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A Tuscan Estate

The Tuscan Estate Inn is located near Portland, Oregon, along the west coast of wine country. Popular times to visit the area are often between May to September. There are six units, four in the main home with two in a small cottage outback. There are several areas where guests may gather, drink wine, and play games as they desire. Erin, the property innkeeper, has been in the hospitality industry for several years. She and the staff enjoy talking with guests and getting to know them better. They strive to give guests an elevated experience and help them learn about the 770 different wineries in the area. The home was initially built in 1928 and was once a doctor's office and residential home. In the early 2000's it was converted into a bed and breakfast and has been serving guests ever since.


The Tuscan estate bed and breakfast is located in a residential neighborhood in McMinnville, close to Portland, Oregon, and an hour from the coast. The inn is a colonial-style home with four stories. The house has a white siding finish with a small covered front porch. There are various shrubs and a few trees in the front yard adding to the greenery. There is a small cottage home in the backyard and a large sitting area where patrons may socialize, read a book, and relax as they desire. The sitting area connects the cottage and the home together, surrounded by a small garden with various flowers, trees, and shrubs. There is also a grassy area where visitors may play corn hole and a bocce ball court available to guests on the property. The cottage also has a siding finish and a large front porch where guests may sit outside at their leisure. Along the south side of the main home, there is a large covered porch commonly used to eat breakfast in the morning when the weather is nice and where guests may gather. There is a total of six rooms on the property. Four are in the main house, and two are in the Tuscan cottage. The main house is four stories. Patrons may only access the first and second floor, where the rooms, dining area, coffee nook, and grand salon are located. The rooms and furniture are period, following a similar style to the 1920's home when the house was first constructed.

Each room in the estate has its own unique name, many coming from the Tuscan area of Italy. The rooms are named the Napoli room, Tuscan suite, Siena room, and Portofino room. The rooms in the cottage are called the Cottage suite and Cottage apartment. The Tuscan suite is generally a popular room among patrons as it has a full kitchen and is a larger room on the property. All rooms have access to the same basic amenities such as private bathrooms, linens, bathrobes, air conditioning, high-speed internet, TV, hairdryer, and iron and ironing board, along with housekeeping service. All rooms have a queen bed, except for the Tuscan suite, which has a king-sized bed in the main house. All rooms in the cottage have a king-sized bed, full-sized kitchens, and access to the same amenities.

The area of McMinnville has generally been associated with wineries and wine tasting. One of many cities in the coastal region, along with Portland and other cities nearby. Erin, the owner of the property, recommends a few wineries in the area. Lavinea, Patricia Green Cellars, R. Stuart & Co Winery, and other breweries. Also in the area are various museums, like the Evergreen Space and Aviation museum, which is popular in the area. Along with Silver Falls State Park, where guests may find more outdoor activities.


Many of the guests that stay in the area of the Tuscan Estate Inn are there for the wineries and wine tasting. Often guests will make large trips and visit many different wineries found in the area. The busiest time and often the most popular season to visit the region is between May to September, when the weather is typically more mild. July and August are generally peak seasons when many people visit the area. The estate is closed for a short period every year during the month of January that occasionally extends into the beginning of February. 

While guests are staying on the property, a complimentary breakfast is included. A three-course breakfast with a different main dish that changes every day. The staff is able to accommodate most dietary restrictions if told in advance. Patrons are often asked about dietary restrictions while making their reservations. Breakfast is held between 8 to 9:30 am, and guests are seated at individual tables for groups or couples.

While people are staying at the estate, Erin, the innkeeper, and staff strive to give them an elevated experience and hope that they feel well taken care of and try to give attention to detail to enhance their stay. Their motto is, "Gracious service and warm hospitality." Erin enjoys meeting with visitors, getting to know them, talking about stories, and sharing her knowledge of the area and wineries. One guest writes in their review of their experience while at the Tuscan Estate, "Great place to stay if you want to walk around McMinnville. Erin, the innkeeper, is friendly & cheerful. The breakfast is tasty & has unique bites like a tomato volcano—a must-try. The room had a cozy bed and bathroom with all the amenities you need to make it comfortable."

Occasionally family gatherings or weddings are held at the inn but are generally not as common as groups coming for the wine. Many of the guests staying at the inn are often adults, and there is generally a more mature atmosphere. Guests must be at least 12 or older while staying on the property, and pets are not allowed in any of the accommodations. Between ten to seven is the general quiet time, and guests are encouraged to be courteous about others staying on the property.


The home was built in 1928. Much of the furniture and paintings are meant to feel similar to the timeline of the home, often including antique furniture and paintings from the early 1900s. The house is designated as a historic building, and at one time, had been the main office for a physician in the city. He used the home to continue his practice during the great depression, often accepting chickens and other items or animals as payment. The original house on the property was moved, being pulled by a team of horses and pushed on top of logs to another lot. The new home was then built for the physician and is now the Tuscan Estate. After the great depression, the house was once again used as a typical residential home and stayed that way for many years. There were many different residents in the late 1900s until the early 2000's when plans were made for it to become a bed and breakfast.

Renovations were made to the home, and it was in business for 15 years when Erin, the new owner of the bed and breakfast, bought the property and began making changes of her own. She changed out much of the furniture and tried to lighten things up and give the home some more modern amenities. Erin had previously run a bed and breakfast and has been running the Tuscan Estate Inn for four years.

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