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A Little Slice of Heaven Cabins

A Little Slice of Heaven Cabins

A Little Slice of Heaven Cabins is a bed-and-breakfast style property in the Amish country within Sugarcreek, Ohio. The property consists of two different cabins that are four miles apart from each other. The cabins each have two suites with enough space to fit two people per suite. The Amish culture of the area is what brings in the most visitors. Breakfasts at A Little Slice of Heaven Cabins tend to include home-cooked meals with ingredients that are organic and privately-grown.


In the heart of Amish territory, A Little Slice of Heaven Cabins is a two-cabin property that operates with features similar to that of a bed and breakfast. The property is owned by Vance and Brenda Speas (neither of whom is Amish). A Little Slice of Heaven has been in operation since 2005. The two cabins are restorations of settlements that had been constructed over 100 years prior.

Currently, the cabins have the features and amenities of most twenty-first-century bed and breakfasts. Such facilities include WiFi, built-in air conditioning and heating systems, clean beds, high-quality linens, televisions with DVDs, showers, jacuzzis, and an outdoor charcoal grill. In addition to these amenities, each cabin comes equipped with a small kitchenette. Within it, guests will find dishes, utensils, toasters, microwaves, refrigerators, coffee pots, and continental breakfast items such as muffins, juice, hot chocolate, and coffee. Often, guests will also receive a voucher for a free breakfast at the Dutch Valley Restaurant, which is a nearby Amish local.

The two cabins each have two separate suites that house two people each. In total, the two cabins can room up to eight people. A Little Slice of Heaven Cabins is specifically designed with traveling couples in mind, and more often than not, visitors will come in groups of four or six. One of the cabins is located across the street from a golf course, which is one of the cabin's bigger draws. The other cabin is about half a mile from two different Amish wineries. In total, there are seven Amish wineries in the surrounding area. This, coupled with the general Amish culture of the region, makes Sugarcreek a relatively large tourism location in Ohio.

There are a few policies at A Little Slice of Heaven. One is that all units have a prohibition of smoking and pets, while another is that holiday weekends require a two-night minimum stay. There is also a strong desire for guests to turn off air conditioning/heating when leaving the property for the day. Last-minute reservations are allowed and accepted at A Little Slice of Heaven. The cabins are open year-round, with September and October being the typical busy months for the property. The Sugarcreek area is known for having many lodging options, and nearly all of them reach full capacity in late autumn. Due to the considerable Amish cultural influence of the area, most stores and businesses are closed on Sunday.


Easily the most significant draw for tourists in the Sugarcreek region is that of the Amish presence there. Sugarcreek is known as "The Little Switzerland of Ohio." With a population of around 2,200 people as of 2010, it's a quaint village in the rolling green hills of eastern Ohio. The area has an influx of wedding venues in autumn months, drawing in more people than the town would typically have within their boundaries. Of special note, the Amish communities provide a distinct experience for visitors; they can often be seen riding their horse-drawn carriages around the town or farming with primitive tools and supplies. They are reported to be very friendly to the other citizens and visitors of Sugarcreek.

Brenda Speas—one of the owners of the property—says that nearly all of the guests at A Little Slice of Heaven Cabins come in order to witness first-hand the Amish culture and society. In particular, the home-cooked meals served at the many restaurants in the village are the cause of attracting many people to Sugarcreek. Organic, privately-grown ingredients provide unique meals that contain no artificial enhancers or additives. Mashed potatoes and buttered rolls are just a few of the many items served in the region.

At A Little Slice of Heaven, there are various desires that the owners have with respect to their guests' stay. Brenda says that she wants visitors to "relax, rest, and forget about life." The cabins provide a decent amount of privacy. Many guests have commented on the fact that they can simply sit outside and hear the sounds of nature. Brenda and her husband, Vance, also strive to cater to details. They leave necessary supplies in the cabins such as shaving cream, nail polish removers, and first aid supplies. She also has a handful of Christian books and devotionals that she keeps in the cabins for the guests of that religious nature. The outdoor jacuzzis typically have lights on around them, but guests can opt to turn them off and rely solely on the sparkling lights of the hot tub itself. At A Little Slice of Heaven, Brenda has noted a pattern of two-night stays among the people that come by, though from time to time, people will rent out the cabins on a week-long basis.


The cabins at A Little Slice of Heaven have existed for over 100 years, though they have been refurbished and enhanced in order to have modern luxuries. The cabins opened in 2005 as official bed-and-breakfast style lodging under the management of Brenda and Vance Speas and with the name A Little Slice of Heaven Cabins. Brenda and Vance had lived an hour away from Sugarcreek for a handful of years, but they would frequently visit the Amish communities and were impressed by the atmosphere and environment of the region. Brenda describes thinking, "we can do this," as they viewed the various lodging options in Sugarcreek. Vance already had plenty of experience in construction, so he was able to build them a home and restore the two cabins to meet better standards of accommodation. They have enjoyed running the property, and they consider it to be a relaxing lifestyle.

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