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Bear Track Inn

Bear Track Inn, owned and operated by Michelle and David Olney, is located in Gustavus, Alaska, near Glacier Bay National Park, one of the biggest draws to the area. The lodge has fourteen guest room accommodations, two being ADA-compliant. All rooms include a private bathroom and two queen beds, except for one of the ADA rooms. "Rustic lodge" is the theme of the rooms, says Michelle. About 97 acres make up the property that the Bear Track Inn is located on. The lodge has various common areas, including decks, a lobby, a dining room, and a rec room that has a ping pong table, and a TV. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available to all patrons who stay at the lodge, and people also have the option to have a to-go lunch. The Bear Track Inn is open seasonally from Memorial Day through Labor Day.


The Bear Track Inn is located in Gustavus, Alaska, and is owned and operated by Michell and David Olney. There is one relatively large lodge on the property with 14 guest rooms available. Michelle says all of the rooms on the property share a "rustic lodge" theme. The rooms are made of log cabin walls with vaulted ceilings and pine paneling; the beds are also made out of pine. Each guest room has two queen beds, except for one room that is ADA-compliant, which has two full beds to accommodate wheelchairs. There is one other ADA-compliant room at the inn, which features extra handrails throughout the vicinity. Amenities provided in each room include a private bathroom with a tub and shower, an armoire, and two nightstands. Depending on the unit, additional amenities are provided, such as views of the surrounding water features, coffee makers, refrigerators, and thicker towels. Out of all units, the ones located on the top floor of the lodge are the most popular among visitors to the property due to the "better view of the area," as mentioned by Michelle. 

Also located inside the building are a lobby, kitchen area, offices, and dining room. Additionally, the staff uses a laundry area in the back of the lodge to provide patrons with laundry services for an additional fee. There are various features in the lodge, namely a ping pong table that is located in the rec room. Also featured in this room are couches, a TV, and a few pieces of exercise equipment. Other common areas are a deck off of the dining room and lobby as well as a porch deck. 

All meals provided by the property are included in a stay at the Bear Track Inn. Such meals entail a full breakfast, lunch, which can either be served at the property or in a box lunch, and dinner. Breakfast typically consists of pastries, an egg dish, fruit, juice, and meat. Lunch varies every day with items such as soups, fish, sandwiches, and burgers, to name a few. The last meal of the day, dinner, can include halibut and salmon caught in the area or caribou. Michelle mentions that they are willing to accommodate those that have dietary restrictions or preferences. All meals are served in the dining room.

The Bear Track Inn is located on 97 acres of "pristine Alaska wilderness," comments the owner. Specific features of the property are volleyball nets, a firepit, and various lawn games such as bocce ball, corn hole, croquet, and badminton. Gardens on the property are utilized to grow their own produce as well. Views from the property are primarily of the surrounding mountains and the Icy Strait.


Activities in the area that guests can participate in when staying at the Bear Track Inn are fishing, whale watching, kayaking, Glacier Bay tours, hot spring tours, and flightseeing. Overall, Michelle, one of the owners, mentioned that Glacier Bay National Park is the biggest draw to the area. There are restaurants in the national park, as well as a couple of cafes and sandwich shops. The ocean is about a half mile away from the lodge, making it what some might consider to be a favorable location for ocean activities.

The Bear Track Inn includes using its partnership with various tour companies to help patrons participate in local activities. "We help our guests customize their experience here," says Michelle. The owners have the goal of having their visitors "feel at home and part of the family." Some ways they try to provide this atmosphere is by welcoming them when they first arrive, interacting with visitors throughout their stay, and providing a happy hour from 5:00 p.m. to dinner time where the owners get to know their guests and socialize with them. They also utilize this time to discuss their visitor's itineraries and how they can get things set up for them. One guest left a review saying, "The owners and staff are truly welcoming and very easily made every guest feel special."

Policies set out by the lodge include no smoking due to the building being a log cabin. Pets are not permitted on the property, with the exception of service dogs. It should also be noted that quiet hours start at 9:00 p.m. All of the rules and policies of the inn are gone over when a patron first checks in at the Bear Track Inn.

Michelle says that the Bear Track Inn is known for "the best food in Gustavus." She also remarks that they receive positive feedback about their accommodations. Another draw to the business is the "lodge itself," says one of the owners. When first constructing the lodge, the original owners used wood that was dying so that they did not have to kill trees in the process, making it a "sustainably built lodge," says Michelle. "The accommodations and staff are top-notch," states a review left by a previous patron of the inn.

Gustavus, Alaska, is a seasonal area, which affects when the Bear Track Inn is open. The business operates from Memorial Day to Labor Day and is relatively busy throughout its season. Those who come to the property have been found to fall into the couple demographic; however, Michelle says they see "multi-generational vacations," meaning they receive patrons that come as grandparents, kids, and grandkids.


The Bear Track Inn has been in business for the past 25 years. Michelle and David Olney are the current owners, taking it over from David's parents. David has been involved in the business since his dad—who was a civil engineer—designed the building and built it for his wife to run until David and his wife took it over. The "entire Onley family has been involved with it [the business]," says Michelle. They have had family come up and work at the business or stay and explore the area. Michelle mentioned that starting a bed and breakfast was always her father-in-law's dream. 

When Michelle and David took over, they made minimal renovations, most of which were mechanical updates. Future plans for the lodge include taking around three to four rooms and making them into king suites. Another new addition to the business is the Bear Track Inn partners with local tour companies for their guests. Since taking over the business with her husband, Michelle remarks that her favorite part of the job is meeting all of the different people they host, talking with them, and "creating friendships with them."

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