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Anchor Inn by the Sea

Anchor Inn by the Sea

Anchor Inn by the Sea is a lodging establishment located on one of the southernmost tips of Revillagigedo Island in southeastern Alaska. The property consists of two houses that are close to one another, with one home containing three suites and the other with two. The total number of units at Anchor Inn by the Sea is five, with the addition of one non-suite unit called Captain Morgan's Beach House. The business is run by Mary, who is the original owner and the one who converted the homes into a vacation rental service in 1998. One of the things which the property is most known for is the series of views that are visible from the premises, overlooking the ocean and offering the possibility of seeing whales at all times of the year.


The business entity known as Anchor Inn by the Sea is made up of two different homes that sit in close proximity to each other. Both homes rest about four miles from downtown Ketchikan, Alaska, a city that is located on one of the southernmost points of Revillagigedo Island. The owner of the vacation rental service, Mary, explains that the location of the property in southeastern Alaska is "very different from a place like Anchorage in the north." Specifically, the establishment's location on the edge of an island allows for many views of the surrounding ocean.

The two homes that comprise Anchor Inn by the Sea include a total of five units, with four of them being suites and the remaining space acting as a smaller "room." The names of the five units have the intent of emulating the "whale watching" motif that the owner has developed for the property over the years: The Orca Suite, Aleksandra's Seaside Suite, Whale Watch Suite, Admiral's Suite, and Captain Morgan's Beach House. Additionally, there is an area called Natasha's Room that can be combined with either the Whale Watch Suite or the Aleksandra's Suite in the event that a guest needs more space.

There are various features and amenities offered property-wide, including waterfront locations, ocean views, access to a shared laundry room with a washer and dryer, Wi-Fi, hairdryers, a private deck that faces the ocean, and fully-stocked kitchens. The kitchens have been specifically noted by guests, in part because they come with a wide arrangement of dining utensils and tools, as well as having stocks of spices, oils, seasonings, and other cooking essentials. One guest explained that "the kitchen had everything one could need to prepare and enjoy meals." The only thing that guests need to bring is the food they plan on eating. Every unit at Anchor Inn by the Sea contains at least one private bathroom in addition to the kitchen, with some of the suites having two private bathrooms.

One of the owner's most recommended features of the establishment is the yard around the two houses. The ocean's edge is located only a few feet from where the edge of the lawn ends, allowing for unobstructed views of the surrounding cove, in addition to a multitude of trees and mountains on the other side of the bay. A small garden is also located in the back yard, with small clusters of flowers and manicured shrubberies. A few sets of chairs are located on the lawn to allow for a more relaxed viewing of the ocean, and a small trail and staircase lead to the water's edge so that people can walk along the coast or go beachcombing. Overall, the exterior of the property doesn't offer much shade with the intent of allowing visitors to take in as much of the Alaskan sunshine as possible, something that Mary explains is "what you want to do in Alaska." 

Something that is considered by hosts and guests alike to be one of the property's defining aspects is the fact that various kinds of ocean-dwelling creatures are visible from the accommodations, most notably whales. Marine life that has been spotted from Anchor Inn by the Sea includes otters, seals, orca whales, and humpback whales. Eagles flying nearby and catching salmon out of the ocean are another common sight.


Mary, who is the current and original owner of Anchor Inn by the Sea, explains that she wants her guests to "feel at home." One of the things she enjoys most about owning vacation rentals is the ability to take care of people and to try to make sure that they are having a good time during their stay. That being said, owner interactions with guests are not excessive at Anchor Inn. "I'm not in the guests' faces all the time," Mary explains, "but there's an attitude of 'it's nice to see you,' when we interact." 

The establishment receives many repeat guests annually. Various guests who have stayed in the suites have mentioned the overall hospitality of the hosts and the views of the cove. One guest, in particular, stated, "We were a group of five and stayed for a week in the Aleksandra Suite and the Captain Morgan's Beach House next door. We saw humpback whales feeding right outside our accommodation, explored the adjacent tidal pools, and saw sea stars galore. A great base from which to explore Ketchikan and the island." 

Some of the important policies that one should note before visiting Anchor Inn by the Sea include the prohibition of smoking, pets, and small children (ages 12 or younger). Many of the visitors to the suites are seeking a quiet, peaceful experience, and are usually people aged between 50 and 70. It is also asked that guests do not organize events, parties, or large gatherings on their own to further maintain the desired environment on the premises. In the past, management has occasionally put together small events, but such activities are dependent on the behaviors of the guests and the weather, so they are not advertised as common occurrences. Most of the time, such activities are reserved for repeat guests as a way to thank them for their continued patronage. 

Anchor Inn by the Sea is open during all times of the year and is often busiest between June 1st and September 15th due to the weather. Often, visitors from southern regions in the United States take trips during the aforementioned range in order to escape the heat. In particular, people from Texas are a frequent demographic to the vacation rental. 

Ketchikan, Alaska is described by Mary as "a small town," though she notes that it sees an above-average amount of activity due to it being a port town that many ships pass through on their way up or down the coast. Many of the nearby restaurants serve seafood as a result of Revillagigedo Island's economy and location. 


The two houses that are part of Anchor Inn by the Sea have been standing for significantly different amounts of time. One of the buildings was created in the 1950s, though it did go through extensive renovations in the early 2000s. The second building came along in 2006. The area where one of the suites now lies was once a boathouse, though it has since been renovated and undergone various significant changes. Mary, who currently owns Anchor Inn by the Sea, was the person who adapted the two houses into a vacation rental service, with the start date of the establishment occurring in 1998. One of Mary's goals from the beginning was to "share the waterfront with people," which was a source of inspiration for many of the units' names and decorations. 

Though many of the rooms and spaces in the two houses existed at the time of Mary's arrival, she has since added two additional suites. These construction processes took place around 15 years ago. Some of the potential future goals that may be in store for the property include creating some kind of service for whale watching tours and opening up more possibilities for activities in the area. 

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