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Alaska's Capital Inn Bed & Breakfast

Alaska's Capital Inn Bed & Breakfast

The historic, four-story Alaska's Capital Inn Bed & Breakfast, built on the 5th street hill, is the only bed and breakfast in Downtown Juneau, Alaska. The bed and breakfast has seven rooms that guests can choose from to stay in for their retreats. Every day the visitors are fed a four-course breakfast that many guests have enjoyed. Because the bed and breakfast is located in Downtown Juneau, it is within walking distance of nearly all the tourist attractions. Linda and Mark, the hosts of the inn, welcome guests from all over for an authentic Alaskan adventure and encourage them to explore the surrounding area.


Alaska's Capital Inn Bed & Breakfast is located in downtown Juneau, Alaska, within walking distance from Auke Bay. Alaska's Capital Inn has seven rooms, each of which has different views of the mountains surrounding Juneau. With roughly 5,000 square feet on the property, each room is spacious and comfortable. While there is an overall theme, every room in the inn is different, giving each guest a unique experience. Linda, one of the hosts at Alaska's Capital Inn, describes the bed and breakfast as "modern, yet historic in its furnishings." With the original pot-bellied stove and the original pump organ, the furnishings take on a "mission-style" (according to Linda), giving visitors a taste of historic Alaska. The Honeymoon Suite takes up the entire fourth floor, giving the guests three different views of the nature surrounding Juneau that they can enjoy. In addition to nice views, the property also has gardens in the back where guests can spend their time reading a book or lounging around in hammocks. In the back, there is also a hot tub and complimentary "wine hour" every afternoon where guests can talk with each other and the owners of the inn, Linda and Mark. During the wine tasting, guests often hear stories of fishing trips, the inn's history, and wildlife that occasionally wanders through the property.

While the inn offers a wide assortment of activities and features - including an in-house wedding commissioner - there are many things to see and do within walking distance as well. At 8:00 am every morning, there is a four-course breakfast provided. Linda always makes sure to have an appetizer (usually muffins), a warm course, often made with freshly caught seafood, a fruit bar, and even dessert. Because it is located on the ocean, Juneau has many activities on the water, such as deep-sea fishing or crabbing, whale watching, kayaking, or visiting the wharf. Juneau is also famous for its hiking and visiting the glaciers. Tourists can take a helicopter ride up to the glacier to explore or take a guided climbing tour. While their busiest time of year is during the summer, there are off-season activities to do, such as shopping, visiting museums, and learning more about the history and politics of Juneau, Alaska. Many guests also make use of the in-house wedding commissioner and have their weddings at the inn.


At the Capital Inn, Linda and Mark strive for an environment that they describe as "an at-home feel, but better." They strive to create a retreat feeling where guests can come to get away but have the same sense as being at home. With Linda and Mark actually living at the property, there is a greater chance for guests to get to know their hosts. Linda and Mark enjoy helping people book tours, find restaurants, and even help people with the finishing touches on their weddings. One guest mentioned that because of the "kindness that is genuine," they will continue to stay at Alaska's Capital Inn Bed & Breakfast at a later date. Another guest said, "we had a wonderful stay here. Linda was so helpful in telling us about the area. Our room was very comfortable and spacious. Breakfast was tasty, and Linda even prepared us a take-away breakfast on our very early morning departure."

Although it is the capital of Alaska, Juneau is known for its small-town feel. There are many shops and stores in Downtown Juneau, creating a comfortable feel for guests and residents alike. The main kind of tourism in Juneau comes from cruise ships, which makes the area unique because many people who visit the city are first-timers. Juneau was first home to the Alaskan natives, then became a gold mining town, and is now mostly a tourist spot. Because it previously has been inhabited by so many different people, the town has a rich history. There are many museums and stories that tell of Juneau's history.


Alaska's Capital Inn Bed & Breakfast wasn't always a bed & breakfast. In fact, the first owner of the house, John Olds, who earned his living building and selling hotels in Alaska, had his home built in smaller sections in Seattle and shipped it up to Alaska to be put together and was finished in 1909. Olds built this house for his wife as a wedding present, and then subsequently, all of his children were raised in the home. Later, his family used the same place to raise their own kids for a few generations until a politician bought it. Because of the close proximity to the State Office Buildings, it was a convenient place for him to live. After he passed away, his wife sold the house to Linda and Mark, who then turned it into bed and breakfast. Linda had been a fisheries biologist and retired at a young age. She knew she did not want to retire completely, so she convinced her husband, who at the time was a commercial fisherman, to also retire and buy the house. Because of the house's size, they knew they could never fill it, so they turned it into a bed & breakfast that had its first guests in 1998.

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