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Andon-Reid Inn Bed & Breakfast

Andon-Reid Inn Bed & Breakfast is located in Waynesville, North Carolina, a city east of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The home was built in 1902 by a man named John White. It was used as a private residence by different owners until 1998 when it first began operating as a bed and breakfast. Currently, the business is open year-round and offers a total of seven units to the public. Each unit differs from the others in decoration and in some amenities that are provided. A complimentary breakfast is available to all patrons, which the owners of the inn cook. The bed and breakfast offers online packages that can be added to a reservation to make a stay more unique. The inn cannot accommodate children under the age of 16 or pets. 


Andon-Reid Inn Bed & Breakfast offers a total of seven guestrooms for reservation. Six of the units are in the main building, while the other is in a separate, smaller building called the Carriage House. The home is three stories tall, comprised of four rooms on the second floor and two on the first floor. Amenities including a king-sized bed, private bathroom, tub, and stand-up shower are all provided inside the Carriage House. The other units in the Andon-Reid home are uniquely decorated and have amenities that differ from each other. Five of the suites have king-sized beds, while the other two have queen-sized beds. One of the rooms additionally has a television inside. Room service breakfast, which allows guests to eat their food in their rooms, is available for three of the suites. It should also be noted that every room has a private bathroom that comes with basic toiletries.

One of the owners, whose name is Peter, reports that the more popular units tend to be the larger suites, which are the Garden Suite, Magnolia Suite, and the Carriage House Suite. The owners estimate that each room is popular because the Garden Suite is larger and has a television, Magnolia has access to a covered patio, and the Carriage House because it is separate from the other units.

Breakfast is complimentary to everyone staying at the inn, often beginning at 8:30 A.M. The owners, Peter and Brenda, are responsible for cooking each morning. They try to make a different dish each day so that guests staying multiple nights won't eat the same meal they had the previous morning. Breakfast typically consists of two courses. The first course tends to be something sweet, such as fruit, parfait, panna cotta, or other similar items. The second course is usually a savory dish, such as pancakes, biscuits and gravy, french toast, waffles, and more. For those who have dietary needs, the owners are capable of cooking food that conforms to allergies and dietary restrictions, including vegan and gluten-free diets. Breakfast is usually served in the dining room, but if there are eight or fewer people, it may be provided in the guest lounge instead.

Besides the suites, people may also spend time in the common areas. In the basement, one can find a game room where there is a television with several channels, a pool table, a shuffleboard table, board games, and some fitness equipment. One can also spend time in the living room and dining room, where there are various chairs and tables. The guest lounge provides a bar with snacks and drinks for visitors. Baked goods and a coffee machine are available throughout the day as well. One can see Eagle's Nest outside the guest lounge windows, a mountain near the city. There are many trees in the yard and a stone patio with a fire pit. A wraparound porch offers four rocking chairs that can be used all day. Books are available for patrons to borrow if they would like to read while they are staying at the inn.

Past the property line, one can find many attractions and restaurants in the city of Waynesville and beyond. The Biltmore Estate is a large mansion that a family known as the Vanderbilts constructed. According to the owner, it offers "tours of its inn, winery, and a large expanse of acreage." Another attraction that the owners enjoy telling their guests about is Great Smoky Mountain National Park. About 45 minutes from Andon-Reid Inn Bed & Breakfast, the mountains offer a variety of outdoor recreational activities and many hiking and biking rails. Peter and Brenda, the owners, also like to recommend restaurants to people looking for somewhere to get food. A few that they mention by name include Chef's Table, Frogs Leap Public House, and Sweet Onion.


The owners would like their guests to "feel like this is their home for their stay." Peter, one of the owners, hopes that visitors are able to enjoy their meal in the morning before they leave to fulfill their personal itineraries for the day. Then when they return, he would like them to have a relaxing evening and a good rest from their travels.
The Andon-Reid Inn Bed & Breakfast owners have several policies they would like patrons to be aware of when they stay at the inn. Check-in is typically from 4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. However, visitors who book directly from their website can check in as early as 3:00 P.M. The inn is not able to accommodate pets or children that are under the age of 16. Furthermore, there is a designated smoking area near the parking lot where guests are allowed to smoke. Otherwise, smoking is prohibited at the establishment. The bed and breakfast can also host events, including family reunions, weddings, birthdays, and so on. Visitors can rent out the whole house for such events if they would like. Similarly, guests can purchase online packages with their reservation, such as the chocolate package or the flower package, to make their stay more unique.

Peter, one of the owners of the business, mentions that the company is likely most known for "the grounds" and "the uniqueness of the rooms." Many people who find out about the inn have learned about it from others who have stayed previously. The best season of operation tends to be during the months of September, October, and November, and the typical demographic of guests is usually couples. According to Peter, people tend to come to Waynesville because it is centrally located in several mountains and parks. He mentions that there are many places, both in the city and out of it, that people may find interesting.

Several patrons that stayed at the inn left reviews of their experiences and thoughts regarding the establishment. One person wrote, "Its location is perfect for exploration of Maggie Valley, and there are many close waterfall hikes. The town of Waynesville has some quaint stores and nice dining options."


The Andon-Reid Inn Bed & Breakfast was originally constructed in 1902. A man named John White, the owner of a local lumber mill, designed and built the home with materials that came from his own mill. The next owner was a woman named Alice Jackson, who, according to the inn's website, sold moonshine at the house. Various owners came after, many of which went about restoring the home. In 1998, the house opened as the Andon House and began its operation as a bed and breakfast. At a later date, it was renamed Andon-Reid Inn Bed & Breakfast.
The current owners have owned the inn for less than a year. Peter and Brenda were led into the industry because they wanted to have something to do when they retired. Brenda served in the military for about 20 years before she and her husband came to the decision to try running a bed and breakfast. In the time that they've been in charge of the inn, they have made minor changes, such as updating the Wi-Fi and changing the breakfast menu. In the future, they plan on upgrading the game room and adding more things to do. They also want to improve the outdoor areas on the grounds. Peter mentions that they would like to create a happy hour where guests can get a complimentary drink in the evening. He would also like to host more events, such as weddings and elopements.

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