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Albion Campus Retreat

The Albion Campus Retreat is located in Albion, Idaho. The property was once a teaching college campus that has been renovated into a retreat for many various occasions such as family reunions or business retreats. Many of the buildings are open for tours from the owners, and there are two buildings available for reservation. The Miller Hall can accommodate larger groups of patrons. The President’s Cottage is more suited for smaller groups. The property has a wide variety of amenities guests can enjoy, including a seasonal haunted house which takes place each October in other buildings located on the campus. The main attraction is a haunted house production that is put on by the owners every year in October called the Haunted Mansions of Albion.


What was once a college campus for teachers in the town of Albion, Idaho, is now the Albion Campus Retreat. Two of the buildings on the property have been renovated for guests to stay in. Most of the buildings are brick on the outside with the exception of the President’s Cottage, which has white wood siding. There are extensive areas of grass with various sitting areas and large trees scattering the five-acre property.

The larger of the buildings available for reservation is Miller Hall which was at one time the dormitories on the campus. It can accommodate 65 guests on beds with the ability to house up to 75. Miller Hall is two stories tall and has fifteen bedrooms and eleven bathrooms, some of which are shared and some are private. It also has a large kitchen and dining area and an attic that serves as a game room with foosball, air hockey, and ping pong tables. Outside there is also a patio with tables and benches for guests to use. Miller Hall is also wheelchair accessible. The President’s Cottage is the second building that patrons can stay in, and it is meant for smaller groups. It has six bedrooms and 1 bathroom with two half bathrooms. It also comes with a kitchen, living and dining room, and a large wooden deck outside. Both buildings come equipped with high-speed internet, additional seating, and large screen TVs.

The Albion Campus Retreat is open all year long, with the busiest season generally taking place in the summer. The property also attracts a lot of foot traffic in October when the owners transform many of the other unused buildings into haunted houses.


The owners of the Albion Campus Retreat have worked to create an environment where guests can come to feel relaxed and invigorated. While they enjoy meeting the guests, they will generally not interact with guests during their stay. However, the owners are always available to help should a need arise. They also take pleasure in running the Haunted Mansions of Albion, a haunted house attraction that is popular on the property every October. Many of the buildings are turned into haunted houses which people can walk through with the exception of Miller Hall and the President’s Cottage. The attraction is not free to guests who stay at the campus during that time. Most of the people who stay at the property are repeat patrons, and many people know of the Campus Retreat because of the Haunted Mansions of Albion.

Guests can also enjoy the swimming pool, playground area, and volleyball on the grounds. There are large areas of grass that can be used for various outdoor activities as well. One guest remarked, “The whole campus has so many things for the children to do and so much free, open space there's never nothing for them to do.” In addition to these areas is also a day-use event center on the property called Comish Hall. Comish Hall has the ability to seat up to 200 people with spaces both indoor and outdoor and comes equipped with a full kitchen, bride room, and restrooms. For both Comish Hall and the other two buildings smoking inside is not allowed, and pets are not permitted. Food is also not provided for the duration of the guest’s stay.

The city of Albion is generally known for the college itself and the agriculture in much of the area surrounding it. In the city proper, patrons can find the Albion City Park as well as various places to eat. Piggy Sue BBQ is a food truck that is popular with many of those who eat there. There is also a market in town called the Albion Mercantile Co., which sells various local products for sale as well as other grocery items.


The Albion Campus Retreat has been in operation since 2007, when the owners purchased the land. Before that, it served as a college campus for aspiring teachers called the Albion Normal School. The college was noted for its tight-knit community and status as a landmark of the city. When the college finally closed its doors in 1957, it sat vacant until the current owners bought it and built it up to its current state. While they have remodeled Miller Hall and the President’s Cottage for living, the other buildings have been restored to what they looked like when the college was still in operation.

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