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Angel at Rose Hall Bed and Breakfast

Angel at Rose Hall Bed and Breakfast

Angel at Rose Hall Bed and Breakfast is situated in Eureka, Arkansas. The property offers five rooms for guests to reserve, and according to Susan, one of the owners, "each room is named after a biblical angel." Every room has amenities that include but are not limited to a private bathroom and a separate jacuzzi tub. Construction of the house took place in 2000, and the building was intended to operate as a bed and breakfast. Angel at Rose Hall has had different owners throughout its life; Susan and Darrell Morgan, the current property owners, took over management in 2022. The inn is open year-round, and the owners note that the fall season, in particular, tends to be a busier time of year for the bed and breakfast. An event that is commonly hosted at the property is weddings, and management offers various packages to assist with accommodating such wedding events.


Located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is Angel at Rose Hall Bed and Breakfast. The current owners of the property, Susan and Darrell Morgan, offer five rooms in their 7,000-square-foot home for potential patrons to reserve. Each suite in the house is located on the second floor and the sizes of every room range from 500 to 700 square feet. While the size of the suites may differ, the rooms' amenities are generally similar. According to Susan, the beds in the guestrooms are king-sized, and all of the units have their own bathroom that includes a walk-in shower, sink, and hairdryer. Every guestroom also has a jacuzzi that is separate from the bathroom. Additionally, Susan says that about three of the suites currently have a mini-fridge included, but there are plans to add one to the remaining rooms in the future. Apart from the amenities within each room, patrons have access to a gathering room near the house's entrance which can be used for various purposes. 

During patrons' stay, and included in the base price, complimentary breakfast is cooked and served by Susan. Breakfast begins at 8:00 AM and can last till 10:00 AM. According to Susan, if guests want their food to be provided later or earlier, they are asked to communicate with either her or Darrel before breakfast to give them enough time to prepare. Breakfast is generally held in the dining room, and Susan notes that the kitchen where she cooks breakfast is adjacent to the dining room and allows visitors to watch her cook. For an additional fee, guests can also have their meal brought up to their suite, provided that they make the owners aware that they would prefer this. Furthermore, Susan says that the breakfast menu changes daily, in an effort to provide guests with different meals each day of their stay. Some of the items that one can expect to be served include french toast, cooked fruit, casseroles, waffles, pancakes, bacon, and eggs. If a person has a dietary restriction, they may inform Susan of their needs, and she will try to accommodate them. 

Susan says that one of the main features of the grounds of Angel at Rose Hall Bed and Breakfast is their gazebo and a small pond. Moreover, a stone walkway leads to the gazebo from the house, with flowers and vegetation planted around it. All of the outdoor amenities are located on a plot of land that measures to be approximately one-third of an acre. 


As guests are reserving their stay at the property of Angel at Rose Hall Bed and Breakfast, Susan and Darrel want them to be aware of the policies and rules they have in place. Children are not allowed to stay overnight at the bed and breakfast but are permitted to be at the house during events. While an event is being hosted, the number of people who can access the guestrooms is limited. Additionally, no pets are allowed in the house or suites. 

Susan says that the property's busiest time of year is in the fall due to the colors of the vegetation and activities that take place in Arkansas. The house is open year-round and is frequently utilized to host weddings. According to Susan, they have hosted three weddings in one week, and other marriages have been hosted throughout Susan and Darrel's ownership. During their guests' stay at the bed and breakfast, Susan says that she hopes each person feels "welcome and comfortable." Susan also says that she and Darrell make an extra effort to "help guests feel comfortable." The owners have the goal to be flexible and accessible to those who need assistance. Susan says that Angel at Rose Hall Bed and Breakfast has become known for her and Darrel's hospitality and flexibility. She also hopes people will use their house "for more than just to eat breakfast and sleep."

Several guests have left reviews of Angel at Rose Hall Bed and Breakfast, reflecting on their experience at the property. One former patron left a review saying, "The couple who own and run this are super sweet and accommodating. We came for a special occasion, and they had a small pretty cake and everything ready for us. Susan cooks breakfast, which is great and full of flavor." Another guest said about the property that "the staff at Rose Hall are kind, considerate, and classy. We had a great experience. The pastor who did our wedding was also amazing."

Throughout the duration of one's stay at the property, visitors can travel to the surrounding cities and areas to participate in and visit different attractions and activities. Susan says that Eureka, Arkansas, is a "tourist town" and has about "2,000 permanent residents." One of the available activities near Eureka is white water rafting which takes place on a river nearby. Additionally, there are areas nearby where people can go mountain biking. In the city, there is a venue where guests can watch plays such as the Passion of the Christ. For those who would like to visit local restaurants, Susan recommends three of the following places: Ermillos, which has Italian food; Local Flavor, for its American Cuisine; and Mainstreet Cafe, which has multiple establishments throughout the city.


Angel at Rose Hall Bed and Breakfast was designed to operate as a bed and breakfast since the time of its construction, which was completed in 2000. The property was sold to different owners before it was purchased a few years later by the current owners, Susan and Darrel Morgan. The guestrooms are named after biblical angels, and Susan says that the names of the rooms were kept from the previous management. Susan and Darrel have made some changes to the property since their purchase. However, changing decorations in the house and cosmetics in the guestrooms were the main updates. An additional change that Susan and Darrel hope to make in the future is making more services available, whether as part of the base price or for an extra fee. Currently, the owners have no plans for construction or remodeling of any kind.

According to the official website of Angel at Rose Hall Bed and Breakfast, the owners, Susan and Darrell moved to Eureka after having retired from their previous careers. Susan says that her interest in owning a bed and breakfast originated from a previous desire to own a restaurant. Additionally, she said that being a part of the hospitality industry has always interested her. 

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