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Aqua Beach Hotel

Aqua Beach Hotel

The Aqua Beach Hotel is a two-story resort found in Aquebogue, New York, on the north fork of Long Island about two hours from New York City. The property resides on the eastern waterfront and contains a private beach. The hotel is outfitted with 18 rooms available for rent with varying amenities and styles. The establishment is owned by Brent Pelton, who purchased the estate in 2018, and is currently being run by a staff employed by Brent. As the head manager explains, the staff strives to create an atmosphere on-site where customers feel relaxed and calm throughout their stay. The property has received various reviews throughout its time of operation with the quality of service and the private beach being two items that are commonly brought up. 


Aqua Beach Hotel is located on the northern fork of Long Island, specifically in Aquebogue, New York. This area in particular is about a two-hour drive from New York City. The two-story estate is outfitted with a total of 18 rooms that are available for rent by guests. According to the property manager, Isabella, these rooms are all unique in both design and decoration. One distinction that certain rooms have is that there are four suites, which have more space than a normal room. Two of the suites face the waterfront, one of them faces toward the garden side of the business, and the remaining suite is on the rooftop which has a view of the entire estate. Apart from the suites, the fourteen smaller rooms are divided between having a water view and a garden view. All of the rooms and suites are outfitted with various amenities that patrons have the ability to make use of during their time at Aqua Beach Hotel. These amenities include a television set, a central heating and cooling system, espresso machines, and a mini fridge. Each room is additionally equipped with a private deck that leads to the back of the property and is capable of accommodating up to two people. 

In addition to the amenities and experience that are provided within the rooms of Aqua Beach Hotel, the establishment contains multiple other features and amenities that are available for customers to use and enjoy during their time there. These features include a private beach where guests can spend their free time during their visit, a cabana where refreshments are sold, a sauna that can be reserved for an additional cost, complimentary parking for property patrons, and a fire pit that is lit nightly. The hotel is also outfitted with Wi-Fi. While the aforementioned features are available year-round, there are other amenities that are offered during certain times of the year. These include a structure called a "casita" that is set up in the garden area during the winter, where occupants can set up a fireplace and make s'mores. Complimentary bikes are offered to visitors at specific times of the year.

Aqua Beach Hotel provides breakfast every morning to the patrons of the hotel. Breakfast is brought to the individual rooms of each person in a picnic basket at 9:00 AM, and is served continental style. Accommodations can be made for people who have specific diets or food allergies. The manager mentions, "We would prefer to have notice about any accommodations prior to the guests arrival."


As stated by the current manager of Aqua Beach Hotel, Isabella, the staff strives to create an atmosphere and culture where guests of the property feel relaxed and calm during their stay. In order to achieve this overarching goal, the management of the estate has instituted various policies and implemented multiple practices to ensure this experience. The policies that all patrons are expected to follow during their stay include a ban on smoking, a requirement that all guests must be adults, a set quiet time that starts at ten at night, and "no parties" as explained by Isabella. 

In addition to the aforementioned policies instituted by the management of the hotel, they have also implemented various practices that Isabella believes help add to the culture and atmosphere of the business. These practices include having the front desk function as a "full connoisseur," as stated by the manager, which provides guests who seek to visit the area with experienced recommendations on what to do with their time in Long Island. They have also instituted a texting system with the patrons of the property that allows management to maintain smooth communication with all customers. Isabella believes that these practices have led to the formation and retention of a relaxing and comforting atmosphere. 

Isabella continues to illustrate that the establishment is known for its overall atmosphere, its private beach, the quality of service provided by the staff of the hotel, and the breakfast provided every morning. They get repeat visitors throughout the year, as described by Isabella, with most guests finding out about the business through word of mouth. The property is open year-round, including the beach, with the busiest times of year being from July to the end of September.


The owner of Aqua Beach Hotel, Brent Pelton, purchased the property in 2018. Prior to being owned by Brent, the estate functioned as a bed and breakfast but under a different name. Brent owns multiple hotel properties and is currently working on developing all of his properties. Brent has made multiple changes to the estate since he first bought it, such as adding private decks for each room, installing a heating and air conditioning unit, and changing the access points for the rooms from the outside to the inside. As expressed by Isabella, one of the managers, Brent plans on extending some of the bathrooms. 

Due to Brent owning multiple properties, he is not able to spend all of his time at Aqua Beach Hotel and has managers run the property in his absence. Isabella has been working at the business for 3 years and has functioned as manager for 2 of those years. She expresses that her favorite part of working at Aqua Beach Hotel is the freedom that she feels in her job and the interactions that she has with the guests. 

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