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Blushing Rose Bed and Breakfast

Blushing Rose Bed and Breakfast

Blushing Rose Bed and Breakfast is located in Hammondsport, New York, which is a village situated at the south end of Keuka Lake. Keuka Lake is one of the Finger Lakes of New York, referring to the eleven long and narrow lakes that run through the state of New York. The city of Hammondsport houses an abundant amount of wineries and distilleries, which makes wine tasting a more common activity to do for visitors. The house was built in 1843, making it over 175 years old. Due to the location of The Blushing Rose Bed and Breakfast, it doesn't take long for guests to reach the downtown square of Hammondsport, as it is within walking distance.


In the village of Hammondsport, New York, situated near the village's library, Blushing Rose Bed and Breakfast is located on a third-of-an-acre. The building is an 1843 historic Italianate-styled home, with two-levels containing four guestrooms, a parlor, and a dining room. Each of the rooms comes with either a queen or king-sized bed. A full breakfast, including items such as eggs benedict and German pancakes, are served daily for the patrons, with special accommodations for guests with specific food allergies.

The property includes a front porch with Adirondack chairs, allowing guests to sit at their own leisure on the porch. A view of the Keuka Lake can be seen from the front space, with the property serving as the "midpoint" between the Hammondsport Village Square and Keuka Lake. A small refrigerator is located on the premise for the patrons to collectively use, allowing for guest food storage. Private bathrooms are attached to each of the four rooms, as well as free WiFi that is supplied throughout the property. Air conditioning, hairdryer, ironing boards, and irons are also served in each of the patrons' rooms.

The Blushing Rose Inn Bed and Breakfast is listed as being "walking distance" from Hammondsport's downtown square. Blushing Rose Bed and Breakfast provides free on-site parking for their guests, allowing them to walk to the popular in-village locations. Attractions include various museums such as the Curtiss Museum, which showcases dozens of old planes, fighter jets, and more. The Museum is dedicated to Glenn Curtiss, a pioneer aviator who was born in the village of Hammondsport.

Niagara Falls is located two and a half hours away from the bed and breakfast and is seen as one of the "main tourist attractions" when staying at the Blushing Rose Bed and Breakfast. Niagara Falls is a State Park that is known for its three waterfalls that outline the state of New York and the Canadian border. Other activities include breweries, cideries, and distilleries in the area, each providing crafted drinks for consumers to taste test and buy.


The culture at Blushing Rose Bed and Breakfast is described as being "warm and cozy, like being at home" by Tami Reinhart, a part-owner of the property. Guests who have stayed at the property mention the cleanliness in their reviews, stating, "our rooms were spotless and well-kept!" The property's location is also mentioned in other reviews from the patrons who stay at the Blushing Rose Bed and Breakfast, referring to it as "an ideal location that is within walking distance of Keuka Lake." Tami Reinhart, a part-owner of the property, is reviewed as a "quality cook and hostess who accommodates your every need." Hammondsport, the village Blushing Rose Bed and Breakfast resides in, is stated as being "a great community."

The village was listed as the "Coolest Small Town in America" in 2012 and is situated in the south end of Keuka Lake, at the hills of New York's Finger Lakes Region. Restaurants and shops in the Hammondsport Downtown Square offer guests opportunities to dine and shop during their stay. One restaurant, in particular, the Park Inn, is a local favorite that serves items such as chicken and biscuits, shrimp and grits, and other various courses.

With several breweries, cideries, and distilleries in the surrounding area, taste testing is a popular attraction. Local brewery companies include Finger Lakes Beer Company, The Brewery of Broken Dreams, Keuka Brewing Co., and many more. Wine is largely known in Hammondsport as well, with the city often being referred to as "the center of New York's wine industry." The Pleasant Valley Wine Company, founded in 1860, was designated U.S. Bonded Winery No. 1 and has eight of its stone buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Blushing Red Rose Bed and Breakfast was built in 1843, where it served as a residential piece. It was structured to be an Italianate piece with a mix of Greek revival. J.W. Keeler, a grape grower, purchased the property from the original owner J.M. Kellog in 1918. The property served as residential for three generations, going remodeling during that time period of time.

The Flavey family then purchased it in 1977, where it was residentially owned until 1989 when purchased by Bucky and Ellen Laufersweiler, who turned the property into an inn. Originally called the "Laufersweiler Inn," the property was soon changed to "Blushing Rose" due to the hard-to-pronounce Laufersweiler. In 2001, the property was purchased by Patty and Dick Leonberger, who ran the bed and breakfast until it was purchased in 2013 by Marianne and Sam Chalk. The current owners, Tami and Scott Reinhart, purchased the property in March of 2016, having always wanted to own a bed and breakfast upon their retirement. The Reinharts have ran and operated the property over the last four years.

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11 William St - PO Box 153
Hammondsport, New York 14840
United States


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Tami & Scott Reinhart

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