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Amish Blessings

Amish Blessings is located in Millersburg, Ohio, which is an area referred to as "Amish Country" by those who live in the area due to the community of Amish people that live in the city. The property has three units available for guest rentals. Each unit is a self-contained log cabin, meaning that before guests arrive they are given a code to the cabin and they do not need to interact with any staff or other visitors during their stay. The owner says that the cabins are patron's "home for as long as they are staying." The three cabins each have unique names pertaining to the Amish Country surroundings, namely, New Blessings Homestead Cabin, The Faith Cabin, and The Friends and Family Suite. Many of the guests to the establishment come to visit Amish County and shop the local antique stores, according to the owner.


Amish Blessings, located in Ohio in Amish Country near Millersburg, Ohio, is open year-round for visitors. There are three cabins that can be rented by guests that are located on the 2-acre expanse of the property. Each cabin has a different name meant to reflect the Amish culture, those names being New Blessings Homestead Cabin, The Friends and Family Suite, and The Faith Cabin. Two of the units, The Friends and Family Suite and The Faith Cabin, are included in the same building, called the Simple Blessings Cabin, and can be rented separately. Each unit has its own separate entrance. New Blessings is the largest of the units and is a log cabin with an eight-person capacity. The cabin has three bedrooms with queen-sized beds in each, as well as a daybed in the living room that can sleep two additional people. Built onto a hill, the porch at the New Blessings Homestead Cabin has a view of the countryside. Both of the buildings are built in a log cabin style, and all the units have similar amenities that include a kitchen, refrigerator, stove, and a porch with views of the countryside. The Homestead Cabin also has a two-person jacuzzi and a suite with a fireplace.

On the grounds of Amish Blessings, there are not any established common areas where guests can gather and meet each other. According to the owner, the property is intended to be a place for visitors to rest their heads while visiting the area. There is a relatively small antique and craft store on the property, separate from the cabins, where patrons can purchase antiques or craft items created by one of the owners of the establishment. Those who visit the property can roam the grounds of Amish Blessings, as the acreage that does not have buildings is grass-covered. In front of one of the cabins is a swing set that can be used by those staying on the grounds.


The owners of Amish Blessings, Mark and Brenda Zimmerman, strive to create a private experience for those who come to stay in a cabin and visit the community. When a cabin is rented, guests will receive a code that allows them entrance to the cabin for the duration of their stay. This can allow patrons the opportunity to come and go from the establishment as they please without interacting with others. Mark said that when visitors stay in the cabins, it is "almost like they own the place; it is their home as long as they are there." There is no interaction between the owners and guests during the duration of their visits, as Mark and Brenda do not live on the grounds, and they want those staying at the business to have privacy when they are in the cabins.

While staying at Amish Blessings, the owners hope that patrons will take care of the cabins as if it was their own homes. Pets are allowed in the Friends and Family Suite, however, the dogs that stay must be under 10 pounds. There is an additional charge for pets that are brought to stay in the cabins. Mark stresses the importance of guests feeling at home in the cabins and says that he "hopes guests feel that they own the cabin and enjoy it while they are there."

Mark reports that Amish Blessings is known most for the cleanliness of the cabins, as well as the decorations inside each of the units, and relatively close proximity to many sites and shops in the Amish Community. One guest commented on the amenities of the cabins, saying, "The cabin was lovely, and I felt right at home upon walking inside. It was so peaceful, and the views were very nice. The three bedrooms and three bathrooms were clean and well decorated." Generally, the time of year with the most guests and highest bookings for the business is the fall. According to Mark, during the fall season, the trees in the country are changing colors, and there are diverse events in the Amish Community, such as horse auctions and sales in the downtown area. He also says that many who stay at the property are in their 40s or older and are drawn to the area because of the antiques and the community.

One of the main attraction in the area surrounding Amish Blessings is the Amish community. Mark and Brenda decided to build the establishment in the area because of the culture and atmosphere that they feel the Amish people bring to the area. "The Amish are very family-driven, faith-driven, and hard-working," Mark says. Many of the local attractions are different businesses owned and operated by Amish people in the community. There are multiple farms that guests can visit, as well as antique stores and shops that sell homemade goods. According to Mark, visitors in the area generally visit the stores, the Amish Theater, wineries in the area, and farms. A couple of restaurants that the owners recommend to guests include Boyd & Wurthmann Restaurant, which is a 1940s-style restaurant that features many traditional Amish dishes, and the Berlin Farmstead Restuarant which has a salad bar and buffet. 


Amish Blessings was established in 2005 by the current owners, Mark and Brenda Zimmerman. During a visit to Amish County in 1992, before they decided to build the cabins or purchase the land, the pair fell in love with the area and culture of the Amish people. Mark says that "you need to invest where your heart is," and they decided to start a business that would allow them to participate in the Amish Community and work together. When Mark and Brenda purchased the land that would come to be known as Amish Blessings, they wanted to put an emphasis on the culture of the area and create a place where visitors to the area could come to experience the area in a similar way to how they came to love the community. 

As creators of the establishment, Mark and Brenda have done various things to the property over the years. Originally, Amish Blessings had only one cabin, The Simple Blessings Cabin. As time went on, updates, including adding the Homestead Cabin and the Antique and Craft Shop, have happened. As the business continues, they plan to keep serving in the community and doing various updates to the amenities to try and keep the cabins looking nice for those who choose to stay at them.

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