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Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast

Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast

Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast is currently under the ownership of Rose and Robert Fombelle, the original owners of the business. A total of five rooms are available year-round for visitors to reserve, one of which is a honeymoon suite that can accommodate those who are seeking a romantic getaway or planning a wedding event. The property is situated in a fairly rural and wooded setting. With its proximity to the Shawnee National Forest and local wineries, Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast can serve as a base for exploring the surrounding attractions, especially sites that offer outdoor recreational activities. Along with these natural attractions, the property is in proximity to a number of wineries, many of which hold events and wine tastings. Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast periodically hosts events of its own throughout the year as well, such as Hog Fest and Jeep Fest, among others.


Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast is a lodging establishment located in the middle of Shawnee National Forest. The property has five units that visitors can occupy, including one honeymoon suite. Out of all of the accommodations, the honeymoon suite is "the most popular choice among guests," according to Rose, one of the owners. Each room features a queen-size bed and an open floor plan. The rooms are equipped with a kitchenette area, including a mini fridge, stove, microwave, and coffee machine. Additionally, all rooms have a TV, although Wi-Fi is not available due to the limited connectivity in the area. Regardless of which accommodation visitors choose to stay in, every patron has access to the on-site hot tub that is centrally located among the guestrooms.

In addition to the lodging aspect of Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast, the owners have a restaurant and catering business. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals can be served on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at the restaurant. This company is open to the general public as well. The restaurant and catering business encompasses roughly 100 acres of land, while the bed and breakfast is situated on about an acre and a half of land.

The property's exterior is adorned with flowers, shrubs, and trees. Visitors can take a stroll around the grounds or simply relax outdoors. Wildlife, such as turkeys and deer, have often been spotted on the premises. Rose believes that the atmosphere may appeal to those who are seeking a tranquil getaway. She also observes that guests tend to visit Boars Nest to explore the Shawnee National Forest, go hiking, or visit the numerous wineries in the area. The national forest can provide opportunities for hiking, birdwatching, and photography. 

Beyond the natural attractions, the area is known among several locals and tourists for its wine country. With approximately 15 wineries nearby, wine enthusiasts can participate in tastings, vineyard tours, and attend events and festivals that are dedicated to showcasing the region's wine production. Moreover, the bed and breakfast is located near a venue where brides and grooms can hold their weddings, which is found less than a mile from the establishment. The owners of Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast take pride in offering the honeymoon suite as an added amenity for those who plan on hosting wedding parties.


On account of the Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast's location in the middle of Shawnee National Forest, the establishment tends to receive visitors who seek a more rural setting for a "break from technology," as stated by one of the owners. Robert and Rose Fombelle, the two owners, strive to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, with the intent to provide quality customer service. Rose tries to act as a 24/7 concierge, as she makes an effort to be available to guests at all times. She strives to accommodate special requests, such as arranging surprise decorations for anniversaries or marriage proposals. Overall, the owners have the goal of helping visitors feel valued and well taken care of during their stay. One former patron expressed contentment with their stay in a review as they described the location as "quiet and homey." They continue, saying "Rose was very helpful and accommodating."

Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast hosts various events and activities throughout the year. These include Hog Fest and Jeep Fest. The owners hope that these events provide an opportunity for guests to interact and engage in shared interests, with the intent to foster a sense of community. In terms of policies, the bed and breakfast strictly enforces a no-smoking policy to maintain a clean and odor-free environment for everyone. Though the owners are capable of accommodating people with service dogs in two of the units, it is discouraged to bring pets to the Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast—out of consideration for future patrons who might have allergies. These policies are designed to uphold the standards of the property.

As the establishment operates year-round, Rose notes that the busiest season of operation most commonly occurs during the fall. She attributes this to the considerable number of hunters that book rooms in advance. Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast's popularity extends beyond families and outdoor enthusiasts, as it primarily attracts "couples looking for a romantic getaway," according to Rose. 


Owned by Rose Fombelle and her husband, Robert, Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast has been in operation for 16 years. The name "Boars Nest" derives from Robert's previous business ventures, including the catering company called Great Boars of Fire and their restaurant, the Blue Boar. The name represents a continuation of the pig-themed concept. Robert and Rose are the original owners of Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast, and Robert's catering business, Great Boars of Fire, laid the foundation for the bed and breakfast's unique concept.

Over the years, the owners have made improvements to the property, including upgrading the beds and adding cable TV. A few future plans are in store for Boars Nest Bed and Breakfast, namely the addition of fire pits and other outdoor amenities, such as a deck, to enhance the overall experience. As owners, Rose and Robert make an effort to seek ways to improve the guest experience.

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