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Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast

Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast

Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast is a place of lodging that has five available living arrangements split amongst the two three-story buildings. The property can be found in between the two cities of Missoula and Lolo, Montana, and is located at the base of Blue Mountain, which is where it received its name. The rooms in the Hawk Hill House are marked as pet-friendly, so guests are able to bring their pets with them on their trip if they would like. There is a national forest nearby and a large number of hiking trails that can be found in the vicinity. There are many outdoor activities available to take part in, both on the property and in the area surrounding it.


Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast consists of two buildings, the older of the two being the main house, which is the Lewis and Clark Lodge, which has the Bitterroot Room and Sagebrush Suite. The second building, which is also the newest of the two, is called Hawk Hill House, which has Rose Room, Syringa Suite, and Ponderosa Room. Each room is uniquely decorated, though the units in Lewis and Clark Lodge are often described as having a western or cabin-like flare, while the units of Hawk Hill House are described as more modern contemporary, according to the owner. The owner also mentions that they are decorated to represent a specific culture or history of the vicinity.

Regardless of which room a guest decides to reserve for their stay, each unit comes with a microwave, mini-fridge, a television with a DVD player, and a private bathroom with a jetted tub and shower, though the size of the tub may vary. They each have a nightstand, chairs, and either a king-sized bed or a queen-sized bed.

In the Lewis and Clark Lodge, the third and uppermost floor is open to all of the guests staying at Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast. The third floor is a common area equipped with a pool table, couches, and a half bathroom. Guests are free to use this space whenever they would like. Inside the main building, one can find a living room on the lower floor and a small library upstairs. The Lewis and Clark Lodge building, in particular, has a number of outdoor areas such as porches and decks that guests are able to use at their leisure.
Breakfast is held in the main building on the first floor and is available to everyone that has a reservation with the business. For breakfast, the owner makes a new dish every day to help ensure that guests aren't eating the same thing every morning. In the past, there have been dishes like German Puff Pancakes with blueberries and huckleberries, scrambled eggs, bacon, eggs benedict, French toast, chicken and pineapple sausage, and more. Accommodations can be made for people that have food allergies or for those who are on special diets such as gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and others. Breakfast is served every half hour, beginning at 7:30 AM and until 9:00 AM.

Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast has a number of places for eating and entertainment within the area. Traveler's Rest State Park is found south of the property and gives guests another place to find hiking trails and learn history about the land. Downtown has a variety of stores, shops, and small eateries that guests can visit. There is also a park called Caras Park that has a carousel and hosts a number of cultural events throughout the year along the river's edge. Brady, the owner of Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast, also likes to recommend a number of places to eat. One location that he likes to tell guests about is called The Lolo Creek Steakhouse. The steakhouse serves many cooked foods, meat, mashed potatoes, and more. Lolo Peak Brewery is another place he likes to recommend, explaining that they serve a variety of beers as well as grilled goods. Finally, he likes to tell his visitors about Second Set Bistro. Second Set Bistro is a café that serves salads and sweet treats. All of the aforementioned locations are found in the nearby cities of Lolo or Missoula.


The goal for the property is to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and relaxing to its visitors. They want to maintain a good standard and attain a good quality for everyone that stays with them. Brady, the owner, explains that he wants them to feel well-rested and recharged to finish their vacation or travels. He is happy to talk to his guests about the local area and share his insight on some of the best hiking trails, places to go, and restaurants to eat at. Brady tries his best to be there for people, but he also understands when people want some privacy, so he interacts with his guests as often as they would like.

Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast is able to host various types of events on the grounds. The property has hosted a number of weddings in the past. They are also able to have business meetings and often have Native American speakers come to the property and speak about the history of their people and the area in which they live.

The business has received a number of reviews from past patrons who recently stayed at the bed and breakfast. One guest that previously stayed at the establishment writes, "Brady was an amazing host. We stayed in the Bitterroot room, and the views were amazing. The breakfasts were delicious and very filling. It's about a 25 minute drive from downtown Missoula, and you need to drive up a mountain to get here, but it's worth the hike."

There is a no smoking policy that is enforced indoors, though guests are able to do it outside if they would like. The bed and breakfast does allow pets, but only in specific rooms. The common room has a note left for guests that tells them to keep the noise levels to a minimum when using the pool table, but as long as guests are respectful about keeping the noise low, the owner sees no problem in letting patrons be up during the later hours of the night.

The property is often referred to as "casual elegance." It has been referred to in this way because of its relatively close distance to mountains and the nature on them. The establishment is open year-round, and the best season of operation tends to be May through October. The demographic of guests that come to the bed and breakfast tends to be broad, ranging from younger couples to older couples. A number of the visitors that stay at Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast often come to the area for relatives at the college, but they also visit for the wide assortment of outdoor activities.


The Blue Mountain Bed and Breakfast has been in business since 2005, making the property about 16 years old. The main building, The Lewis and Clark Lodge, was built about 26 years ago and was initially a home for the owner's family. The current owner of the property, whose name is Brady, is also the original owner of the property and has lived on the grounds ever since construction on The Lewis and Clark Lodge was completed.

Brady explains that he entered the industry when he and his wife decided they had "too much house." He tells of how they had so much room that they didn't know what to do with it all. Then he had the idea to turn it into a place of lodging for other people as well and entered the bed and breakfast industry. Brady and his family had been living in the house by themselves for about eight years before they turned it into a bed and breakfast location.

The family has made a number of changes to the main building since they decided to turn their house into a place of lodging. The rooms that became guestrooms have had private bathrooms added to them. The ponds and garden were added not long ago, and a large portion of the decks were added shortly after. The separate lodge building, the Hawk Hill House, was added to the establishment later, and the common room with the pool table was a more recent addition as well. Future plans for the property include possibly converting the small library in the upstairs room into another guestroom. Besides the changes and renovations that have been made over the years, there are a number of decorations that are historical and have sentimental value with the family. One such item is a grand piano that came from Chicago in the 1880s by a covered wagon. There are other family heirlooms throughout the premises that date back to when their family immigrated from Sweden and Norway. 

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