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Addy's Villas

Located in Nokomis, Florida, Addy's Villas has been under the ownership of Chuck and Michael since 2014. The business is open year-round for visitors to reserve a unit, and several amenities available to guests over the course of their stay include a swimming pool, laundry facility, and barbeque area. While a few on-site activities are provided, Michael and Chuck encourage their patrons to explore Nokomis and the neighboring town of Venice, where numerous restaurants, shops, and beaches are found. Myakka River State Park is another site in the vicinity that receives a handful of tourists annually. For those who are hoping to learn more about popular attractions in the area, Michael and Chuck can give suggestions of places to visit that are nearby.


Addy's Villas occupies two and a half acres of land in the town of Nokomis, Florida. The establishment currently offers a total of 16 units, which are divided into the following types of accommodations: 10 villas, 4 Efficiencies, and 2 cottages. Divided into eight different buildings, all of the units surround the on-site swimming pool and are encompassed by a fair amount of grassy yard space. The owners of the property, Michael and Chuck, believe that the most popular units are the Efficiency rooms, which have the general design of a standard motel. Michael says that "the nicest units are the cottages because they have a screened-in porch and they have a washing machine and dryer in the garage." It should also be noted that one of these Efficiency rooms is ADA-compliant, as this particular accommodation is wheelchair accessible. The shower has a seat, grab bars, and a hand-held showerhead to facilitate accessibility for occupants of this room.

The duplexes contain two bedrooms, one of which is equipped with two twin beds, while the other has a queen-sized bed. A bathroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room are additional components of the duplexes. Each unit also has its own patio where people can relax at their leisure. Moreover, a barbeque area is available on the premises for patrons to utilize, as well as an on-site laundry facility. "All of the kitchens are fully stocked," according to the owner. Considering the many common areas and guestrooms that are found in the units, Michael explains that these accommodations primarily cater to people who are coming for the season. With regard to some of the activities that visitors can engage in on-site, in relatively close proximity to the pool, there is a spacious grass area for people to play games such as horseshoes. 

Michael takes pride in the location of Addy's Villas, as he remarks, "We're close enough to everything while still being in a little oasis." He further notes that he considers the town of Nokomis to be "community-oriented and laid-back." Outdoor enthusiasts may take an interest in the nearby inland bicycle trail that leads to the neighboring town of Venice. Another notable mention is the Myakka River State Park. Aside from outdoor recreational areas, Nokomis and Venice are among a wide range of attractions, namely shopping districts, Venice Beach, fishing opportunities, Brohard Beach south of Venice, and Siesta Key Beach, about a 30-minute drive away. Brohard Beach—also known as Shark Tooth Beach—is a dog-friendly beach that is frequently visited by people who are searching for shark teeth. Michael also says that the Shark Tooth Festival in Venice tends to receive a considerable amount of attendees. Concerning the dining options that are found near Addy's Villas, Michael and Chuck recommend their guests visit Pop's Sunset Grill, which Michael describes as a "casual restaurant with a tiki bar," and Rosebuds, which he says is "a popular steakhouse" in town. 


Michael and Chuck, the owners of Addy's Villas, have the goal of helping their guests feel like family. "We want them to feel like this is their home," Michael expresses. The owners report that interaction is typically left to the discretion of their visitors; as Michael says, "We do our best to engage with them while respecting their need for privacy during their stay." For those who are hoping to hold a celebration or gathering, such as a family reunion or a small wedding party, Addy's Villas can serve as the setting for such events, though patrons should be aware of the limited space of the property. One person who hosted a celebration at Addy's Villas left the following review about their experience: "Mike and Chuck were very hospitable and run a beautiful place. Exceptionally clean inside and out, modern updates, beautiful grounds. Very convenient location and about six minutes to Nokomis Beach."

A few policies are implemented at Addy's Villas, and Michael and Chuck encourage everyone to abide by these guidelines. Smoking is not permitted inside any of the accommodations; however, patrons are welcome to do so outside on the premises. Pets are also prohibited from staying in the units. Lastly, the swimming pool is open during daylight hours and closes in the evening at sundown.

Addy's Villas is open year-round, with its busiest season of operation most commonly occurring from January to April. Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas tend to be busier as well. In terms of the demographic of those who stay at Addy's Villas, Michael mentions that they receive "the whole gamut," ranging from young children to seniors. During the month of March, Michael and Chuck see a higher number of younger families and parents with teenagers.


While Chuck and Michael have been the owners of Addy's Villas since 2014, the property itself dates back to 1967, when it was first built by an individual known as Beacom. As such, the business was originally titled Beacom Motel & Efficiencies, and it was fairly small in size, according to Michael. Beacom and his family had cleared the land and built the hotels themselves before it was sold to new owners, Addy and Mike. The name was then changed to Addy's Villas. Michael and Chuck eventually discovered the establishment, purchased it, and started their first year of operation in January 2015. Since then, it has been a family-owned business which Michael says is his favorite part about his job as one of the owners. "We're close together as a family," he remarks. Another element of his job that he enjoys is "getting to know [their] guests." 

A few changes have been made to Addy's Villas over the course of Michael's and Chuck's ownership, most of which involve standard maintenance and upkeep. One of the more major updates was the addition of the Efficiency rooms. A large one-bedroom unit was converted into an Efficiency unit, and many of the buildings had new pipes installed. As far as future plans go, Michael says that he and Chuck aim to provide a good quality experience for their guests.

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