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Allenspark Lodge B&B

Allenspark Lodge B&B is a log cabin in Allenspark, Colorado. The lodge is approximately 8,500 feet in elevation and has 12 guestrooms throughout the second and third floors—split between rooms with private bathrooms, shared bathrooms, and "specialty" suites called The Hideaway and The Apartment. The lodge's public spaces include the front desk with a phone booth, a dining room with two tables, a library, a bar, a Great Room with a wood-burning fireplace, and an Owl Cove with movies, TV, and tables for crafts and other activities. Additionally, Allenspark Lodge B&B has books and board games. Outside, a propane fireplace is located amidst a grove of trees, and the surrounding area has many hiking and horseback riding trails. Other attractions include places to ski, river raft, and notable locations such as Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, Roosevelt National Forest, and the Indian Peaks Wilderness.


Allenspark Lodge B&B is a 90-year-old log cabin in Allenspark, Colorado. According to its owner, the location is on the Scenic Peak to Peak highway between Nederland and Estes Park. Allenspark Lodge B&B has 12 rentable rooms located on the second and third floors. They are split between five rooms with private bathrooms, five with shared bathrooms, and two "specialty" suites with private bathrooms. All rooms maintain the log cabin theme and offer beds, dressers, and desks. Juanita, the property owner, says that while each room is uniquely named and decorated from the others, they do not have individual themes. For instance, Teddy Bear Room has a teddy bear, and Sunrise Room faces the east, but Juanita says that is the extent of the differences between rooms. Other room names include Mother Goose Room, Ivy Room, and Powder Room. According to Juanita, most accommodations are relatively small, but most visitors do not spend much time in them, staying in public areas instead. She also says Allenspark Lodge B&B's most popular room is The Hideaway, primarily because of its larger space, queen bed, gas log fireplace, and soaking tub. The Apartment includes amenities like a queen bed, a set of bunks, a full kitchen, a bath with a shower, and a private balcony.

Some of Allenspark Lodge B&B's public spaces include the Great Room, which has a wood-burning fireplace and a pellet stove to warm the first floor. The front desk area has what Juanita describes as a "funky" telephone booth that she has found necessary, given that the lodge is in the mountains. The lodge also has a bar where "people like to just sit [...] and gab." Allenspark Lodge B&B also has a library with books, games, and puzzles. Furthermore, a dining area includes a chess set and four tables that host people during meals. The property also includes The Sun Room, which includes 15 craft tables and provides a location where group meetings are hosted. Finally, Owl Cove has seating with a TV and movies. Regarding the lodge's setup, Juanita says, "If you're not out hiking, find someplace to just flop and relax."

Additional Allenspark Lodge B&B amenities include free Wi-Fi, a grill on the back deck, a picnic table amid a grove of trees, and a propane firepit, which Juanita says can even be used if the area is experiencing a fire hazard. Moreover, a massage therapist can perform massage sessions at the lodge by appointment, though Juanita notes that the therapist has a studio about two blocks away from the lodge where visitors can book longer sessions. Finally, Juanita explains that she has observed guests spending the most time on the front balcony. She reaffirms that they can read, watch movies, play games, or build puzzles at the lodge.

Breakfast at Allenspark Lodge B&B is served in the dining room at 8:00 a.m. on weekdays and 9:00 a.m. on weekends. Juanita says a bagged breakfast can be arranged for those who are leaving the property early to hike or ski. Otherwise, she explains that breakfast includes an egg dish, potatoes, meat, fresh fruit or a fruit platter, pastries, and some sort of carb, such as pancakes, waffles, and French toast. Juanita adds that an entire lodge rent-out by a single group includes dinner each night, and dinner typically includes homemade bread, among other things. Juanita continues her explanation, noting that "you sit down at the dining table like a family, and the food gets passed." Because guests can choose what they want to eat from separate platters, vegetarians can avoid picking meat items. Juanita can accommodate other dietary restrictions with notice.

There are several attractions near Allenspark Lodge B&B. Juanita explains that there are many trails to hike and ride horses in the area, plus places to ski. Allenspark Lodge B&B is also approximately 8,500 feet in elevation and has views of Meeker Mountain. Juanita mentions that the property receives a number of hummingbirds that "monopolize the front balcony."Other attractions include rafting, Rocky Mountain National Park, Roosevelt National Forest, Estes Park, and the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Some of Juanita's recommended dining locations are Rock Creek Tavern & Pizzeria, which serves lunch and dinner, and Meadow Mountain Cafe, where visitors can eat breakfast and lunch.


Juanita, the owner of Allenspark Lodge B&B, says that the lodge is meant to help people "get unplugged and get lowkey and hang out." As such, she wants her visitors to feel "relaxed [and] like they've gone home to [their] grandma's place." She also explains that she strives to help guests with whatever they need and affirms that she frequently interacts with them. As previously mentioned, she has left games, movies, crafts, and books for them. Additionally, she provides dinner to groups that completely rent the lodge out.

Juanita believes Allenspark Lodge B&B's most unique feature is its breakfast. Other comments from former guests include the atmosphere and hospitality; one occupant said, "We stayed two nights here as part of a hiking trip organized by Footpaths of the World. It was a unique and positive experience thanks to the hospitality and cooking abilities of [Juanita]." Another visitor said, "My husband, our friend, and I sat for hours talking in the Great Room, enjoying freshly baked cookies from the hosts, coffee, and hot chocolate. It was warm, cozy, and completely relaxing. We felt so welcome. Kudos to Bill and Juanita for maintaining such a wonderful lodge."

Allenspark Lodge B&B's most essential policies state that visitors cannot bring pets or children under the age of 14. Smoking in or around the lodge is prohibited, and quiet time begins at 10:00 p.m. every night.

Allenspark Lodge B&B is open from April through November. Juanita states that the property's best season is from July to September, mostly because of the weather and the general lack of snow on hiking trails. Furthermore, the guest demographic consists primarily of middle- and retiree-age people, with many repeat visitors.


Allenspark Lodge B&B was built in 1933 and 1934 by a group of high school students working for their shop teacher, who also worked as a school administrator. After the lodge's construction, it operated as the Isle Trading Post, supplemented by a restaurant, store, and lodging accommodations, among other features. Juanita and her late husband, Bill, bought the property and moved in in 1997 after searching for a place to live and buy horses. They had previously worked in the computer industry and wanted to live in the mountains. They purchased a few mustangs in 1999 and currently have two horses, a 23- and a 13-year-old. As of 2023, Juanita is in her 26th year of ownership.

Juanita's favorite part of operating Allenspark Lodge B&B is cooking breakfast with her helpers. She reaffirms her belief that breakfast is the lodge's most unique aspect, and she remarks that previous guests have commented, "If you leave the table hungry, you just weren't paying attention."

Aside from "[wanting] to get it back in good condition," no significant changes were undertaken when Juanita took over Allenspark Lodge. She has mostly performed maintenance and upkeep throughout the years, stating, "We want to keep the property looking like the property it is." Furthermore, Juanita remarks that she wants to make the property look historical, explaining that it "takes people back a century." She hopes maintaining the atmosphere will "continue its legacy."

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