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Bay Cottage Bed and Breakfast

Bay Cottage Bed and Breakfast was opened by Elizabeth McBride in 2010. The establishment is situated just off Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland. A total of three units are offered for guest reservations, two of which are guestrooms on the second story of the building, while the other is a one-bedroom apartment. Breakfast is complimentary to those who are staying in the two guestrooms. All of the breakfast dishes consist of locally produced ingredients, and Elizabeth notes that she can accommodate dietary restrictions if necessary. The property is within reach of several places including the historic market town of Antrim which has one of only two Round Towers in Northern Ireland and the Antrim Castle Grounds and is only 30 minutes drive from Belfast and an hour from the Giant’s Causeway.


Located in the central region of Northern Ireland, the Bay Cottage Bed and Breakfast is situated on about half of an acre. Two bedrooms, referred to as The Blue Room and The Green Room, and a one-bedroom apartment are all available for guest reservations. Elizabeth McBride, the current owner of the establishment, describes the bed and breakfast as an "old house" and she mentions that the "furniture is what we would call classic." A number of paintings can be found decorating the interior of the building, as well as antique furniture throughout the house. These details are, in Elizabeth's opinion, why the overall character of the house is "not a generic look." Aside from the units that guests can reserve, other common areas of the bed and breakfast include the dining room, where breakfast is served, and a sitting room.

Both the Blue Room and the Green Room can be found on the second story of the building. Concerning amenities, The Blue Room is the larger of the two rooms, featuring an ensuite bathroom and a King Size bed. The Green Room offers a private bathroom across the corridor from the room so it is not ensuite. The Green Room, though it may be smaller in comparison to The Blue Room, has a double bed and a single bed and both are available for occupants to utilize during their stay. The third and alternative option, apart from the guestrooms, is the six-hundred-square-foot apartment that includes its own private entrance. Some of the amenities offered in this unit include one bedroom, a bath and shower room, and a living/kitchen area. Those who choose to book the one-bedroom apartment are still given the option to have breakfast, though they must pay an additional fee. Inside every room, there are what Elizabeth calls "hospitality trays" with coffee, tea, and sugar.

Breakfast comes with the total cost of the stay for those who rent out The Blue Room and The Green Room; however, as previously mentioned, occupants of the one-bedroom apartment must pay an additional fee should they choose to have breakfast. Elizabeth remarks that they can accommodate dietary restrictions such as vegetarian or vegan, for example, though visitors must let her know about such dietary needs in advance. Due to the fact that Elizabeth makes traditional Irish bread, which is uniquely made, she mentions that guests must tell her what time, between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM, that they would like their breakfast to be served so that she knows when to start cooking the bread. Other breakfast options that one can expect to be served are scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and bagels with cream cheese plus bacon or of course the classic Irish breakfast. Both orange and noncitric fruit juices are also available to guests. These meals are made with locally produced free-range eggs and bacon and sausage from free-range pigs.

For an additional charge, Elizabeth can also arrange dinners for guests. Those who purchase the dinner are given a set menu with various options. Some of the more popular dinner items are chicken in a creamy onion sauce, cottage pie, and traditional stew, depending on the time of year. Elizabeth says that for patrons who are hoping to eat "something as Irish as possible," she may serve leaf and potato soup, apple crumble, and other items. Guests are asked to select the same dishes if more than one person is dining.

Guests can engage in a few on-site activities throughout the duration of their time at the bed and breakfast. A couple of examples of such activities include board games and watching TV, among others. Patrons may also have access to the collection of books that the property contains. The books can be read in the bedrooms or guests can use the chair provided. Outside the establishment, the yard space has a seating area with picnic tables. Elizabeth notes that if visitors would like a cup of tea while they're enjoying the seating area, then she can provide them with such. Across from the house is a three-acre field with a number of trees. To the left of this field, several woodland areas characterize the land. Moreover, at the end of the garden area on the premises, Lough Neagh covers a considerable expanse. According to Elizabeth, Lough Neagh is "the largest freshwater lake in the United Kingdom." It should also be noted that visitors can engage in birdwatching during their stay, as the area is home to an "interesting range of birds," as reported by Elizabeth.


A few notable policies are implemented at Bay Cottage Bed and Breakfast, which guests must act in accordance with, for example, it is illegal to smoke in B&Bs, hotels, or other accommodation facilities in Northern Ireland. Pets are also prohibited from staying at the bed and breakfast. Overall, Elizabeth, the owner, primarily hopes that patrons will "leave the room in a tidy fashion" at the conclusion of their stay.

The owner has the goal of creating a "relaxing but friendly" atmosphere. She wants her guests to feel "welcomed and comfortable." In an effort to provide this experience for her patrons, Elizabeth tries to make sure that every guest is "warmly greeted and welcomed into the house." She also intends to "explain how things work and tell them that if they need any help to let [her] know." With regard to interacting with her guests, Elizabeth comments that she socializes with them "as little or as much as they want."

One of the most notable aspects that the Bay Cottage Bed and Breakfast is generally known for is the provided breakfast. A fair amount of reviews comment on this feature, as well as the bedding that is provided. "Most people seem to have a good night's sleep," Elizabeth explains. One particular review from a previous guest reflects this point as they state, "The owner Elizabeth is very friendly. Lovely sized bedroom with clean bedding and comfortable pillows."

Bay Cottage Bed and Breakfast is open year-round with the busiest season of operation typically occurring from mid-July to the beginning of September. During Christmas and New Year's Day, the bed and breakfast is not available for reservations. The majority of previous guests have reportedly discovered the property through booking.com, according to Elizabeth. In terms of demographics, couples who are in their late forties and older constitute most of those who visit the property.

The area in which the Bay Cottage Bed and Breakfast is located is relatively rural. Aside from this, the establishment is among several touristic draws and attractions. Situated about five miles from the property is the historic market town of Antrim. Crumlin, another nearby town, also contains a considerable number of pubs and is located approximately five miles away from Bay Cottage Bed and Breakfast. Several tourists also come to the area to watch the motorbike races that are occasionally held nearby. Some of the attractions that Elizabeth recommends to her guests are the Antrim Castle Grounds, World of Owls, and the Ulster Aviation Society museum. Concerning places to eat, Elizabeth tends to direct her patrons to Sleepy Hollow, The Crooked Glen, and a Vietnamese-influenced restaurant called Bam Boy or The Fiddlers Pub in Crumlin.


Prior to becoming a bed and breakfast, the Bay Cottage property had functioned as a farmhouse. The house itself dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. Throughout its earlier history, the acreage had an orchard and a barn. Elizabeth and her husband purchased the property in 1993 at the time of their marriage. In 2010 it was changed to include the B&B. Elizabeth says as she recalls what led her into the lodging industry. She feels that being a bed and breakfast host is a suitable job for her as she mentions, "I like talking to people and I'm a reasonable cook." Elizabeth attributes much of her success to the principle of "building up a presence." One of the owner's favorite parts of her job is "talking to people about Northern Ireland." She further explains that she knows of several places and "things you could miss out on" that first-time visitors may not be aware of, and she enjoys sharing that info with her patrons.

Since Elizabeth first gained ownership of the property, the bed and breakfast has undergone several renovations. The house separates into two with guest accommodation on one side and family accommodation on the other. Other updates include reroofing, adding new windows and a new bathroom, redoing the kitchen, creating a new bedroom and shower room, transitioning the hayloft from storage space to an apartment, and adding a shed for bike rentals, plus a number of other changes. The garden area was also redone as it used to be a concrete yard.

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