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Bearadise Motel LLC

Bearadise Motel is a rustic motel that can be found in Idaho Springs, Colorado, which is less than a half-hour drive to Denver, Colorado. The motel has a total of six rooms available to the public. Bearadise Motel is pet-friendly and charges no additional fees for guests who decide to bring their pets along for the trip. Idaho Springs is a small town that was initially established as a mining town during the Gold Rush, so there are an abundant amount of mines and museums that house objects that came from the time when the mines were open and processing gold and other precious rocks. One place of interest that saw a lot of action when the mines were operating was the Argo Gold Mill and Tunnel. Denver is close enough to Bearadise Motel that guests can travel to the larger city and spend time at places like Denver Zoo or the Broncos Stadium.


Bearadise Motel has 11 rooms that guests can choose from when planning their stay. Each room is uniquely decorated, though they all come equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, coffee pot with complimentary coffee, a hairdryer, and bathroom supplies. The owner mentions that his personal favorite room is room six. Room six stands out from the other rooms because it has an electric fireplace that guests can use if they would like to warm up the room. The property is pet friendly, so any pets that visitors bring with them are allowed into the at no extra charge. For those who are lucky enough to see them, there is a herd of big horn sheep that will often roam the mountains and can sometimes be seen from the yard of the property.

Bearadise Motel is located in Idaho Falls, Colorado, which is known for being one of the first towns to be a big part of the Gold Rush that took place many decades ago. There are a number of mines that can be found, both in the town and on the outskirts of it. One famous mine that is still in operation today is called The Capital Prize Gold Mine, which is also capable of doing tours for interested guests.

Another place of interest with regards to the historical mines in the area is the Argo Mill and Tunnel. The Argo Mill and Tunnel, though it is no longer in operation, is arguably one of the most significant locations in the town. The mill is said to have processed over 100 million dollars of gold ore in their time. Comparing that to the value of gold today means that the Argo Mill and Tunnel processed nearly three trillion dollars in its lifetime. Now, guests are able to take a tour through the mill to see what it was like for the workers and how the gold was processed.

The owner has also recommended several restaurants in the area by name. Among those that were mentioned are Smokin Yard's Barbeque, which serves barbequed meats; Beau Jo's Idaho Springs—which has "good pizzas" according to Bearadise's owner; and Tommyknocker Brewery and Pub, which specializes in beers and ales.

There are other places outside of the town that guests can visit if they want more options for things to do. The state capital, Denver, is not very far from Idaho Springs, so guests have the opportunity of spending time in the much larger city and can visit places like Downtown Aquarium or Denver Zoo. Outside of Idaho Springs, there are a number of opportunities for guests to spend time outdoors and do recreational activities. During the winter months, there are places to ski, snowboard, and snowshoe. During the summer months, which is the busiest time of the year for Bearadise Motel, visitors are able to go biking, hiking, fishing, and even zip-lining.


The owner, whose name is Mark, says that the goal of Bearadise Motel is to create an atmosphere that is a refreshing experience for their visitors. The motel does its best to maintain a clean environment and give its guests the opportunity to relax in a rustic and mountainous setting. One thing that the owner mentions is that there is no "typical demographic" of guests that visit. They see a wide range of visitors, ranging from adventurous groups looking for a good time in the outdoors to people that are more interested in learning about the history of the area and seeing the mines. Mark explains that one thing they do to encourage a better experience for their guests is to allow their pets to come with no extra charge.

Due to the smaller size of the town and the fact that it is surrounded by a number of mountains, most of the activities available for guests to take part in are recreational. Hiking, biking, and fishing are some of the more popular activities for both the locals and visitors. Also, most of the restaurants and other establishments in town are within walking distance from the motel.

Previous guests who have stayed at Bearadise Motel in the past have left a number of reviews regarding the establishment. One review reads, "Very comfortable accommodations in a super cute little town. You can park right in front of your room, they are very pet friendly, and you are within walking distance of everything you need. Owners and staff are very friendly, and rooms are clean."

The surrounding area is heavily known as a mining town, as there are an abundant amount of mines, some of which have been around for over a century. History is one of the more important things to the town of Idaho Springs. There are several museums and parks that are based on some of the historical locations and people that made a more significant impact on the city, like Charlie Tayler Water Wheel and Macy/Ruth Mill Park. Another interesting place that can be found in the area is the Indian Hotsprings, which is an indoor hot spring that is decorated with tropical plants and flowers, and its pools are filled with heated mineral water.


The Bearadise Motel first opened its doors to the public about five years ago, back in 2016. Over those five years, there has been some remodeling and renovations done to improve the building and the rooms and add amenities to make guests feel more comfortable while they are staying at the motel. Though Bearadise Motel has only been open for a few years, the building itself has been around for around 72 years. The building that makes up the motel was erected in 1949, though the owner explains that he isn't entirely sure as to what the building was used for when the construction was complete, just that it has been a place for visitors to sleep dating back to around the 1980s.

The rest of the town has been around for a long time as well. Idaho Springs has been a mining town since it was first established. One doesn't have to go far to find roads, buildings, and other artifacts that date back to the early 1900s and even the late 1800s. The Idaho Springs Heritage Museum also has a wide variety of tools, trinkets, and other objects that are preserved from the times when the Gold Rush was taking place, as well as times before that. The city also has a number of parks and trails that guests can use, such as Charlie Taylor Water Wheel and Courtney-Ryley-Cooper Park.

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United States


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4.5/5 110 Reviews
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