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Boardman House Bed and Breakfast

Boardman House Bed and Breakfast

The Boardman House Bed and Breakfast is located in Townshend, Vermont, and has a total of five rooms available for guest reservation. Each of these rooms features amenities such as private bathrooms, tables, chairs, and either a twin or queen-size bed, depending on the room. The house’s architecture is described by Sarah, one of the owners of the property, as being a “Greek revival” style. One will find that the property is also situated next to the Townshend Church, which Sarah says is the “most photographed church in Vermont.” Sarah says she wants her guests to feel comfortable during their stay, striving to create a quiet environment for them in the house. While some small events take place throughout the year, the main draw for many people to the region occurs each fall when the region’s trees change color. Another activity that many visitors may engage in during the winter season is skiing at some of the resorts near the bed and breakfast.


Situated on the village green in Townshend, Vermont, is the Boardman House Bed and Breakfast. The building is next to Townshend Church, the “most photographed church in Vermont,” according to one of the bed and breakfast’s owners, Sarah. She describes the property as a “Greek revival” style, with each guest room modeling traditional Shaker-style. There are five rooms in total, with every room providing slightly different amenities. Some common features found in all of the rooms include a private bathroom, tables, chairs, and either a twin or a queen size bed. There is one room located on the first floor of the building, with the remaining four rooms on the second floor. Additionally, none of the guest rooms contain a TV, with the exception of one that is provided in the living room should guests desire to use it.

There are two common areas that patrons have access to aside from their rooms during their stay. The first is the aforementioned living room, which has a TV, couch, more chairs, and a library with a number of books that guests are welcome to read. The other room that visitors have access to is the dining room, which has the ability to seat up to ten people. Each morning, breakfast is served in the dining room at whatever time the guests request, as the exact time is decided between Sarah and those staying at the inn upon arrival. Dishes served at breakfast are “more than a bowl of cereal,” says Sarah, and they include puff pancakes, homemade muffins, and quiches. Upon arrival, guests are asked if they need any accommodations made for breakfast, such as food allergies and intolerances.

Throughout the year, there are multiple events that take place, which bring many visitors to the region. Most notably, when the surrounding foliage changes color in the fall, many people travel to the area to take pictures and observe the phenomenon. Others visit Vermont during the winter months to ski. Events hosted in Townshend and other towns in the region, such as the Heritage Festival, which features a number of local artisans and their various products, are a large draw throughout the year. In addition to the Heritage Festival, many smaller craft festivals occur in the surrounding towns that guests can attend to receive a similar experience. There are also some people that Sarah says have traveled to Townshend to take a break from being in large cities such as New York City, describing a vacation to Vermont as being “lowkey.”


Many of the guests who stay at the Boardman House Bed and Breakfast appreciate the more quiet atmosphere that Sarah, one of the owners of the bed and breakfast, tries to emulate. She mentions that she strives to provide visitors with a comfortable experience as most of her patrons are between the ages of 35 and 70 and are there to find “quiet time.” When people staying at the bed and breakfast ask for suggestions on things to do or places to visit, Sarah and her husband Paul can provide their recommendations. “I’d say we’re experts on Southern Vermont,” Sarah quips regarding their knowledge of the region.

In order to create the comfortable and quiet atmosphere that Sarah strives to provide at the bed and breakfast, there are some policies that the inn asks its guests to abide by during their stay. One such rule is that pets are prohibited from staying with patrons on the property. Children are allowed to stay with guests, except during the fall season. Those who are staying at the establishment must pay using cash or checks, as the business does not accept credit cards. Additionally, Sarah says that no alcohol can be served on the premises due to the house’s proximity to the local elementary school and Townshend Church, per state law. The Boardman House Bed and Breakfast is open year-round, with its busiest season occurring in the fall when the colors of the leaves are the most vibrant.


Originally the building that is currently the Boardman House Bed and Breakfast was built along with a large barn as a private residence in the 1840s. It functioned in this capacity for some time before becoming a duplex for several years. The current owners of the business, Paul Webber and Sarah Messenger, bought the property from Beatrice Shine in 1987, who was living in the duplex at the time. Paula and Sarah converted it into a bed and breakfast once they bought it. Both Paul and Sarah were teachers at the time who had aspirations of starting their own bed and breakfast, and after purchasing the property, they ran the business while Sarah worked part-time as a teacher and Paul taught full-time in the town’s schools.

A number of improvements have been made to the property since Paul and Sarah originally took over the bed and breakfast. Some of the most notable renovations include adding private bathrooms to each of the five bedrooms, replacing the roof, and repairing various outlets and appliances in the house. They also built a front porch onto the property to provide an additional common area for guests.

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