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Amity Flats

Amity Flats is located in the small town of Amity, Oregon. Placed on the top floor of a three-story historic building and having been created in 1905, there are five full rooms with kitchens and full bathrooms available for guests to reserve at the establishment. Complimentary wine, chocolates, and coupons are offered to every guest who visits the property. Bob and Barb, the owners of the Amity Flats, have their own vineyard in Amity and have the goal of bringing their guests a high-end experience in the small town. The building is surrounded by over twenty-five high-end wineries and an aquatics center.


Amity Flats covers a three thousand square foot area of a three-story historic building in Amity, Oregon. The original building was created in 1905 and sustains many of its original architectural elements to this day. The outside is grey stucco and perches on a street corner looking over the small town of Amity. The actual rooms of the Amity Flats are located on the third floor of the building. The first two floors house a bakery, wine tasting room, and a hairdresser’s shop. The third floor holds five full rooms and one small add-on room. Restored brick walls and exposed wood beams from when the building was first built line the hallways and bedroom ceilings. The rustic-themed space is outfitted with high-quality furnishings and up-to-date décor.

Guests can take the two flights of stairs to their rooms or use the small lift. The lift is mostly used by those who cannot climb the stairs, such as the elderly or disabled. Luggage is commonly sent up on the lift for those staying in the flats. This prevents the hassle of carrying luggage up several flights of stairs. A shared patio on top of the building is a popular gathering space available for all guests to use. The 30x35 foot patio has a grilling area, outdoor seating, and a ping pong table. Breakfast is not offered at the Amity Flats. However, there is a bakery downstairs, and the kitchens in each of the rooms are available for guests to use for cooking their own meals if desired.

The Yamhill is a studio room outfitted with a queen-size bed and a kitchen. The room’s decor is themed after red tones that tie the room into its namesake. This room is ADA approved, and the furnishings are designed to create ample space for guests with wheelchairs. A single large window brightens the room with black-out curtains. The Nekia Flat has a king-sized bed, full kitchen, dining area, and living space with a loveseat and small couch. This room has brightly colored decor and an exposed brick wall.

The Willakenzie Flat has a small bedroom area with a queen-sized bed and a two-person sofa. However, this room has a large window surrounded by a restored brick wall and a generous-sized kitchen. There is no dining table but a bar with stools. This room is commonly reserved in conjunction with the Bellpine Flat. This large hotel-style room has a queen-size bed and a large bathroom. This is the only flat without a kitchen but does have a Keurig machine with coffee pods and tea. The interior flat does not have any windows. When joined together, the Willakenzie and Bellpine Flats have two bathrooms and two bedrooms. A rollaway bed can also be requested with extra cost for more sleeping areas.

The Jory is the largest of the flats at Amity Flats and the most commonly reserved suite. Named after the state soil of Oregon, the flat was originally the meeting room for Masonic Lodge over 100 years ago. Guests have a view of the Eola-Amity Hills through the east windows of the suite. The room is decorated with varying shades of blue, green, and grey furnishings. The private bedroom has a queen-sized bed and a private window. In the living room, the sofa converts to a double bed, and there is space for a rollaway bed. The kitchen is newly updated with dark wood cabinets and black appliances.

Every suite and flat has a full bathroom with a bathtub, shower, and granite counters. Hair products and body lotions are dispensed in bulk in each bathroom to be more environmentally friendly. For the suites that have kitchens, there are refrigerators, induction range stovetops and ovens, cookware, basic ingredients, and dishes. Complimentary locally made gourmet chocolate and a bottle of the owners' handcrafted wine are offered to each guest. A bicycle room located on the second floor is available for guests to use for storing their own bikes or to borrow the property’s bikes to ride the network of trails in the area. Private air conditioning and heating are offered in each room, along with complimentary Netflix access on the flat-screen televisions.

There are a wide variety of restaurants and activities to participate in throughout Amity and the surrounding areas. Amity Flats has close connections with many local businesses in the area, offering many coupons and promotions for guests to use during their stay, such as a two-for-one wine tasting coupon to over twenty-five of the high-end wineries nearby. The owner of the property, Barb, recommends guests eat at the Blue Goat, Tocos Burros, The Bramble Tasting Room, and the Amity Bakery and Cafe. The Bramble Tasting Room is located in the same building as the Amity Flats and offers cooking classes. The Amity Baker and Cafe is also located in the same building.

Attractions in the area vary depending on the size of a visitor's group and age. For families or groups with children spending time at the Aquatics Center is common, and the Evergreen Air and Space Museum is nearby, which can be an activity for adults and middle-aged children with interactive exhibits. Above all, the vineyards and wineries in the area are most popular for tourists to visit. Barb recommends guests visit the Keller Estate, a biodynamic, earth-friendly winery, the Duke’s Family Vineyard, and Brooks Vineyard. All of which offer wine tours and have restaurants on property with tasting rooms.


When it comes to the culture of Amity Flats, the owners, Rob and Barb, have a very distinct vision. Amity, Oregon, is a small town and has a relatively tiny community despite being part of Oregon’s world-renowned wine country. Rob and Barb, the owners of the property, are very involved with the community and purchased the Amity Flats building with the intent of creating a space for people to stay in the center of Amity that injects them into the community and exposes them to the charm of the town. The couple works closely with other local business owners to offer recommendations and coupons for select restaurants and attractions. Amity Flats has coupled with Willamette Wines, a website showcasing all of the vineyards and attractions throughout Oregon, to offer their services to guests exploring the wineries in the area.

Amity Flats was also established to make a luxury space for a specific demographic. Rob and Barb intend their space to attract a middle-aged, wealthier audience, which is unlike the usual demographic of guests that visit Amity, Oregon in general. In order to do this, the couple has invested years of time and money into renovations and upgrades within the building. Kitchens, full bathrooms, updated décor, and new beds were all necessary additions to the space to create the high-end feel the couple desire. The couple hopes that by attracting this target audience, they will help to augment the economy of the town.

Due to the environment of the space, decorations, and amenities, Barb hopes that every guest who stays at Amity Flats is surprised with their stay. Each bed is covered in luxury linens ironed after every wash, and complimentary, locally sourced gourmet chocolates are left for guests to eat, along with a bottle of wine vinified by Rob and Barb themselves. A guest at Amity Flats left this review regarding their stay, “Barb was very hospitable and genuinely cares about her guests. Fresh eggs and berries on arrival were a special touch. Unique building with tons of history but renovated to be extremely comfortable, convenient, secure, and high-end. Somehow it felt like we were the only ones there, although there were others.”

Specific policies and amenities have been added inside each of the rooms at the Amity Flats to add to the culture of the space as well as reduce the business’ environmental footprint. In all of the rooms, every product and appliance offered is environmentally friendly. Inside the bathrooms, high-quality shampoo and conditioner are offered in bulk containers, and an induction cooking range is set up in the kitchen. Pets are not allowed in the rooms to keep the spaces in top condition. An ADA-approved room is available in the Amity Flats for those with disabilities. This room is wheelchair accessible with an elevator and handicap bathroom. Guest books are left behind in each room for guests to leave reviews of their stay and offer suggestions to improve the space.


Rob Kristler and Barb Bond are the owners of Amity Flats. The couple met in 2003 at the end of both of their careers. Rob worked as an architectural consultant and has extensive expertise in engineering and design. Barb taught as a professor of forest ecology at Oregon State University. The couple has very similar passions with a love for travel, hospitality, and wine. In 2009 they purchased a hillside home overlooking the small town of Amity, with its own vineyard. Because of Rob's background in architecture and Barb's desire for a retirement project, the couple invested in the Amity Flats building and began renovating the space into what it is today. The couple produces their own wine and offers complimentary bottles to each of their guests. A professional cleaner and part-time employee who cleans the laundry were hired shortly after Amity Flats opened to improve operations and assist Barb in preparing the rooms for each of her guests.

Located at the intersection of Trade and 5th Streets, the commercial brick building was built in 1905. J.W. Briedwell Jr., a successful business in the area during the early 1900s, was a well-respected farmer in the area and overlooked the construction of the building. Most of those who owned the building through the years had their personal apartments on the upper floor while they conducted business downstairs. A bathroom wasn't added into the home until the 1960s. The E.R. Munch Architects of Portland made plans to renovate the space in 2014 to honor the community and added a state-of-the-art HVAC system and wheelchair-friendly facilities.

As one of the oldest and largest buildings in the area, the three-story establishment underwent many changes to improve its structure and update its interior after it came into the ownership of Rob and Barb. Open face brick laid over 100 years ago is exposed along the walls of the building, with large chandeliers lighting the hallways. The trees used to build the home were cut before 1905 and can be dated back as far as 400 years before the building was built. Kitchens, bathrooms, new flooring, and improved installation throughout the building were added to make the space one of luxury and warmth.

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