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Beachview Bed and Breakfast

Beachview Bed and Breakfast

The Beachview Bed and Breakfast is located in Georgia on Tybee Island. There are three buildings with accommodations for guests. 14 rooms are available year-round for patrons to have the opportunity to visit the island, beach, and nearby Savannah. The interior of the buildings have a "minimalist beach look" according to one of the owners, and the exterior is decorated with brick and yellow paint on the edifices. There is a garden area that features plant life indigenous to the region, as well as multiple porch areas and a veranda for guest usage. The business provides free towels, beach chairs, and coolers in an attempt to provide visitors with items to help the beach visits be comfortable. 


The Beachview Bed and Breakfast is located on Tybee Island in Georgia. The property has 14 rooms across three buildings for guests to stay in. There is a single cottage named Love Shack, as well as a main building that was built in 1915, and another building that has a spa and three guest rooms on the second level. The owners strive to keep a beachy atmosphere and décor style across all of the various buildings that patrons can stay in. While each room and each building have slightly different furnishing and decorations, all of them can be considered, according to the owner, as having a "minimalist beach look." The owner's personal favorite room is the Waterscape room, which has a private entrance, morning kitchen, claw-foot tub, and an outside porch. A favorite of guests is the Presidential Room; the amenities for this room include an outdoor covered veranda, original windows from the construction in 1915, and a king-sized, four-poster bed. All of the rooms at Beachview include a fridge, coffee machine, and silverware. 

Other indoor amenities on the property include a lounge area in the main house. The room features dark paneling with original accents that were preserved during the construction period. There are also upper porches on the main house where guests can see views of the ocean. In an adjacent building, there is a spa where patrons can schedule massages, facials, or time to sit in the "salt room." The salt room is covered on all four walls with salt and also has salt on the floor as well. There is a halo generator running that circulates salt into the air. The type of salt found in the room is known to have medicinal purposes such as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. 

Another amenity offered at the Beachview Bed and Breakfast is complimentary breakfast each morning. Breakfast is served in a building separate from any which patrons stay in, and is located in the middle of the property. The meals are usually different every day, but some notable breakfasts that have been served include quiche, French toast, biscuits and gravy, and breakfast sandwiches. While the meal is served from 8:30 AM to 10 AM every day, accommodations can be made if guests need to leave early for an activity. The staff at the property strives to serve those with dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian requirements. 

The outside of the bed and breakfast has areas that guests can visit such as gardens around the main building. The gardens feature a variety of flora and fauna that is familiar to the region such as palm trees, tropical flowers, and shrub bushes. The main house is on the national registry for historic places and its exterior features architecture that can be seen on many other buildings that were erected in the early 1900s. The spa building was added more recently to the property but was designed to fit the same style as the main building. The design scheme for the exterior of the edifices features brick and yellow-painted wood for the main house, spa house, and the love shack. Across the grounds are chairs and umbrellas so that guests can sit and enjoy the beach that is nearby. 


While staying at Beachview Bed and Breakfast, the owners have policies in place they ask guests to follow. One such policy is that quiet hours of 10 PM to 8 AM every night. Additionally, smoking is allowed on the premises, but it is not allowed in any of the rooms, in any of the buildings, or on the porches. Pets are allowed to stay with guests in their rooms, and children are allowed as well. The property is capable of hosting various events on the grounds, such as weddings and corporate vacation events. If wedding parties want, they can have their marriage ceremony on the beach and then have wedding guests return to the property to have the reception afterward.

The owners hope that those staying at Beachview Bed and Breakfast are able to have an enjoyable stay and that they are able to feel at home. In an effort to improve patrons' stay, the staff strives to provide amenities that visitors may need, such as shampoo, conditioner, extra blankets, and other items that can be used at the beach. The owner said, "we make time for guests," and they try to be available throughout the day for questions or just to chat.

Those who stay at the bed and breakfast often comment on the cleanliness of the accommodations, the breakfast, and the hospitality of the staff. One patron said, "Great place to stay on Tybee Island. Only a block from the beach. They have many accommodations such as beach towels, chairs, bikes, and a delicious breakfast. The rooms are very clean and nice." The property is near the beach, and the city of Tybee Island is also in relatively close proximity to Savannah, Georgia. The owner says that many people come to the city because of the "undeveloped beach," meaning that there is relatively little tourism in the area but that there are many beaches that visitors can view. Some restaurants that the owner would recommend include the Sunday Cafe, the Crab Shack, and AJ's.


The Beachview Bed and Breakfast has been in business since January 1st, 2012. The main house was originally constructed as a vacation home in 1915, and in 1925 the building was converted into a boarding house. The property had various other uses throughout the years, including being changed into a hotel in the 1950s. Over time, the property was again turned back into a boarding house before the 1990s when it became a restaurant. Since the current owners began running the establishment in 2012, the establishment has functioned primarily as a bed and breakfast, and the other buildings were added with time. The building where guests now eat breakfast was originally intended to be a coffee shop and functioned in that capacity for a few years before being used for the purposes of breakfast.

Since purchasing Beachview Bed and Breakfast, the current owners have worked to restore the main house to what it would have looked like in 1915, but with modern-day amenities. They took out the siding and other woodworkings in the house and restored and updated them before putting them back. Recently, new plumbing and electricity were added. The owner said that the house "still has the old house charm," but with modern updates.

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