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Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast

Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast

Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast is located in Homosassa, Florida, which is found on the western edge of the state. The company is open year-round and offers eight units, seven of which are suites, while the remainder is an apartment. Five of the seven rooms and the apartment are found in the main building, and the other two suites are located in a separate building by the docks. There are two docks on the grounds, namely a fishing dock and boat dock with two spaces for visitors to bring their own boats, which are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Cindy, the owner, would like her guests to feel relaxed at the bed and breakfast. There are policies including no smoking, no pets, and only patrons that are 26 and older are able to stay at the inn. The business is capable of hosting events, with the maximum number of attendees being 50.


The business has a total of eight units that guests can reserve. Five bedrooms are found on the upstairs floor, an apartment room is on the first floor, and a separate building is located nearby, which offers two additional suites. The suites in the main building are uniquely stylized. A few amenities that are supplied in the rooms are toiletries, complimentary drinks, and a fan. Each unit has a private bathroom and access to a wraparound deck on the outside of the building. The apartment and separate building offer living spaces that are fully furnished as well, and they also provide easier access to the boat dock. It should be noted that the apartment has its own living room with a television. The owner mentions that one room that tends to be reserved more often than the others is the French Room because it has a king-sized bed instead of a queen-sized bed, and it is one of two suites with a Jacuzzi tub.

Breakfast is available free of charge for guests of the establishment every morning. In the past, the owners have served dishes such as omelets, quiches, baked goods, and pancakes. Coffee and tea are typically served alongside breakfast. The business can also accommodate specific dietary restrictions and food allergies, including vegetarian and gluten-free diets. Breakfast is usually made between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

There are several common areas that visitors can use throughout their stay. Outside, one can find a fire pit near the main building. The owner also mentions that she has an "English-style" garden with seating. She remarks, "guests can have lunch in the garden if they want." The boat dock has space for two boats, which are offered on a first-come, first-served basis to those that want to bring their own watercraft. Additionally, a separate fishing dock allows visitors to fish in the bay, away from where the boats are tethered. One can also find a swimming pool on the grounds. The owner explains that a variety of wildlife can be seen in the vicinity, saying, "We have seen many ospreys, bald eagles, and other animals."

Homosassa is golf cart-approved, meaning they have designated paths where people can drive their golf carts across the city. Several nearby companies allow patrons to rent them for a period of time. Attractions that can be found in relatively close proximity to the property range from outdoor parks to music venues. The canal that runs through the city has many varieties of fish, and according to the owner, occupants can "sometimes see manatees, dolphins, and white dolphins." Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park showcases many different wildlife species that are usually found in Florida, including animals like flamingos and manatees. There are a variety of art studios that can teach many different kinds of art. One such location is Pepper Creek Pottery, which can teach people how to make pottery as well as stained glass. The owner also enjoys telling visitors about restaurants that are located in the area. She mentions that a few of her favorite eateries are Marguerita Grill, Florida Cracker Monkey Bar, Seagrass Waterfront, and KC Crump on the River.


The owner of the business, whose name is Cindy, would like her guests to feel "peaceful and relaxed" during their stay at Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast. Cindy remarks that she interacts with patrons frequently, though if they would rather keep to themselves, she will try not to bother them. To help occupants feel comfortable at the inn, she enforces a quiet time policy to keep the noise to a minimum in the evenings. On the weekends, typically Friday and Saturday afternoons, the property occasionally hosts a wine and cheese hour, where they provide visitors with wine and cheese in the living room of the main building.

Cindy mentions that the business is capable of hosting events. In the past, there have been celebrations such as weddings and family reunions. She explains that the company also hosts other activities, such as an art walk, wine tasting, and live music. Due to the property's size, the establishment can only host a maximum of 50 people per event.

There are several policies that visitors should be aware of when they are making reservations at the business. Smoking is prohibited in buildings and on the grounds. The bed and breakfast cannot make any accommodations for pets. Furthermore, people under the age of 25 are not allowed to stay at the inn. However, if people are there for an event such as a wedding or family reunion, she may make an exception for those attending the event, but they are not allowed to stay overnight.

Many guests have stayed at Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast, and some have left reviews of their experiences in Homosassa. One person wrote, "A unique, beautiful bed and breakfast with private access to water. The wooden interior structure has all you need for a nice comfortable vacation, Ol' Florida style. There is great fishing, springs, and nature if that's what you are looking for." Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast is open year-round, and the busiest season tends to be during June, July, and August, which is scalloping season in the area.


The current Blue Moon Bed and Breakfast owner, Cindy, has owned the business for about 23 years. The previous owners built the main building and used it as a residential home. While she was not the house's original owner, she was responsible for converting it into a bed and breakfast. Cindy explains that she was led into the industry because she previously stayed at bed and breakfasts and enjoyed her time at many different places. After some time, she decided to open her own bed and breakfast. Cindy helped run the property with Jim, her brother, and Laura, his wife, though she obtained total ownership of the company about nine years ago. Currently, Cindy and her husband operate the business together. Two of her favorite aspects of running the bed and breakfast are "meeting all of the people and being in nature."

Since purchasing the establishment, they have made a few changes, including many different updates and renovations. Cindy explains that she, her husband, Jim, and Laura added the outdoor swimming pool and the gardens. They also renovated the docks and a few of the rooms in the main home. She mentions that most of the changes that were made to the property entailed "updating and modernizing some of the things that were already there." In the future, the owner plans on providing bicycles to visitors who would like to use them to travel around the town. Another project they plan to implement is adding a café in the downstairs area. Due to the number of acres they have, Cindy mentions that they may add individual guest houses in the more wooded areas of their land "to provide a more rustic experience."

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