m., though people can contact her if they are arriving at a time after 6:00. Smoking is prohibited inside the building. However, there is a designated smoking area on the grounds where patrons can smoke if they would like. The owner explains that the business cannot host large-scale events, though people have come to celebrate anniversaries and other smaller events.


The current owners, Alison and Pat, have been running the business since 2014. The previous owners constructed the building as a bed and breakfast in 2001, but after six years of operation, the home was used as a private residence. It wasn't until Alison and Pat purchased the building in 2014 that the bed and breakfast was reopened to the public.

Alison explains that they have been in the hospitality industry for many years "since we graduated high school." She mentions that she and her husband, Pat, have worked in various restaurants, hotels, and other small food service businesses. Alison has a more significant history of working in customer service, while Pat is a professional chef. In 2013 they decided to move to Vancouver Island and seek an establishment where they could be their own bosses and have a job they could take into retirement when the time came.

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