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Bayview Pines Country Inn

The Bayview Pines Country Inn is situated in the fishing village of Indian Point overlooking the waters of Mahone Bay, on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, and close to the town of the same name. Eleven various accommodations are available seasonally for guests to stay. Eight of the units are bed and breakfast rooms, with three being located in the main house and five being in the converted barn. Aside from the bed and breakfast rooms, two apartment-style accommodations with full kitchens, and a separate cottage, known as The Millet House, which can house up to four guests for longer stays, are also available options for reservations. With porches and common rooms located in both the main house and the barn, there are multiple areas where groups of visitors can meet together if desired. The property features 13 acres of fields and woodland situated on a hill overlooking the ocean with picnic tables and beachfront access. According to one of the owners, Joanna, each room at the establishment has an ocean view that guests can enjoy. Breakfast is served each morning to those staying in the bed and breakfast rooms, and for an additional fee to those staying in the apartments. 


Eight bed and breakfast rooms, two apartments, and one cottage occupy space at the Bayview Pines Country Inn. The bed and breakfast, located in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, has three of the following separate buildings in which the various guest accommodations can be found: the main house, the barn, and the Millet House Cottage. Inside the main house are three of the eight bed and breakfast rooms, with the other five being located in the barn. Each of the bed and breakfast rooms features a private bathroom, television, ocean views, and either a king, queen, or double bed. According to Joanna, one of the owners, most of the rooms have queen-size beds, while others have king-size, and one of the rooms has a double bed. One particular room features an additional bed to allow three patrons to stay in the room. The apartments are situated in the barn, which, Joanna says “is over 200 years old with huge wooden plank floors" at the entrance to the building. The apartments are available to patrons who are looking to make a week-long reservation. Each of these units comes equipped with a "full kitchen," which Joanna says has plates, silverware, pots, pans, and other cooking items. One of the units additionally has a dishwasher. It should be noted that each apartment sleeps two guests. A dining area that can accommodate up to four individuals is also available if guests wish to have visitors over for a meal. One of the apartments has a king-size bed and the other has a queen-size. All rooms have access to make tea & coffee and fridge use.

The last type of accommodation for those staying at the Bayview Pines Country Inn is the Millet House Cottage. The stand-alone building, located across a field from the barn, has three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a total of four guests being allowed to stay as a party in the cottage. All the living areas have ocean views and there is a full kitchen. There is also a laundry room in the cottage for guest usage. Joanna describes the cottage as being located down the hill and across the field from the main house. 

Breakfast is served at The Inn with no additional cost for those staying in one of the eight bed and breakfast rooms. If those staying in either of the apartments wish to join guests eating breakfast, they may for an additional fee. Breakfast is served between 8:00 and 9:30 each morning. Items that are typically served for breakfast include bacon, scrambled or poached eggs, English muffins, french toast, or blueberry pancakes. Each morning there is also an offering of various seasonal fruits with yogurt and granola. Joanna also mentions that bread from a local bakery is served each morning, with homemade preserves and marmalades. Coffee and tea are also served with the meal. Joanna can accommodate guests with various food allergies and sensitivities. She asks that patrons notify her upon arrival so she can prepare for them.


Joanna, one of the owners of the establishment, hopes that all of those who stay at Bayview Pine Country Inn can "feel they can have a comfortable time" during their stay at the bed and breakfast. In an attempt to provide a comfortable experience, there are policies in place that guests are expected to abide by. Namely, smoking is only allowed outside the establishment. Joanna notes that she and her husband are "fairly flexible," when it comes to the check-in time for guests. There are suggested times of arrival for The Inn, but the owners are willing to work with patrons to have a "convenient time" to arrive at the inn. One guest who stayed previously at the property commented that "the whole place has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The owners are very friendly and make you feel at home the moment you enter the place. They have a lot of information on what to do and where to eat in the area." The owners enjoy talking with visitors during breakfast and Joanna notes that "breakfast is a fairly social occasion," in the mornings. The property is also suited to family reunions, Joanna mentions.

The area that surrounds the Bayview Pines Country Inn has a variety of activities that guests can participate in. Sailing charters navigate nearby islands, as well as deep sea fishing charters which visitors can take part in. Additionally, the city of Mahone Bay has a museum dedicated to the history of the area. There are a number of hiking trails in the nearby city, and kayaking is possible between islands as well. Joanna notes that guests can launch their own kayaks and stand-up paddle boards from the private beach area and visit nearby islands. She and her husband Chris also provide recommendations for activities and eateries in the area based on preference. Some restaurants in the area that she recommends include Rebecca's Restaurant and Mateus Bistro, Oh my Cod, and Bettys at TheKitch.


Bayview Pines Country Inn has been open as part of the lodging industry since the 1980s. The current owners, Joanna and Chris Grimley, purchased the establishment in 1997. The home was originally owned by a family in the farming and fishing industry. Joanna says that the main house was built over 120 years ago and the barn is "well over 200 years old." The first family to live on the property lived in a house that was constructed in front of the barn. In 1927, three sons of the family went to sea and were lost; one of the three lost sons built the edifice that is now known as the main house of The Inn.

Joanna and Chris Grimley moved to Nova Scotia from England to run the bed and breakfast. Originally from Staffordshire, the couple owned and operated a dairy in England. One of the reasons they purchased the property was due to the similar feel and environment of the inn, as the land was originally farmland. For Joanna, the best part of running the establishment is "meeting some really lovely people" that come to the bed and breakfast. In the past, the couple has done multiple updates and upgrades to the home. When they moved from England, they brought many different china items, such as the plates that breakfast is served on in the mornings. They also updated each of the individual rooms and updated the décor throughout the home. Additionally, they added a deck to the barn. In the future, they hope to "enjoy the fruits of their labors" and continue to run the inn. 

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