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Auberge Thon Jaune - Yellow Tuna

Auberge Thon Jaune - Yellow Tuna

The province of Nova Scotia in eastern Canada is home to Auberge Thon Jaune, a Canada Select 5-Star boutique hotel in Wedgeport. The owner of the business describes the interior décor style as "elegant" and "luxurious," with two separate bedroom suites that offer several amenities for the "health and wellness" of visitors, such as a hot tub, sauna, spa facilities, and some common areas where people can lounge. Guests also have the option to rent the entire house, as a private vacation rental. A few on-site activities are available at Auberge Thon Jaune, including star gazing. Many people are drawn to Wedgeport for the abundant fishing opportunities, especially during the months of June to October—most commonly the busiest season for the property—as a considerable number of people come to experience tuna sports fishing. Auberge Thon Jaune is located approximately 15 minutes away from the CAT Ferry Terminal in Yarmouth Nova Scotia, which provides international ferry service between Bar Harbor, Maine and Nova Scotia, Canada.


Located along the shores of western Nova Scotia, Canada, Auberge Thon Jaune – Yellow Tuna has two-bedroom suites available for rent. Visitors are given the option to rent either the entire house or one of the two-bedroom suites. Each room that guests can stay in is differentiated based on the bed size, as one unit is equipped with a king bed, and the other contains a queen bed. The bedroom with the king bed offers a bathtub and shower, while the queen-bed unit has a relatively large walk-in shower. Amenities that are provided in both rooms include access to free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen cable TV, heated towel racks, a writing desk, a sitting area, and air conditioning. As for the common areas, the living room typically serves as a designated common space for those who rent the queen-bed unit, and the dining area is for visitors staying in the king-bed room; however, guests may also lounge on the deck, and at the bottom of the hill below a small vineyard, at the water. Moreover, a seating area can be found in fairly close proximity to the boutique hotel's hot tub, sauna, and BBQ setup.

The front of the building's exterior is a restored Victorian home, and the back of the building features a large deck with outdoor furniture and two separate sitting areas. The owner mentions that she has ownership over a nearby private forest where Shinrin-Yoku, a self-guided meditative bathing experience, shall be available beginning in April 2023. Activities can be engaged in both on and off-site, with one of the most popular on-site pastimes being star gazing, according to the owner. Fishing, hiking, cycling, and tennis are a few activities that visitors can do off-site. Bicycle racks are located onsite. Guests should be aware that free private parking is available throughout the course of their stay.

A fair amount of tourism draws can be found in the local area. The owner of Auberge Thon Jaune comments that she often directs her guests to a nearby observatory called Deep Sky Eye Observatory, where tourists can spend the evening with an astronomer, and to the Historical Acadian Village of Nova Scotia nearby. Numerous tours are offered within the vicinity as well. The owner also notes that many people visit Wedgeport to go fishing for haddock, tuna, and other fish in season, and to explore the Tusket Islands. In terms of dining options, the owner frequently recommends Wild Roots to her patrons. Wild Roots is a local restaurant that specializes in seafood. The local café in Wedgeport called J's Amazing Breakfast is scheduled to reopen in April, with a breakfast and brunch menu, and espresso drinks.


The atmosphere that the owner of Auberge Thon Jaune hopes to create is one that can allow visitors to "unplug and relax." In an effort to emulate such an atmosphere, the owner explains that the provided amenities for the "health and wellness" of her guests—such as the forest space, yoga mats, and spa facilities—intend to help them "feel refreshed." She further notes that most patrons are generally independent, in the sense that they have an idea of how they plan on spending their time at Auberge Thon Jaune.

One of the most unique aspects of the property is the view of the surrounding landscape. Many visitors also mention in reviews that opportunities for outdoor recreational activities are fairly abundant near the establishment. A former guest of Auberge Thon Jaune said in a review of the property, "The view from the terrace was mesmerizing, a constant alternation of high and low tide. The location is convenient for trips to the Yarmouth area and other destinations, as well as hiking, boat tours and water sports." Another visitor who was seemingly pleased with the spa facilities commented, "Sitting in the hot tub at night and seeing the sky filled with stars and constellations was beautiful."

Open year-round, Auberge Thon Jaune tends to be the busiest during the month of August, due to the tuna festival, sports competitions, and other events that are held in the local area. For those who are hoping to host events at the property itself, the owner asks that they speak with her directly and make a request. Guests should be aware of a few policies that are implemented at the boutique hotel. Patrons must refrain from bringing any pets to stay with them at Auberge Thon Jaune, with the exception of service animals. Additionally, smoking is prohibited inside the house.


The current owner of Auberge Thon Jaune is the original owner of the business itself. After moving to Wedgeport, the owner says that she was "guided to economic development" services, which, in turn, led her to discover what is now known as Auberge Thon Jaune. At the time, the building's roof was caving in, and the structure was somewhat rundown, so she decided to renovate it. The chimneys on the building, and the old beams, are original to when it was first built. According to the owner, the property is located in the "oldest permanently settled Acadian area of Nova Scotia, Canada," where visitors can explore Acadian roots.

Concerning future plans for Auberge Thon Jaune, the owner is planning to add a fence on the north side of the premises in spring 2023, and add a dock as well. Another plan in the works is the aforementioned self-guided Shinrin-Yoku - Forest Bathing tours at the Auberge’s privately owned forest space.

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