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Brazos Bed and Breakfast

Brazos Bed and Breakfast

The Brazos Bed and Breakfast is located in Washington, Texas, and is owned by Diane and her husband, Villard. The property is located on around eighteen acres of land and has a couple of gardens, large fields, a couple of ponds, and a seven and a half walking trail that guests can walk on. The inside of the property has two suites called the Tree Top and the Texan Suites. The rooms come with various accommodations such as microwaves, private bathrooms, private entrances, mini-fridges, coffee makers, flat-screen TVs, and more. The innkeepers love to be hospitable and strive to make their guests feel comfortable.


The Brazos Bed and Breakfast is located in Washington, Texas, near Brenham, Texas. The property consists of 18 acres of land with many trees and large amounts of grass on it. Guests who visit the property enter through a long driveway and can find many areas covered in the shade from the large live oak trees that are present throughout the fields. On those same fields, visitors will find two ponds that can provide a relaxing atmosphere. Guests have often visited these while walking on the 7.5 acre walking trail that the innkeepers try to keep mowed and clean at all times. There are blue birdhouses throughout the land and a couple of gardens that have attracted many butterflies and hummingbirds throughout the spring and summer seasons. For those who ask, the innkeepers have the options to use badminton and bocce ball, which are stored on the property. Besides those two activities, past guests have enjoyed watching the various amounts of birds that fly around the property and spending time on the back sitting area, which can provide larger views of the many grass-filled acres.

The outside of the property is accompanied by a 1300 square foot home at which guests are able to rent out two suites inside. The inside of this property can be described as country or southern as there is a lot of wood that composes the frame of the house. The two suites are named The Tree Top and The Texan Suite. Each of these rooms has many amenities provided because the innkeepers hope to have everything that their guests may need right inside of their rooms. Some of these features include a small pantry, a microwave, dishes, a mini-fridge, coffee makers, flat-screen televisions, a sofa or love seat, eating furniture, and private bathrooms. The Texan Suite has a walk-in shower with a pounded copper sink and a whirlpool bathtub as well. The Tree Top suite has a balcony that overlooks the acres of land mentioned above. Both rooms also have king-sized beds and separate air conditioning that guests can control. Additional amenities include outdoor furniture on the balcony or patio, which has a fire pit or grill provided. When guests first enter their rooms, they will also find complimentary wine or sparkling grape juice, cheese, water, soft drinks, and baked cookies. Each guest has access to separate entrances for their rooms. If guests choose to rent both rooms, they will receive a discount on their stay, and the innkeepers will unlock a staircase that connects the two suites to each other so that the visitors will have relatively easy access to one another.

Another feature that is included in a night's stay is breakfast that is delivered to the guests' door every morning they are there. The breakfast usually consists of oatmeal cinnamon pancakes with maple syrup, hickory smoked bacon, farm-fresh scrambled eggs from on-site chickens, and berry yogurt parfait with juice. Sunday breakfast is often different from the other days, usually including an Italian or southwest frittata and homemade muffins, a fruit parfait with almond or blackberry toppings, and juice. Many accommodations can be made for those who have dietary needs. The breakfast will be delivered to the guests' door around 9 through 10 AM, though the innkeepers will sometimes make exceptions to those times if guests request an earlier or later time.


The owners of the Brazos Bed and Breakfast strive to create an environment where their guests can feel quiet, peaceful, and comfortable. They also want their guests to have the opportunity to connect together and with the outdoors if it is something they would want to do. To do this, the owners of the property prioritize the cleanliness of the units, as well as restocking them with the products that are involved in a reservation. In the rooms, the owners provide things that the guests will need, such as toothpicks, lighters, and dishes. Also left in the rooms are detailed instructions on how to operate the various things within the rooms. The owners sometimes leave the property and try to make sure that the guests have everything that they need while the owners are gone. The innkeepers live on the property, so they are around the guests as often as wanted. Diane, one of the owners of the property, says that she wants her guests to feel pampered but not crowded.

Guests who stay at the Brazos Bed and Breakfast typically consist of couples or small groups of friends. Most of the guests come from around the surrounding area, though there are a few that come from farther away for the festivals that take place in the nearby city of Brenham. Guests who have stayed at the property have complimented the breakfast and atmosphere, along with the innkeepers. One, in particular, said, "the B&B outdoor surroundings were very peaceful and calming. The hostesses were friendly and ready to make our visit the best experience ever, which they did. They went beyond just providing room and board. They truly personalized our visit to reflect our special celebration, from the wine/cheese and crackers, home-baked cookies, heart-shaped pancakes with strawberries/whipped cream to the special anniversary card." Another guest said that the property was "out of the way and very peaceful." They also mentioned that "Diane and Villard are outstanding hosts. The room was cozy and comfortable. The meals were excellent. Every little detail was thought of."

At the property, no smoking is allowed unless it is done outside and away from any doorways. No small children are allowed on the property, with the cut-off age of guests being a minimum of twelve or higher. The bed and breakfast functions year-round, but the busiest season is in the spring because various flowers grow in the area, specifically bluebonnets. The second busiest time of the year is in the fall because of the festivals in Brenham. Some activities in Brenham include outdoor eating and restored antique buildings, a four-star concert hall with live music, a live theatre, and various wineries to explore. Diane suggests the Ninety Six West restaurant for guests to eat at, which specializes in Spanish foods. 96 West also has outdoor seating available that is right across the street from the courthouse in downtown Brenham. There are also a couple of fancier places that Diane suggests upon request. One other place that guests can visit is the Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site that consists of a park. Guests can go on walks, enjoy the scenery, and spend time with family and friends.


The Brazos Bed and Breakfast was established in the year 2006 by the current owners, Diane and her husband, Villard. They entered the industry almost spontaneously when they decided to convert their apartment garage into a bed and breakfast. Diane loves hospitality and thought that having the bed and breakfast would be a great feature for them. Her grandma loved cooking and gardening, so guests will often see Diane out in the garden, and they will most likely be eating the food that she has personally cooked.

Because the owners are the very first owners of the bed and breakfast, they have made many changes to their property in order to accommodate the wide variety of guests that they have. Some of the changes they have made are the addition of the hot tub on the outside and various amounts of upgrades around the house. The land that their property is located on used to be about 11 acres, but in 2011 they decided to buy a couple of extra acres that were located behind their property and clean it up, making it clear and open for guests to explore. A few years after purchasing that land, they decided to purchase another five acres that were offered to them, making the entire property about a total of eighteen acres.

Multiple changes are made every year as Diane and Villard are constantly striving to update and upgrade their property. They strive to keep their guests in their minds at all times so that they can find things they can change in a way that may help them enjoy their stays more.

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