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At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast

At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast

At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast is known for its proximity to common attractions. It is located near the center of Saint Augustine, Florida, and is a short distance from the ports and beaches throughout the city. Attractions such as the Saint Augustine Distillery, The Ice Factory restaurant, and the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park are common visitor destinations. The hosts of the bed and breakfast strive to maintain close interactions with their patrons and are willing to suggest other places to visit in Saint Augustine. Their goal is for visitors to enjoy their stay and "enter as guests and leave as friends."


Because it is located near the center of Saint Augustine, the At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast is within close walking distance to several nearby attractions. These include many restaurants, musical events, museums, and historical landmarks. Saint Augustine itself is known as one of the first places discovered by the Spanish adventurer Ponce de León. Since then, it has become a significant cultural point due to its history and impact on American settlement.
The At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast comprises two contemporary Victorian Fusion separate buildings within a lot under an acre in size. The main building is a two-story, cream-colored house with white window frames and a matching white side deck on its second floor. The side deck leads out of the dining room and provides three separate seating areas and a water feature that guests can enjoy. The main house also has a front porch and a corresponding seating area. The smaller Carriage House is similarly designed and features an on-site parking lot in the front. Plant beds, flower beds, and shrubs are scattered throughout the property. A few small trees are on the lot, along with a small grass lawn.

A total of six units are available at the At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast, four of which are located in the main house. They include a queen room, a king room, a king with a sun deck, and a king with a balcony. Each suite is distinctly decorated from the other and is named after a famous explorer, such as the Amelia Earhart Suite, the David Livingston Suite, and the Lewis and Clark Suite. Bedspreads and decorations are commonly found in whites, creams, and greys. These suites are outfitted with dressers, private bathrooms, Internet access, and seats. The remaining two suites are found in the Carriage House and are larger than those of the main house as they can fit two to four people or a small family. These have personal fridges, bathrooms, microwaves, coffee machines, TVs, separate air conditioning units, and living rooms.

A common area and a dining room are on the second floor of the main house. An additional common area is also on the first floor by the entrance. As mentioned, the dining room leads to the side deck where guests can lounge and enjoy each others' company. The interior of the main house and the Carriage House are of a contemporary design. The establishment's owner, Mike, describes it as "looking like a Paris apartment" and providing a "doily and lace-free environment." Just as with the separate units, the interior is mainly decorated with white and cream-colored furniture and paintings. Couches in the common areas are complimented with coffee tables and small desks.

A two-course gourmet breakfast is provided each morning. Fruit and yogurt typically serve as entries, with a variety of other dishes following as the main course. Food allergies and dietary restrictions are taken into account. In fact, the At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast owners ask each of their visitors at check-in if they require either of those accommodations.

If guests desire to find attractions in Saint Augustine, they can be consulted personally by Mike. He developed an app that can help visitors navigate the city and find popular attractions that they might enjoy. They can see the Saint Augustine Distillery a short walk away. There, they can taste wines, beers, gin, and other drinks for free. The same building has a roof garden where musical performances are held each weekend. The Ice Plant restaurant is also found in that same building. Forts built by the Spanish explorers can be found close to the city's shores, and visitors can visit the many ports scattered around just a few blocks away from the At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast. Additionally, they can spend time at a local museum, the Fountain of Youth archeological park, and a music amphitheater about a seven or eight-minute drive away. An animal sanctuary called the Crocodile Farm is also a short drive from the property. Another restaurant, the Saint Augustine Fish Camp, has outside seating along the San Sebastian River. Nearby art galleries are also scattered around the city that visitors can appreciate.

Mike and Robin have also provided beach towels, umbrellas, and body boards for anyone who wants to visit the beach.


To Mike and Robin, the couple that owns the bed and breakfast, the most important thing to them is their guests' experience. They want their patrons to feel comfortable interacting with each other and making memories. Mike says that he believes "life is not measured by the amount of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away." He strives to emulate that environment at the At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast. If people arrive as guests and leave as friends, Mike and Robin consider that as a fulfillment of their goal. To make the experience more memorable, they give visitors dining and attraction recommendations. Patrons can also enjoy drinks and baked goods that are available throughout the day. Mike himself has also made his app available with a QR code for friends to download and use to find activities in Saint Augustine.

While Mike and Robin don't host any events at their bed and breakfast, there are other things their guests can do. Aside from visiting the previously mentioned attractions, a special event called the Night of Lights occurs yearly. Properties all over the city are decorated with lights from Thanksgiving until the end of January. Mike states that National Geographic has considered this an event "that every American should experience." The At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast is also part of the Historic Inns organization, which hosts tours of different properties open to visitors. There are several musical events throughout the year, such as the Sing Out Loud celebration. Finally, guests can attend local plays nearby.

As previously mentioned, the most important thing for Mike and Robin is guest satisfaction. Through their personal interactions with visitors and the availability of refreshments, they hope to create the optimal experience. One guest said: "Happy we chose Journey's End Bed and Breakfast for our stay in St. Augustine. The hosts were welcoming. Beverages being available all day was a nice touch, and the breakfast was delicious. We stayed in the Egypt room... the large porch provided a comfortable place to sit and read while the shower was a fun touch to the room. Bed and sheets were comfortable. The location is perfectly situated and within walking distance to all downtown areas." Mike also says that all sorts of guests visit their bed and breakfast, from young married couples to retirees to people from across the globe.

Only a few policies are present in At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast. Some of the most notable regulations include the fact that the main house does not allow pets or visitors under 21. However, the Carriage House is pet-friendly and allows children 12 and older.


The At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast was built in 1896 by a Boston businessman and served as a winter retreat for him and his family. Mark and Robin are unsure of the people that have owned it since, but they are fifth-generation owners of the property. They acquired it from two men named Tim and John. Now they are in their fourth year of being the hosts of the At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast, having been there since 2018.

The bed and breakfast has been renovated and upgraded several times throughout its use. Mike and Robin regularly perform necessary maintenance on the property. They want to convert their former innkeeper room into a new Lewis and Clark Suite. The conversion of the Key West Suite into the Ponce de Leon Suite is also within their plans.

Mike and Robin had wanted to own a bed and breakfast for several years before living in Saint Augustine. The city and its culture, in their opinion, had much to offer them and their future guests. They were thrilled when they were able to acquire the At Journey's End Bed and Breakfast.

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