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Bostrom's Bed and Breakfast

Bostrom's Bed and Breakfast is located in Ucluelet, British Columbia. The establishment has been in operation since 2004, under the management of Judy Bostrom. There are three units on-site, including the Wild Room, the Trail Suite, and the Pacific Room. Ucluelet is a district municipality that means "people of the safe harbor" in the Nootka language. It sits at around 1,700 residents as of 2016.


Bostrom's Bed and Breakfast is placed on three-quarters of an acre on Vancouver Island, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Three rooms are available in the bed and breakfast, namely the Wild Room, the Pacific Room, and the Trail Suite. The main two-level home includes both the Wild and Pacific Room on the lower level, with the Trail Suite located nearby on the property, separated by a two car garage.

The Wild Room provides an oceanfront view of the Pacific Ocean, accompanied by a private covered patio, with a teak bistro table and chairs. A queen bed is located in the room with a mattress heater to preheat the bed during the winter. A sofa near the bed provides seating arrangements for guests, as well as potential sleeping arrangements, with the sofa folding out into a full-sized bed in case of emergency. Soundproof walls surround the room in Bostrom's Bed and Breakfast, allowing a quieter atmosphere for other guests during their stay. The soundproof system consists of 2-pound lea, sound insulation, and soundproof gyp-rock.

Eco-friendly towels, "Comphy" sheets, and Aveda shower gels are placed in the room for guests to utilize. "Comphy" sheets are often found in day spas, consisting of high count cotton. A tub/shower combination can be found in the private bathroom that is located two steps down the hall from the Wild Room. Access to the bed and breakfast's Jacuzzi and Darts can be found in this room.

The Pacific Room, located on the same level as the Wild Room, also sits on the oceanfront, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Like the Wild Room, the Pacific Room comes with its own private patio filled with a teak bistro table and chairs. Another similarity is the queen bed and a pull-out sofa that are included. Access to the library in the common room is included for both places, allowing guests to rent books at their convenience. The Pacific Room is decorated with coastal themes, in contrast to the Wild Room, which focuses more on the surrounding nature. An en-suite bathroom can be found, providing eco-friendly towels, "Comphy" sheet, and Aveda shower gels.

Lastly, the Trail Suite is located separately from the lower level of the Bostrom's Bed and Breakfast home. Situated near the two-car garage, the Travel Suite provides an open layout for its guests, covering 500 square feet. A wooden deck with cedar deck chairs give guests an overlook of the ocean. A queen-sized canopy bed and pull-out queen sofa are included in the suite, as well as an en-suite bathroom with a skylight. The shower in the bathroom is covered with river rock, a naturally round and smooth stone often used for massaging feet when placed in the shower. A kitchenette is supplied with utensils and dishes for dining, as well as a fridge, microwave, toaster, coffee maker and kettle. A barbecue can be found on the private patio of the Trail Suite.

The property is surrounded by national parks, namely the various Pacific Rim National Park Reserve locations. Whale watching and kayaking are typical things for visitors to do in Ucluelet, along with their "catch and release" aquarium.


Bostrom's Bed and Breakfast strives for a culture of friendliness through their motto of "come as guests and leave as friends," as established by owner Judy Bostrom. She has ran and operated the bed and breakfast since 2004. Guest reviews of the property mention the facility itself, stating that it is "very accomodating" and "provide various forms of entertainment." The owner, Judy Bostrom, is mentioned as a "great storyteller who brings the local wildlife legends to life, while making guests feel welcomed."

The breakfast provided by the property is another aspect of Bostrom's that is mentioned in various reviews. Items included are various juices, fruits, entrees, homemade bread and jams. Each day presents a new menu item, cooked by the owner. A hot tub, pool table, dartboard and room quality are mentioned as "top-end amenities, giving guests several activities to do in their own place, without having to leave the comforts of the bed and breakfast."

Ucluelet, British Columbia, is known as a fishing and logging town, filled with a rich history. Remnants of the First Nation have been found in the area, including bones that were excavated on Little Beach, a beach located in the area. The First Nation is seen as the original settlers in Canada, dating back to nearly 4,300 years ago. Each year in March, Ucluelet celebrates the Pacific Rim Whale Festival alongside the city of Tofino and the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. This celebration focuses on the Pacific Grey Whales' annual return from their breeding and calving grounds that are found along the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. Activities include gala dinners, children activities, workshops and live entertainment. Ucluelet hosts a leg of the Van Isle 360 every odd year to go along with their annual celebrations. The Van Isle 360 is a ten leg race that covers the length of Vancouver Island, with one of those legs being hosted bi-annually by Ucluelet. Salmon barbecues and send-off parties are included for consumers who attend the event.


Bostrom's Bed and Breakfast was founded in 2004 by Judy Bostrom, and has been in business for the last sixteen years. After working in the education field for twenty-seven years as an art teacher and school counselor, Judy decided to open a bed and breakfast in her retirement. Judy planned to operate and run the bed and breakfast for three years, before handing it off to a new owner and officially retiring. Sixteen years later, Judy still operates and runs the bed and breakfast, having found a passion for it. Bostrom's Bed and Breakfast is opened during the summer, specifically June through October. In the off-season, Judy spends time on her sailboat.

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