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A & B Guesthouse Cambridge
A & B Guesthouse Cambridge

A & B Guesthouse Cambridge

The A & B Guesthouse Cambridge is located in the city of Cambridge, England. It offers a total of 11 rooms, each providing en suite bathrooms with towels and toiletries. All of the rooms offer different sizes of mattresses ranging from twin size to king-size beds. Many people who stay at the inn are either visiting the area for business or visiting attractions around Cambridge University. Some of these include the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens, The Round Church, Castle Hill, and The Centre for Computing History. There are also a number of parks in the area where people can participate in more physical activities, provided they have the equipment to do so. The owner of the business, Inga, hopes that all of her guests will have a “perfect” experience while they are staying at the guesthouse.


Located a short distance from Cambridge University is the A & B Guesthouse Cambridge. The three-story brick building has a total of 11 rooms available for patrons to reserve. Inga, the owner of the business, describes the inside of the building as being a “boutique guesthouse.” Each guest room has en suite bathrooms with towels and toiletries provided, and all are decorated similarly with white walls and "Cambridge blue" accents throughout each room, according to the owner. One difference between all of the rooms is the size, as every suite is designated as either a single, double, or triple room suite. For those who wish to gather in other parts of the house, space is provided in the garden with a table and some chairs to do so. There is also a dining room where breakfast is usually served that guests can access and can congregate in.

Much of the draw for guests of the A & B Guesthouse Cambridge is the city of Cambridge and the various attractions that are offered therein. The guesthouse is within walking distance of Cambridge's local colleges. One of the most popular activities among guests is visiting the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. While at the botanical garden, visitors can see a variety of different plants, explore various greenhouses, and eat at a café that is located on the premises. People who are interested in learning more about the history of the region and the university can visit the Museum of Cambridge to see a number of exhibits that cover those topics and other events of historical interest. Other locations of interest to guests may include The Round Church, Castle Hill, and The Centre for Computing History.

There are a number of parks and facilities in the region that offer more athletic activities for those patrons of the A & B Guesthouse Cambridge that wish to participate in them. Kingsway Cambridge offers people the chance to play golf in the area. Those interested in football may find Parker’s Piece of particular interest as it is considered to be the birthplace of the sport, which has been commemorated in the Parker’s Piece Football Monument. A number of local events are also hosted on the grounds of the park throughout the year. Other options for more involved activities include the Cambridge Escape Rooms and Cambridge Science Centre. The Cambridge Escape Rooms provide people with the opportunity of solving puzzles to ‘escape’ from a variety of novelty scenarios, whereas the Cambridge Science Centre strives to provide different hands-on experiences to teach visitors about scientific concepts.


Many of the patrons who visit the A & B Guesthouse Cambridge are usually there for business or to visit students attending Cambridge University. For larger groups who visit the area, the guesthouse can accommodate up to 20 people. However, Inga, the owner of the property, stresses that the building is not an event venue. As far as how she wants visitors to feel while they are staying with her, Inga says that she hopes occupants will have the “perfect” stay. She does her part to help them have a memorable experience by “providing all the hospitality we can,” addressing the needs of her patrons as they come up. Inga interacts with her guests as much as they desire to talk with her, but she likes being able to assist her customers and learn more about their lives.

There have been a number of positive reviews left by former patrons of the A & B Guesthouse Cambridge. Many of them mention the location of the property relative to Cambridge proper. Said one visitor, “The apartment is easily accessible by foot from the train station and is a 10-minute walk away from the city centre.” Other reviews talk about the service offered by Inga and the quality of the rooms. One person remarks that the rooms were “tastefully decorated and clean” and that “Inga was a wonderful host and nothing was too much trouble for her or her assistant, Irma.”

The A & B Guesthouse Cambridge is open year-round, usually staying busy for most of the year, according to Inga. In order to provide the “perfect” experience that she wishes patrons to have, there are some important policies that Inga asks her guests to abide by during their stay. One of the most important policies is that there is no smoking inside of the property, and those who wish to smoke must do so outside in a designated area in the guesthouse’s car park. Additionally, pets are not allowed to stay with patrons in their rooms as every room is carpeted. A quiet time is observed at the guesthouse from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM, but people are permitted to leave or return to the property at their leisure so long as they respect the quiet time should they enter or exit in that timeframe.


The A & B Guesthouse Cambridge has been run by Inga, the owner of the guesthouse, for six years. She never had a desire to run a guesthouse in the lodging industry, but when an opportunity arose surrounding operating this business, she decided to take it. One of Inga’s favorite parts about her job is getting to meet the wide variety of people who will stay at the guesthouse. She will often talk with them about where they are from and will share life stories with them. “It’s just nice to serve people,” Inga says, which is another aspect of running the inn that she finds fulfilling.

There have been a number of updates and renovations made to the guesthouse during Inga’s ownership of the business. Outside, a small garden was added that visitors can look at and enjoy. Inside the building, the beds and carpets in each of the rooms were replaced, and the color scheme throughout the inn was changed.

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