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Bliss Point Farm

Bliss Point Farm is a bed and breakfast owned by Sarah Lanzman. The bed and breakfast is located in Dyke, Virginia, and is near the mountains. It is a two-story building that was once used for many other offices, such as a dentist's office and an insurance office. A total of 3 rooms are provided for guests to use as they stay at the property, each one having a private and tiled bathroom that comes with them. Breakfasts are available at the property, but at an extra cost. The area surrounding the property contains various trees and a few other buildings, yet has been traditionally described as quiet and secluded.


Bliss Point Farm is a relatively small property located in Dyke, Virginia. The building is two stories high, housing all of its guests in the rooms that are on the top floor. There are three rooms on the upper floor that guests can choose from to stay in; the Garden Room, the Blue Heaven Room, and the Peaches and Cream Room. These rooms each have separate coffee makers and a private bathroom with tiled floors available for use, all of which are upstairs with their relative rooms. The Blue Heaven Room is the only room that has a king-size bed and black-out curtains. The other two rooms have queen-sized beds. Each room also has air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and provided linens. There is an upstairs balcony that is available for guests to relax on if they so choose and a large hallway that has some couches that guests are able to sit at if they would like to.

The bottom floor of the bed and breakfast consists of a couple of larger rooms for guests to relax in. One of these rooms is the living room, which is relatively spacious due to its past history as a town store. There is also a dining area for visitors to eat at for their meals and a full-size kitchen that is fully kitted with a refrigerator, a microwave, a cappuccino machine, and silverware. Sarah Lanzman is a certified chef and takes special care to have a well-functioning and up-to-date kitchen. Guests are able to bring simple foods to store in the refrigerator, and that can be heated up in the microwave, but otherwise, the kitchen is used mostly by staff who serve the visitors that come to the property.

The building of the Bliss Point Farm Bed and Breakfast has a front entrance and a stairway entrance in the back for its guests. Each room has a separate lock, with the hope that guests can feel more secure about their living area. There is a balcony out in the front of the property with furniture on it so that guests can spend some time on the porch and take in the outdoors. Many guests have chosen to do this in the past because of the views that are available to them outside of the property's building.


Bliss Point Farm is in the Blue Ridge mountain range. The property is surrounded by trees and grass. In the early mornings, there is often a morning dew on the grass and some occasional fog. Because of its location, many of the guests visit the area because of views that appear during the fall when the leaves are changing colors. Sarah Lanzman, one of the owners of the property, says that the leaves are "beautiful during the fall."

Another reason why people have chosen to visit and stay at the Bliss Point Farm is due to its close proximity to many different hikes. As the bed and breakfast is located in the mountains, there are many places where guests can go in order to spend some time hiking in nature. Reportedly, many of these hikes are just a short drive away from the property. Another possibility that comes from the location of the property is that it offers peace and quiet to guests who may have busy or crowded lives. Those who go to Bliss Point Farm can find that there are very few houses nearby and not many busy streets.

Often, there are more couples than families who choose to stay at this property, but families and children are welcome and invited to stay at the bed and breakfast. The rooms can fit a small family in each one, and there is a playground on the property. The business is open every month of the year and is most busy during the months of May through October. Sarah Lanzman again attributes this to the changing color of leaves and because of the ideal locations for weddings during those times of the year.

Breakfast is offered at an additional cost to the guests who choose to stay at Bliss Point Farm. Sarah has menus on the property's website of the different types of breakfast that she offers. She was a chef in the past and still enjoys cooking and provide those unique meals to her guests. Besides their breakfast, there are many places to eat in the surrounding area that Sarah recommends to her guests. In the city of Charlottesville specifically, which is about a thirty-minute drive away from the property, Sarah recommends Quality Pie, Tavola, Bonefish Grill, and Christian's Pizza. All of these places to eat have ratings above four stars and, according to Sarah, are worth visiting. If guests are in the mood for something different, there is also an abundance of wineries around the area that guests in the past have enjoyed extensively.


The building now known as the Bliss Point Farm was built in the year 1891. In the past, it was an old country store and a town/village center. The downstairs area was utilized mainly for that store, while the upstairs was used for the purposes of other offices, such as a dentist's office and an insurance office. When Sarah found this property, she says that it was "literally falling apart" due to its age. The property was bought by Sarah in the year 2010, but because of its poor condition, there has been much work and renovation done to the building, making them unable to open it for business until 2017. There are plans to expand the building itself in order to add a couple more rooms for guests to stay in. Sarah also plans to eventually add an event center to the property for those who are looking for a place to hold their various types of activities while on vacation.

In the past, Sarah and her husband ran a catering business that was successful for eighteen years. She was a chef that many people knew and would recommend to others because of the "unique and delightful dishes" she would make. They had a friend who owned a bed and breakfast who eventually helped them to make their decision in buying the property that is now the Bliss Point Farm.

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