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Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast

Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast

The Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast is located in East Marion, New York. Near the inn are multiple bodies of water, including the Long Island Sound, Gardiner’s Bay, Peconic River, and Marion Lake. It is also near several wineries and breweries, state parks, and a railroad museum. It sits on 1 acre of land, is a two-story victorian and federal-style building, and has four different rooms for guests to choose from. Breakfast is offered every morning, and the staff tries to provide a different breakfast every day for the patrons of the inn. The owners of the bed and breakfast try to create a relaxing and renewing atmosphere for their visitors so that they can get a break from their everyday lives. The owners have owned the property for over two decades and are the original owners of the bed and breakfast.


Located in East Marion, New York, the Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast is a two-story Victorian and Federal-style home. The bed and breakfast sits on one acre of land and has a garden, a swing, a pergola with grapevines around it, and arbors throughout the grounds. It also has both a first-floor and a second-floor deck for guests. When the weather is warm and dry, breakfast is often eaten out on the first-floor deck. Inside the house, there are two stories and four rooms. The owners describe the décor as “a combination of traditional and antiques.” The common areas for the inn are the living room and the dining room areas, with the dining room able to fit up to 10 people. The visitors can bird watch, read, meditate, or do yoga on the property.

The four rooms in the Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast are the Champagne suite, the Melot Room, the Rosé Room, and the Zinfandel Room. Three of these rooms are on the second floor, and one is on the first floor. The Champagne Suite is the largest room and has a king-size bed, an optional private deck that can be reserved upon request, a flat-screen television, a DVD player, a gas fireplace, and a whirlpool tub included. The Merlot Room has a ceiling fan, a queen-size bed, a flat-screen television, a DVD player, and an electric fireplace included with it. The Rosé Room has an electric fireplace, a ceiling fan, an HD television, and a queen-size bed included with it. Both the Merlot and the Rosé Rooms have a bathtub also included with the rooms. The Zinfandel Room has a king-size bed, a whirlpool tub, a flat-screen television, a DVD player, bathrobes, and a hairdryer included with it. All four rooms have a shower, USB outlets, wi-fi, streaming, local television services, and access to bottled water.

The Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast offer breakfast to their guests every morning. According to the owners, their breakfasts are “not a typical breakfast.” It is different every day and can include a fish stew, onions, peppers, sausage, bacon, omelets, or other types of eggs. They also provide salads and mixed fruits that are often tropical-based. The hosts try to accommodate the patrons’ needs regarding their allergies or dietary restrictions.

Nearby the bed and breakfast is access to several bodies of water. About a mile away from the property is the Long Island Sound. There is both the Peconic River and the Gardiner’s Bay to the southeast, and to the east is Marion Lake. Also near the inn are breweries and wineries, including the Kontokkosta winery, the Gillete Castle State Park, and Lavender by the Bay, a 17-acre lavender farm that guests can go walk through. There is also the Orient Beach State Park and the Railroad Museum of Long Island nearby for the patrons of the inn to go visit. Restaurants near the property include the North Fork Table, the Frisky Oyster, and Claudio’s Restaurant, which is the oldest same family-run restaurant in the United States.


The owners, Veda and Wilfred, try to make the Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast a place for “the guests to feel relaxed and be able to be themselves.” In hopes to accomplish this, they offer tea and something to eat when visitors of the inn first walk in and check-in, and then try to continue to be friendly and accommodating to the guests in whatever way they need. Veda and Wilfred have also attempted to eat with their guests and try to create a calm vacation-like atmosphere.

The bed and breakfast is open year-round except when the owners are out on vacation. The busiest season for the inn is during the summer months. They have policies of no pets, no smoking, and quiet hours after 11 pm. Veda and Wilfred also ask that the guests try to be nice and respectful during their stay.

The guests who often stay at the Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast in East Marion, New York, are commonly more affluent people and professionals. The typical age for the patrons is between 30 years old and 50 years old and sometimes their families as well. One guest wrote, “When we entered Arbor View House, we right away felt a sense of calm and serenity that Wilfred and Veda have created in their lovely home. Their hospitality, generosity, and kindness were wonderful. We loved our morning breakfast conversations with Wilfred, where we discussed everything under the horizon.”


Veda and Wilfred, the current owners of the Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast, have owned the establishment for over two decades and are the original owners of the bed and breakfast. Before they owned it, the property was a residence for various owners through the years. The house was built in the 18th Century and was changed to a Victorian home in 1867. In 1998, Veda and Wilfred bought it and renovated it into what it is today.

When deciding to join the hospitality industry, Wilfred wanted to be a yoga instructor and decided he wanted to create a yoga vacation place. They decided to get a bed and breakfast and try to create that same calming atmosphere as some might receive at a yoga retreat. Veda wanted to live out in the country, and so they decided to buy the Arbor View House Bed and Breakfast. Veda and Wilfred are from the Caribbean and try to bring aspects of that culture into their hosting, including in their breakfasts.

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United States




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