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Alameda's Hot Springs Retreat

Alameda's Hot Springs Retreat

Alameda's Hot Springs Retreat is located in Hot Springs, Montana. In general, the town is notable for its mineral water, which is pumped throughout the city. Alameda's Hot Springs is part of this water system, allowing visitors to bathe in the mineral water. There are 14 distinct rooms at the retreat each varies in size and style but have the same amenities; kitchens, dishes, cooking supplies, a seating area, mini-fridge, and bed are available in each room. Alameda's Hot Springs Retreat has functioned as a retreat since 2015, the building was original constructed as a motel in 1937. The property is open year-round.


The Alameda's Hot Springs Retreat rests within the northeastern quadrant of Hot Springs, Montana. The property consists of an entire city block, covered with trees and grass. The surrounding area is full of rural mountain landscapes and sizable farmlands. Alameda's is only a few blocks east of The Syme's Hot Springs Pool, as well as several local restaurants and bars. Alameda's Hot Springs Retreat is best described as a motel, based on the continental breakfast and lower prices. There are 14 units at the motel, comprised of eleven rooms and three cabins. The rooms all vary in their decorations, though they share a handful of similar amenities. Such features include small private kitchens, dishes, kitchen utensils, and queen-sized beds. A sizable number of the rooms have private bathrooms, some of which come equipped with claw-foot tubs, showers, or jetted tubs.

The most distinctive aspect of the property is its access to the mineral water that is famous to Hot Springs. This water has been described as having rejuvenating powers, the use of which is called balneotherapy. This definition is only applied to the medical use of mineral water. Practices of balneotherapy date back to the Roman empire and such practices have been rumored to cure arthritis, fungal infection, and digestion problems (among other things). This "healing water" is where the town gets its namesake, and it is also the largest factor for tourists to come to the area.

For breakfast, Alameda's Hot Springs Resort offers different kinds of bread and coffee. As such, it acts as a continental breakfast. There is a masseuse on-site, should guests desire additional services or relaxation techniques. Most of the activities of the nearby area involve visiting museums or national forests of some kind.


The desired culture of Alameda's Hot Springs Retreat includes relaxation and the property's "healing water." The owners wish for people to have "a peaceful and quiet experience." Due to the nature of the retreat's setup, guests are encouraged to set aside their worries and rest from their labors. Of course, not everyone who visits Alameda's is seeking for a similar kind of vacation. There are those who prefer to set out and find attractions or activities in which they can participate.

Guests to the property often comment on the convenience of having the mineral water directly in the rooms for the unique bathing experience. Though having the water so close causes the rooms to have a slightly sulfuric smell, guests typically understand that it is connected to the hot spring water and there isn't much that can be done to change that. One guest said, "I loved the mineral baths in the room! Deep and the water was so refreshing. The whole place is just so peaceful, plants everywhere, happy people wandering about. It's very quaint and old timy, but clean and cozy. Oh, my only complaint is it smells slightly of sulfur, but can't expect much else when the mineral water is pumped into your suite!" Another guest made a positive remark regarding the staff on-site, stating that "The staff is so kind and fun to chat with and the rooms are clean and so comfy."


The main building, which stands as part of Alameda's Hot Springs Retreat, was originally constructed in 1937. It was initially constructed as a motel, and it served in that function for much of its existence. Starting in 2015, the property fell under the management of eight different shareholders, each of whom has their own room on the site. Despite that fact, only one of the shareholders lives nearby, so the rooms are rented out as part of the hotel.

Day-to-day management of the property mostly falls under the jurisdiction of a woman named Momoyo. She acts as Alameda's bookkeeper, and she got into the industry after moving to Montana from California. There weren't many job opportunities, so she started at Alameda as a housekeeper. She has since made her way up the chain of command and is now the operating manager.

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