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Atlantic House Bed and Breakfast

Located on Baltimore Avenue in Ocean City, Maryland, the Atlantic House Bed & Breakfast is home to a total of 14 guest accommodations. The bed and breakfast is within walking distance of the beach, as well as an assortment of dining and shopping options on the Ocean City Boardwalk. Open from April to October of each year, the establishment has eight units in the main home that have access to a complimentary breakfast and six more guest accommodations that are described as apartments. The Atlantic House recently saw a shift in management, with the current owners, Cassie and William Schriver, taking over in April of 2022. The main home is a historical element of Ocean City due to it being built in 1929 and surviving a hurricane in 1933. 


The Atlantic House Bed & Breakfast is located in Ocean City, Maryland, which is an island city overlooking both the Atlantic Ocean and the Isle of Wight Bay. The lodging establishment is better described as "The Atlantic House B&B and Apartments," according to its current owner Cassie. This is due to the fact that in addition to the main home on the premises, the business contains a few other apartment-style lodging options. In total, there are eight units available for reservation in the main building split across four stories. These rooms offer a traditional "bed and breakfast" experience, with occupancies of two people per room and access to a complimentary meal each morning. This largest building on-site is also home to a common area where breakfast is served, a dining room, and a sun porch with a table.

The breakfast at the Atlantic House consists of various fruits, pastries, and beverages. Milk, orange juice, coffee, and water are all available for patrons. Regarding the food itself, there is typically a range of fruit, a pastry of some kind, oatmeal, and a hot dish that changes daily. Additionally, if the establishment doesn't have many visitors on a given morning, they have been known to offer their guests the ability to create a more personalized menu within reason. Breakfast is served between 8 AM and 10 AM in one of the building's common areas. In cases where a visitor requires diet-friendly foods or ingredients, advance notice must be given to the management of Atlantic House Bed & Breakfast. This is because it is challenging to shop for ingredients on the weekends, and such trips often take a few hours, even on weekdays. 

Though the duplex and other apartments on the premises do not have access to the complimentary breakfast, their six guest accommodations come equipped with private bathrooms and other features. A few of the property's policies in the main home don't apply to the apartments, such as its restrictions regarding pets and children. Often, these six units are also available during more times of the year, including the property's off-season between November and March.

Aside from the features of the property itself, one of the bed and breakfast's most distinguishable features is its location. Situated on Baltimore Avenue, the establishment is within walking distance of downtown Ocean City and the beach. "We're considered to be an 'ocean block' but not 'oceanfront property,'" explains Cassie. Another unique aspect of the property relative to those around it is its grassy regions in the front yard. This is uncommon for other buildings in downtown Ocean City, and it provides guests with direct views of the street. During many weeks of the summer, there are activities such as parades and biking that can be seen from this front lawn.

Ocean City is described by Cassie to be a "vacation town," evidenced by the fact that cruise ships stop on the island multiple times a year. The Ocean City Boardwalk is home to a wide arrangement of shops, bars, and dining options. It stretches from the inlet to 27th street, though most of the businesses are located on the portion of the boardwalk closest to the Atlantic House Bed & Breakfast. Another notable attraction in the area is the Assateague State Park, with potential activities such as camping, driving on the beach, or spotting some of the migrating wild horses that inhabit the island.


The overall atmosphere of Ocean City is described as a "vacation town" by Cassie Schriver, who owns the Atlantic House Bed & Breakfast with her husband, William. Home to both relaxation opportunities and a diverse range of community events, Ocean City sees numerous visitors annually. The Atlantic House has been a part of this culture for decades, having been built in 1929. Cassie calls the property a "landmark of Ocean City," or alternatively, a "staple of the city." As such, the bed and breakfast strives to cater to those on vacation. The various common areas in the main home are often used by patrons to relax, and the proximity of the property to other local businesses allows for day trips. For those who need to get some work done, the Atlantic House is equipped with high-speed internet.

The Atlantic House is open from April to October of each year, with summer being the busiest month for the business with regards to occupancy. The bed and breakfast often sees patrons reserving their rooms up to a year in advance, and as such, there is a strict "no cancellation" policy starting 60 days prior to an arrival date. In the main house, there are no children under the age of 10 allowed, nor pets of any kind. These restrictions are lifted in the duplex and other apartment-style accommodations, making them a more popular choice for visiting families. Smoking is prohibited anywhere indoors—either in the main home or adjoining apartments—though patrons can use one of the property's exterior decks to smoke if desired. Finally, patrons must be at least 25 years old in order to make a reservation at Atlantic House Bed & Breakfast.

Many of the visitors to the property comment on the breakfast and the building's proximity to many local attractions. One guest stated, "The owner is very nice and helpful. The rooms are all unique and have a lot of charm. The owner makes breakfast every morning and it is fantastic. It's also a block away from the beach so it's very convenient." Privacy is another goal for the Atlantic House, and the fact that each unit comes with a private bathroom is evidence of this. Though some of the bathrooms are located in the hallway near their corresponding bedroom, they can be opened with the same key as their partnered guest accommodation.

Ocean City's description of a "vacation town" is emphasized through various events and activities that are hosted annually. On Memorial Day, there are usually activities on the Ocean City Boardwalk, and the community gathers to sing the national anthem. A week of Professional Bull Riding attractions, Firefighter Weekend, and the Fourth of July are a few other examples of the events that take place in Ocean City. Cassie explains that "nearly every weekend, the town has something going on." 


The main building that makes up the Atlantic House Bed & Breakfast is one of the historical landmarks of Ocean City, Maryland. The home was initially built in 1929, surviving a hurricane that swept through the area in 1933. This same natural disaster created the "Inlet" at the south end of town. Because of the building's age, it is described as a "landmark" for Ocean City by Cassie Schriver. Cassie, who owns the Atlantic House and its surrounding properties with her husband William, also calls the establishment "a staple of the city" and that from a local perspective, "it has always been here." Though much of the property's history is unknown in the 20th century, its proprietors were Paul and Debbie Cook before 2008. Management passed hands in 2008, 2016, and most recently in April of 2022 when Cassie and William purchased the buildings. 

Cassie's father had been an entrepreneur, while William's was a farmer. These entrepreneurial cultures affected them heavily, which is much of their inspiration behind transitioning to the hospitality industry. "I wanted something that wasn't going to be a nine to five," says Cassie. In 2020 they began their lodging career with some condos in order to "get our feet wet." After a bit of practice, they sold the condos in exchange for the Atlantic House Bed & Breakfast and some of the other surrounding buildings that could be used for apartments. This decision has allowed Cassie to "be with [her] family" on a daily basis.

The Schriver family had visited the Ocean City region on multiple occasions in the past, which was another factor in their choice of location. Originally from Pennsylvania, the family enjoyed visiting the "vacation town" and wanted to share their love of the area with other tourists. "We get many happy people here because they are on vacation," states Cassie.  

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