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Au Sable Riverview Resort

The Au Sable Riverview Resort is a lodging establishment that is located on the fringes of the city of Grayling in Michigan, right on the edge of the Au Sable River. Due to having the Au Sable River within walking distance from the property, river activities are a popular thing to do while guests are staying at the resort, especially fly fishing. Some of the cabins date back to as early as the 1940s, giving them a more rustic atmosphere. The six cabins have a wide range of maximum capacities. The standard cabins can house up to four people at a time, while The Lodge is capable of sleeping a maximum of 20 people per night, giving guests with larger groups a more accommodating place to stay.


Au Sable Riverview Resort has a total of six cabins on the property that are available to the public for temporary stays. Four of these cabins are smaller and more standard living arrangements, able to sleep two to four people at a time. The Cottage has the space to sleep a total of ten people per night. Finally, The Lodge can house a total of 20 people per reservation. Regardless of which cabin is rented, each of them comes with an outside charcoal grill, satellite, and access to the wireless internet.

The four cabins are similar in color and design. They each have a private bathroom, kitchenette, and screened-in porch that faces the river. The cabins are comprised of two rooms, one being the bathroom and the other being the bedroom, kitchen, and living room altogether.

The Cottage has a large amount of space due to the fact that it is a double cabin. There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full kitchen. The Cottage is best for larger families or guests that need more space than what the cabins can provide.

The Lodge is the largest space of them all and is suitable for large groups of families and friends. Within The Lodge, there are three full bathrooms, one half bathroom, a full kitchen, and an oversized porch that wraps around the building. The back of The Lodge is nestled right up to the river, which is ideal for guests who plan on spending more time doing activities in the river.

Along with the six cabins at Au Sable Riverview Resort, they also own their own store called Au Sable Riverview Market. The market is split as a gift shop that sells a variety of souvenirs like mugs, hand-crafted bags, and apparel and a grocery store that sells fruit, beer, wine, and fishing gear. Other things that can be found at Au Sable Riverview Market include candles, candy, hand-crafted wooden kitchen tools, soaps, and more. The market is not located on the property. However, it isn't far from the resort. The Au Sable Riverview Market is down the road, south of the cabins, at a three-way intersection.

Outside of the property, guests are able to take part in a number of activities. With the river so close by, fly fishing is one of the more popular activities to do. There's even a small, public boat launch that is located nearby. For guests that want to learn how to fly fish or learn the tips and tricks of the area, they can call a guide that often works closely with Au Sable Riverview Resort to have him join them on their fishing trip and give them some advice. Biking and hiking are a few other popular activities that can be done in the vicinity. Au Sable Riverview Resort has several bikes available to rent if guests would like to go on a biking trip. For guests visiting during the winter, there are also ski resorts that they can go to if they would like to ski or snowboard. Some other activities that guests can take part in include bird watching, hunting, shopping, and going to any of the nearby restaurants and bars.

There are several attractions that guests can travel to if they would like to expand their list of activities for their trip. Hansen Hills Recreational Area is one location where guests can go skiing and snowboarding in the winter and hiking, biking, or play disc golf in the summer. Huron National Park can be found to the east of Au Sable Riverview Resort, which offers a number of hiking trails and fishing spots. South of the property, guests can travel to the Roscommon Zoo, where they have a number of exotic animals on display. Guests can play and interact with several of the animals.

The manager will also recommend guests to several different restaurants that can be found in the vicinity. One of these restaurants is called Ray's - BBQ, Brews, and Blues, where guests can purchase barbequed meals and craft beers. Another eatery she recommends is called Spike's Keg O Nails, which sells quality burgers in its sporty-themed establishment. Grayling Restaurant is an old-fashioned place that makes American-themed dishes for breakfast and lunch.


Au Sable Riverview Resort has several goals. The staff at the resort do their best to create a personalized experience for everyone that stays in their cabins. They want their guests to feel at home and to have an enjoyable time. Several things Au Sable Riverview Resort does to help guests leave with a positive experience is trying to provide home-style living spaces that are more comfortable than rooms at a hotel or motel. The cabins provide guests with a more private retreat while still being close to each other, so guests can interact with the staff or their neighboring residents a little easier if they would like to. Friendly interactions between the other guests are encouraged at Au Sable Riverview Resort, which is made easier due to the large community fire pit.

There are a couple of policies that the owner of Au Sable Riverview Resort asks guests to be aware of and abide by during their stay. One of the more important ones is that there is quiet time enforced in the nightly hours. Starting at 10:00 p.m., they ask that guests keep the noise to a minimum. One thing worth noting is that all of the cabins, including The Cottage and The Lodge, are pet-friendly and able to house dogs. Events can be held at the property if guests call and plan with the staff ahead of time. In the past, events such as weddings and family reunions have taken place at the cabins, as well as several events hosted by Au Sable Riverview Resort themselves, like beer tasting and large barbeques.

The property has received a number of reviews from past visitors. Many of them mention the quality of the cabins. One person who recently stayed at Au Sable Riverview Resort wrote, "There are plenty of rooms in The Lodge where we stayed. The views were fantastic, and you can launch your canoe almost right from your cabin." An abundant amount of guest reviews mention the river and being able to spend time there. Someone who spent more time in the river left a review that reads, "We had a blast canoeing and kayaking and at the end of our trip passed the resort and got out just past the cabin. We walked across the street, showered, and continued our great time. Lots of room at the resort, fire pit, wood available, fishing, and a bait shop/convenience store."


The manager, whose name is Christina, explains that the cabins have been around for a while, though not necessarily under the name of Au Sable Riverview Resort. Several of the cabins date back to the 1940s and, potentially, even further in time than that. The owner has owned the property for over ten years and plans on maintaining it for a while longer. The Au Sable Riverview Market was built under the current owner's jurisdiction and was a recent addition to the property. As a newer location, not many visitors know about the market, and the manager hopes that more people will take advantage of the nearby store during their visit.

Christina has been the manager for several years and has enjoyed her time working at Au Sable Riverview Resort. She explains that she specifically enjoys the laid-back environment and being able to greet the regulars at the establishment, as well as the people who are visiting for the first time. Many of the visitors to Au Sable Riverview Resort come from all over the United States, which is another thing that Christina likes to see. She moved to Grayling, Michigan, with her husband, who serves in the military, after he got a new job in the area. That is when she decided she wanted to get a job as well and found The Au Sable Riverview Resort.

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