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Alaska's Harvest Bed and Breakfast

Alaska's Harvest Bed and Breakfast

Alaska's Harvest Bed and Breakfast is located in Alaska near Anchorage and the Matanuska River. The property has six rooms in the main house and a log cabin. All rooms have a private bath and a kitchenette. Additionally, the home is decorated in a traditional Alaskan style. The large windows in the main common room give a wide view of the surrounding area, mountains, and sky. Breakfast is served continental style and offers a variety of foods to choose from. The property also has a ranch that currently hosts a flock of sheep. The house was built in 2001, and was a residential home, but in 2002 the owners of the home decide to make it into a bed and breakfast. The home was then remodeled, with new amenities being added, and it opened later that same year. 


Alaska's Harvest Bed and Breakfast is located in South Central Alaska, under an hour away from Anchorage and about three hours from Denali State Park. Matanuska River is just a few minutes to the east, and the Knik River is a 20-minute drive south. The property is situated on 15 acres of land and has six rooms in the main home and three units in the cabin for visitors. The home is 5200 square feet, and each room has a private bathroom and kitchenette. The house and rooms were built with an Alaskan theme, often considered to feel more rustic. The house has a large common room with couches, wall mounts of various animals found in Alaska, along with animal furs and skins, DVDs and DVD player, and a TV. In the main common room, a large wall with many windows reaching about 28 feet tall, and gives access to views of the mountains, sky, and backyard area. 

Each of the rooms has a different name and follows the theme within the room. The Pioneer suite, Reindeer room, Bears den, Gold mine, Creekside, and Knicks nook are all part of the main home. The Pioneer Suite is generally the most popular room in the house. It is the largest room, and is considered more private than any of the other rooms. It has a private entrance and staircase leading to the room. The Cabin is also very popular among guests and is said to feel more traditional, staying in a more rustic setting and emphasizes the Alaskan experience. The property has a small farm that raises Shetland sheep in a large flock called the "dirt sheep" The sheep have often been commented to act like dogs, being petted and fed by patrons and are often happy when visitors come by. A gift shop can be found on the property as well that has items made from wool, pottery, and small knickknacks. All wool products are made from the sheep on the ranch. Wool and pottery products are made by hand by the owners of the property. She loves making them and enjoys the time she spends with the sheep and making the products. 

Many of the guests often enjoy the outdoors while staying at the bed and breakfast. One attraction nearby is the Caribou's Farm, where visitors can hand-feed caribou and occasionally moose if they have them. Visitors can pet them and even enter the pens with younger animals. The attraction is often popular among families and those wanting to watch wildlife. There are several walking trails on the property that lead to larger trails on government and public land. Wildlife can sometimes be spotted on the trails, with moose being one of the more common to pass by. A hike recommended by the owners is called The Bute, where visitors climb up a small trail and, once at the top, have an almost 360 view of the surrounding area and can see glaciers and the surrounding cities and terrain. 

Another popular hike near the bed and breakfast leads to an abandoned mine. Considered by some to be more of a walk, it is easy to traverse and allows visitors to explore the area around the mine with relatively little difficulty. There are various horseback riding, biking, and ATV trails close to the property. Also near the property is the Musk Ox Farm, where guests may view the ox as they roam about from a distance. There is generally less interaction between the animals at the farm than other places nearby but is often visited for the experience. 


Alaska's Harvest Bed and Breakfast serves a continental breakfast every morning. They also provide pancake mix and juices inside the fridge, and by the kitchenette. The owners of the property want guests to feel comfortable and to relax, making it a home away from home. The owners enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories and experiences. Many of the people staying on the property are often couples, generally older in age, and many Europeans come to have once-in-a-lifetime vacations. The property has views of the northern lights that can be seen from inside the home, generally in the main common area. 

Guest may also see many different forms of wildlife while on the property and often comment on the beauty of the area. One guest commented, "Collette's attention to detail was amazing...from the themed decor to the fabulous spread for breakfast and all the amenities, including the opportunity to say hi to their pet sheep. The view is breathtaking. We felt very welcomed and relaxed during our stay." 

Many of the guests are staying in the area due to its close proximity to southern and northern attractions, often setting up a "home base" and traveling around the adjacent areas. They will often stay for about three nights. The owners get a lot of repeat business from locals in Alaska but rarely from those out of state. Generally, guests come during the summer months when it is warmer, although a large group still come by in the winter for the northern lights and other activities during the winter season. The owners acquired a cannon several years ago and, on special occasions, have fired the cannon. It sits near the home and is a unique item that the family loves.


The current owners originally built Alaska's Harvest Bed and Breakfast in the year 2001. They built the home for their family and did not have any previous intentions of turning the home into a bed and breakfast. When their son moved out, the owners decided to share a little bit of Alaska. They began renovations adding bathrooms and kitchenettes, and made the rooms much larger. Finally, the home was ready, and it officially opened as a bed and breakfast. 

As they grew the business, the owners joined the local committee for bed and breakfasts in the area and have since joined larger groups across Alaska. They have even worked with Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right game shows. The ranch was originally larger and at one point had some horses and other animals, but as they worked more with the bed and breakfast they decided to stick with only sheep and have continued to do so. The gift shop has been open for some time, and the owners have enjoyed making the products. They continue to renovate the property as needed and strive to elevate the guest experience in their home. 

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