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Bitterroot River Ranch Bed & Breakfast
Bitterroot River Ranch Bed & Breakfast

Bitterroot River Ranch Bed & Breakfast

Dorothy and Lynn Eppich are the owners of Bitterroot River Ranch Bed and Breakfast. The home was built for the Eppichs in 2008, with it acting as their vacation home. Later in 2014, the home became the permanent place of residence for the owners, and later that year, they entered the bed and breakfast industry. In the home, there are three reservable rooms which are the Chalet Room, Safari Room, and Cowboy Room. Guests at Bitterroot River Ranch Bed and Breakfast are provided a complimentary breakfast located in the home's dining room. Dorothy and Lynn strive to live by the saying, “arrive as strangers, leave as friends,” as they host and interact with their visitors. Dorothy and Lynn enjoy interacting with the guests and hearing their stories. Located in Darby, Montana, patrons can participate in different activities in the surrounding areas.


Bitterroot River Ranch Bed and Breakfast sits in bitterroot valley in Darby, Montana. Contained all in one house, guests can choose between three unique rooms. Each of the rooms has its own theme and name to accompany it. The names of the rooms are the Chalet, Safari, and Cowboy Room.

The Chalet Room is the largest room in the house, and according to the official website of Bitterroot River Ranch Bed and Breakfast, the room has a max capacity of four people. Two beds are located in the room—with one being king-sized while the other is queen-sized. More differentiating features are that the bathroom has the tub and shower separated from each other. Additionally, the room has its own television. Much of the theme of the Safari Room, according to the official website of the establishment, is derived from an “African Safari.” The size of the bed in this room is a queen, and the room has a private bathroom. The last room in the home is the Cowboy Room, with much of its decorations being themed after western cowboys. This room may be more difficult than the other rooms to reserve due to its popularity.

Additional amenities are available to any patron staying in Bitterroot River Ranch Bed and Breakfast. Free wifi is available for all guests to access. Additionally, many common rooms are available for visitors to use.

According to one of the owners of the Bitterroot River Ranch Bed and Breakfast, Dorothy, breakfast is country-style. The owners serve breakfast to guests in the home’s dining room. Patrons may notice that breakfast is not the same from day to day but will change as the owners see fit. Visitors may find that breakfast may contain pancakes and or waffles, as well as other foods. Breakfast times are decided by the owners and are intended to suit the needs of all of the current guests. Additionally, the owners seek to be accommodating to the dietary needs of those who stay at the property. This process is supported by the fact that the owners send out an email three weeks in advance that asks future visitors to report their dietary needs, dislikes and restrictions.

The Bitterroot River Ranch Bed and Breakfast is located on a property that is comprised of around 70 acres. Some of the owners' land is utilized for farming, including a horse and mule corral, which guests are allowed to visit to pet the horses and mules. Around the perimeter of the property, near the fence, they have a track that guests may use as a walking path, which is backdropped by the nearby mountain scenery.


The owners of the Bitterroot River Ranch Bed and Breakfast, Dorothy and Lynn Eppich, have a saying, “arrive as strangers, leave as friends.” According to the owners, they strive to live by this goal by getting to know each of their current guests. They understand that each of their patrons may have different wants and desires towards being social with them, and they seek to accommodate those needs. Previous guests of the house have said that “The hosts are warm and friendly and offer numerous suggestions of things to do and see. The property is gorgeous and luxurious, and the breakfasts are great! The cook is amazing and always has alot of delicious food.” Another past patron added that “Bitterroot River Ranch Bed and Breakfast was absolutely wonderful! From the warm greeting to amazing breakfasts and scenery around the ranch. We had a great time visiting the surrounding areas and towns.”

Bitterroot River Ranch Bed and Breakfast is open year-round, with many of the guests coming during the summer months. Visitors may come to experience the hiking of the nearby mountains and/or go fishing in the nearby Bitterroot River. Additionally, it is said that parts of the TV series Yellowstone were filmed in areas near Darby. If someone chooses to come to the property in the wintertime, they are able to participate in skiing at the Lost Trails Ski Area.

The owners of Bitterroot River Ranch Bed and Breakfast have policies that they would like guests to know about before coming to stay at their home. They allow children twelve years and older to stay at their house. They do not allow guests to bring pets. Additionally, the home has a two-night minimum stay for any visitor to reserve a room in their house.


Bitterroot River Ranch Bed and Breakfast was built in 2008, with the home being the vacation property of Dorothy and Lynn Eppich. They were introduced to the idea of opening a bed and breakfast by one of their friends. Later after staying at one themselves, they officially decided to become a part of the industry. Their vacation home was built with the idea that it would later become a bed and breakfast. Dorothy and Lynn later moved down from Washington permanently in 2014, with the home joining the hospitality industry later that same year.

Lynn and Dorothy have enjoyed being the owners of a bed and breakfast. Some of the things that find enjoyable are getting to know their guests and interacting with them. They specifically enjoy hearing the stories their visitors share with them.

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Darby, Montana 59829
United States


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Lynn & Dorothy Eppich

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