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Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast

Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast

In a small residential area, just a block away from the beach in Cape May, New Jersey, the Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast is found in the company of other victorian style houses. It stands out from most of the other buildings around it because, as one of the owners, Ron, said, "It looks like a sandcastle." Cape May, New Jersey, is known for two things: the beach and the food. Sometimes it is referred to as a "foodie Mecca." Because of the location of this bed and breakfast, many guests can enjoy walking everywhere they want to go.


Because there are 27 guest rooms at the Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast, there are anywhere between 13 and 23 staff members helping out in any given season. The goal of the staff working at Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast is to help guests have a memorable and comfortable stay. Every room is uniquely decorated, and rooms 6, 8, and 9 have ocean-facing balconies. In the winter room, 24 is a popular choice because it has a fireplace. Each room comes with a complimentary turndown service every night, toiletries, and a hot breakfast.

Every morning there is a new breakfast menu as the chef that works for Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast enjoys experimenting with new flavors. Breakfast starts with appetizers such as fruit, yogurt, and bagels. Each breakfast comes with a batter-based dish such as pancakes or french toast, eggs (scrambled and one other kind), and waffles with any topping a guest could want. Breakfast at the Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast is described as "an event." Food is brought around to the guests so they do not have to move. In addition to breakfast each morning, The Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast offers tea and sweets in the afternoon, as well as "wine and cheese hour" in the early evening as an appetizer to dinner options in Cape May.

Cape May, New Jersey, is known for being a "foodie Mecca." Many guests come to Cape May for the beach and the food. It is a tourist-centered town and many guests enjoy the beachy vibe of the city. Sunset Beach is a popular beach that guests can walk to when staying at the Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast.


The Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast is a historically significant building in Cape May. Since 1850, the Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast has been a part of the town's culture. It is two Victorian style sister houses that have a rich history. Ron and Theresa, the owners of the Angel of the Sea, have enjoyed interacting with guests, sharing the history of the bed and breakfast with them, and recommending good food options for every palate. They also enjoy serving a lot of their own food with breakfast, afternoon tea, and wine and cheese hour. They are preparing and serving food all day long to guests who are about to go out for an all-day adventure and those who returned to the property from their all-day adventure.

One guest said, "staff is so attentive and thoughtful with afternoon tea, evening wine and cheese, and an ample breakfast. We felt welcome, comfortable, and pampered." Another guest mentioned that they enjoyed the hospitality when they said, "We had a smallish upper room but could see the sea -- a real treat. And the cheese and wine the evening before on the porch was delightful." Theresa, Ron, and the rest of the staff at the Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast enjoy helping guests feel welcomed and comfortable.

Though only 4,000 people live there year-round, Cape May has features that draw in visitors annually. Cape May is known for being a place where foodies can come to thrive. There are hundreds of restaurants ranging from fine dining to ice cream parlors. The city is also known for its beaches and boardwalks that can appeal to guests of all ages. Generally, guests that stay at the Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast are couples looking for a vacation or weekend getaway. Often newlyweds and empty nesters come to stay at the bed and breakfast because children under the age of eight are not permitted to ensure the most privacy to each guest possible.


Around 1850, the Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast was built as a summer cottage for William Weightman Sr., a chemist from Philadelphia. He was one of the first people to introduce anti-malaria drugs into the medical world. Originally the buildings were all one large mansion; however, Weightman decided he did not like the property's location and wanted the house moved. He hired farmers to move the building while he was not living there. The farmers were grateful to have work to do over the winter, but they could not move the house without taking it in pieces. They transported large parts of the house using horses dragging each piece across logs. When all of the pieces made it to the new location, there was no way to put them all back together the way they were. The farmers split the house into two houses and put up walls where new walls were needed. The house stayed there until William Weightman Sr. passed away in 1905.

After he passed away, it was used as a place for people working at nearby inns could stay, a restaurant, and a hotel. After a large storm in the 1960s, Reverend Carl McIntire saved the building from being torn down. He felt like it had enough historical significance, so instead, he moved it from its beachside location to where it stands today.

Between 1962 and 1981, the building did not receive much maintenance, and eventually, the building was condemned. In 1988 John and Barbra Griton saw the building and wanted to renovate it. He felt like it still had the potential to be something great. Over the next six months, workers worked on it with any time they could spare. The first building was opened six months after John and Barbra bought the property. After a 3.5 million dollar renovation, the Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast was restored to its original glory. John and Barbra sold the bed and breakfast to their daughter, Lorie, who ran it for about 20 years. When she was ready to retire, she sold it to the current owners, Theresa and Ron Stanton, who have enjoyed being the hosts since they first bought the property.

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5 Trenton Avenue
Cape May, New Jersey 8204
United States


Bed and Breakfast


Ron & Theresa Stanton

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Previous Owners

William Weightman Sr., Reverend Carl McIntire, John and Barbra Girton, Lorie Whissell, Theresa and Ron Stanton

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