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Blessings on State Bed and Breakfast
Blessings on State Bed and Breakfast

Blessings on State Bed and Breakfast

Blessings on State Bed and Breakfast offers two suites for visitors to rent. The building itself is characterized by chandeliers, fireplaces, and other classically designed items that add to the vintage style of the bed and breakfast. Initially built in the 1880s, several features of the establishment are original to the era when it was first constructed. Glenn and Gwenn, the current owners, have put forth the effort to maintain the style, making very few renovations to add modern amenities, while still keeping its vintage appearance. Visitors have access to the common areas of the property throughout their stay including the parlor, gazebo, garden area, and front porch, to name a few. Breakfast is available to all patrons during their time at the establishment. Waffles, egg dishes, fruit, muffins, and a type of breakfast meat are a few items that guests may be served. 


Located in the west-central region of Illinois, Blessings on State Bed and Breakfast occupies an expanse of nearly 1.5 acres. Two suites are offered in the two-story building, each of which includes three rooms: a bedroom, bathroom, and sitting room. "Vintage mansion" and "casually elegant" is how Gwenn, the owner, describes the bed and breakfast, styles that are evident in the chandeliers, fireplaces, and furniture that decorate every suite. She explains that she considers the architecture to be fancy, while the bed and breakfast itself is still comfortable and inviting in its amenities. Wi-Fi, a smart TV with a DVD player, plush robes, and Turkish towels are a few amenities that are provided at the bed and breakfast. One particularly unique aspect of the establishment is that it offers a family suite.

The front parlor features a baby grand piano for guest use. Sometimes guests come specifically for the opportunity to play the piano. Other common areas of the bed and breakfast include the front wrap-around porch and the lawn and garden areas. A gazebo is situated on the back lawn, and park benches can be found in the garden areas, serving as a sitting area for patrons. Many guests consider the front porch to be one of the best places to lounge on the property. A coffee bar with tea and other hot beverages is provided in the upper foyer, which is another place where visitors may frequent. Snacks are also available in the upper foyer. For those who are hoping to relax during their stay, the owners can schedule a certified massage therapist to come in and give an en suite massage.

A multi-course breakfast is provided at the establishment. For the first course, a muffin, pastry, or cinnamon roll may be served. The second course is the fruit course. The main course consists of an egg dish, breakfast meat, and a vegetable of some sort. As for dessert, a mini cheesecake, a brownie with whipped cream, and other similar baked goods may be offered to guests. Typically, Gwenn cooks breakfast. Her husband, Glenn, and other team members are the "backup chefs," as Gwenn calls them. For patrons who have dietary restrictions or food allergies of any sort, the team can accommodate such needs. During the reservation process, visitors are asked about food allergies, and other food preferences, which can also be accommodated. Gwenn explains that she does not want anyone to feel "different" because of their food preferences or dietary restrictions. She tries to make everyone's meal appear similar despite the differences such as vegetarian or gluten-free options. Furthermore, guests are given the option to choose the time at which breakfast is to be served, in addition to having the option of where it is to be served. The gazebo or dining room are the more typical options that visitors request for their meals to be served. Guests are invited to eat together, or Gwenn arranges for them to eat their breakfast privately at a separate time from other visitors. Gwenn also offers the Suite Retreat breakfast package which offers pastries and juice that can be delivered to the door of the guest suite. 


Gwenn and Glenn, the owners of the bed and breakfast, have the goal in mind to help their guests feel "like they're staying with their favorite relatives or friends." Gwenn tries to be diligent with her goal to provide her guests with "the best" of everything, whether it's through the hospitality that they offer or the amenities that they provide. As an innkeeper, she enjoys interacting with her guests and getting to know them. She comments on how she enjoys interacting with patrons and getting to know people. "Make them feel like family but treat them like royalty so that they will want to come back," she remarks. From Gwenn's perspective, one particular principle that she and her innkeeping team try to live by is to "try our best to anticipate our guests' needs before they anticipate their needs." One guest who had previously stayed at the establishment said, "We checked into the bed and breakfast and were greeted warmly, shown around the beautiful home, and given information about a walking tour of historical homes that we could do on our own if we wanted. They asked if we wanted milk and cookies in the evening, and who would turn that down? They were delicious."

Blessings on State Bed and Breakfast guests are asked to follow a few policies during their stay. The quiet time, which lasts from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM, is one such policy. Smoking is not permitted on the premises, and finally, guest pets are not allowed to stay at the establishment, with the exception of service animals.

The bed and breakfast is open year-round, with the busiest season typically occurring during the summer months. Gwenn also mentions that their Christmas decorations in December tend to draw several visitors to the property. The majority of guests discover the establishment through Google, as well as the various listing services, and social media. 

Many guests come to Jacksonville to learn more about the history of the region. Some of the attractions that Gwenn directs guests to are the Jacksonville Area Museum, the Governor Duncan Mansion, and the Woodlawn Farm underground railroad site. The downtown Main Street area may appeal to those who are interested in shopping at small businesses, dining, and taking in a movie. For those who are searching for places to eat in the general area, Gwenn recommends the Kitchen at K's Creek, Proud Richards, and The Little Stove. Tourists may come to visit Lake Jacksonville or Mauvaise Terre Lake for boating and fishing. Gwenn notes that there are at least three golf courses in close proximity to the business. Additionally, Jacksonville attracts a number of bicyclists who enjoy biking through historic neighborhoods into the surrounding countryside.


Constructed in the 1880s, Blessings on State Bed and Breakfast was built by a family that came from the South. The home was built for the family's widowed daughter to live in. The town in which Blessings on State Bed and Breakfast is located contains a considerable amount of history in and of itself. Gwenn, the current owner, explains that higher education had been a major emphasis in the general area. Another point of interest regarding the town's historical significance is that, according to Gwenn, nearly 30 different architectural styles are featured throughout the town. 

The fireplaces and chandeliers inside the rooms of the bed and breakfast are designed to retain the traditional style of the home. Gwenn and Glenn have put forth the effort to keep the bed and breakfast "true to the era" in which it was built. Many of its features are original to the time it was first built; however, a number of renovations were done for the purpose of adding modern comfort and conveniences for those who stay at the property. Much of the landscaping was done under the management of the current owners including the added gardens, swings, gazebo, and other outdoor features.

Blessings on State Bed and Breakfast first opened its doors to the public in 2008. Previous to owning the property, Gwenn had a binder with pages full of ideas for guest room themes and names, as she had taken an early interest in the innkeeping industry. It was her dream for over 25 years, ever since she had her honeymoon in Canada, to someday own a bed and breakfast. When she became more serious about the matter, she began taking classes through the hotel school at Cornell where she earned her master's certificate in hospitality management. Owning Blessings on State Bed and Breakfast has been Gwenn and Glenn's first venture in the hospitality industry. Regarding future plans, the couple has the goal to keep up with the constant standard maintenance that is required to preserve the vintage mansion. Beyond this, Gwenn intends to "continue to provide exceptional service" to their guests, and she mentions that she and team strive to "always be looking for a new way to step it up a notch."

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