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Brewster House Bed and Breakfast

Brewster House Bed and Breakfast

Brewster House Bed and Breakfast is located in Freeport, Maine, and was established in 1992. The building that is used for accommodating guests was built many years prior to the business' genesis, however, being built in 1888 by Jarvis Adelbert Brewster. Since being converted into a bed and breakfast, updates have been made to the property, leading to there being seven available rooms for those looking for lodging during their travels. Each room has private bathrooms and a mini-fridge, some of them also including fireplaces and/or king or queen-size beds. Kelleigh and Dave, the current owners of Brewster House Bed and Breakfast, hope that their guests feel welcome and relaxed when they stay with them and that they will be able to have experiences during their trip that they will remember. They strive to give suggestions and other help to all those looking for things to do in the area.


Brewster House Bed And Breakfast sits on about three acres of land in Freeport, Maine. The building that contains the units for the property is blue and grey, built in a "Queen Victorian" style meant to match the style of when the home was built, which was some time during the 1800s. The inside of the building is described as "[traditional] yet contemporary" in style, according to Kelleigh, one of the owners of the bed and breakfast. There are seven bedrooms available for those staying in the home, all having private bathrooms and mini-fridges, many of them also having furniture and antiques that may have some historical background that visitors can learn about if they ask about it. King and queen beds are provided inside separate rooms, and three of the guest rooms have fireplaces available. There are some rooms that patrons in the past have had a preference for, including room six, which is on the top floor. This room is slightly larger than the others and has two bedrooms available, a loveseat couch, and a refrigerator. Another room is West Quoddy, which is located on the second floor and has its own fireplace, making it somewhat more appealing. Other areas that visitors can use while staying at the property include the parlor, the dining room, and the porch. Additionally, there is a fire pit, a backyard with gardens, and a front porch that can be used.

A three-course breakfast is provided at Brewster House Bed And Breakfast every day for those staying in the home. The breakfast is served during the peak season of around May through early October, from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Guests are not asked to finish their breakfast by nine but are asked to join during that open window. During the school year, breakfast is served from 8:30 through 9:30 AM. Kelleigh says in regards to their breakfast that "[guests] are on vacation when you're with us, so it should be a little bit decadent."

The first course usually consists of something yogurt or fruit-based, such as a yogurt parfait or a yogurt Brulee. The second dish is typically a savory dish, like a quiche, frittata, or a breakfast soufflé with greens and sausage or bacon. A sweet dish often follows the savory dish, some of these being crumb cakes, coffee cakes, or blueberry buckle. They rotate the second and third courses daily so that there can be more variety during guests' stay. Other meals visitors may have while staying at the property include French toast, waffles, pancakes, etc., all served with a breakfast meat of some sort. Accommodations can be made for those that have dietary restrictions, such as those that have gluten or dairy intolerance or those who are vegetarian.

There is a five-tap kegerator and a two-tap wine refrigerator available throughout the entire day. These are both "operating on the honor system," says Kelleigh. Guests are asked to tally up what they used and then pay for their drinks at the end of their stay.


Brewster House Bed And Breakfast is open every month of the year, though Kelleigh, one of the owners of the business, mentions that from July to the beginning of October it seems to be the busiest for the property. Occasionally May and June can be busy as well, depending on the year. There are various events that occur in the area throughout the year, including a lobster festival and an oyster festival. The property is located on Casco Bay and about 15 minutes from Portland, Maine, which can provide quick access to many things to see and do in the area, such as visiting the bay or shopping in the city. Some events are also hosted at the bed and breakfast, including cooking classes and some customized private events, such as family gatherings.

Kelleigh says that she wants her guests to feel welcome and relaxed. She feels that the area of Casco Bay- where the property is located -has many things to offer to visitors, and she hopes that those who stay with her will take advantage of all of the activities available to them. The owners can make arrangements for things to do in the city for those who would like to have more opportunities to explore the area. Kelleigh says that "it's about finding their idea of vacation and a getaway, and we try to offer that." She and her partner, Dave, recommend a few places for guests to visit and for them to eat at. Some of the attractions to the area include L. L. Bean, Portland city, and Casco Bay as a whole. A few of the places that they recommend people go to for a meal include Tuscan Brick Oven Bistro, Broad Arrow Tavern, and Jameson Tavern, all of which are relatively near Brewster House Bed and Breakfast.

If the business was known for anything specific, Kelleigh says that it would be the breakfast provided by her partner Dave, and if not that, then the kegerator is something that she says sets their property apart. Some guests in the past have mentioned these and other aspects of the Brewster House Bed and Breakfast in reviews that they leave. One visitor said, "Kelleigh was friendly and warm, providing us with lots of information about the area. The breakfast Dave prepared was delicious, with generous servings. We booked adjoining rooms, and the accommodations were clean." Another person that stayed at the property wrote, "The Brewster House Bed and Breakfast is a relaxing, charming, quaint and wonderful place to stay. Our room was comfortable, clean, and comforting. The breakfast is wonderful. Downtown Freeport is just minutes away on foot and is filled with stores and restaurants." There are a few policies at the bed and breakfast that are of note, including that the owners ask their visitors not to bring any pets to the building and that they don't smoke at the property. Additionally, the staff asks that guests all be either vaccinated or take a COVID test a week prior to coming for their stay.


The building for Brewster House Bed And Breakfast was built by Jarvis Adelbert Brewster. He and his wife settled in Freeport shortly after they were married in 1887. Kelleigh states that they were local business owners who owned a gentlemen's farm and that many people back in the day would treat the area as a place to stop and shop at. They built the house in 1888 and used it for living for many years. The bed and breakfast itself was first established in the year 1992 by Matt and Amy Cartmell, and it has been passed through a few owners since its genesis. Kelleigh and Dave have been running the Brewster House Bed And Breakfast since May of 2016. Since purchasing the property, the current owners have replaced all of the guestroom carpets and have been repainting the exterior. The windows were also replaced by the owners just before them in hopes of keeping the temperature more regulated throughout the building.

Kelleigh and Dave were led into the lodging industry due to their working in or around hospitality early on in their lives. According to the business' website, Kelleigh had worked in "hotel & restaurant management" while Dave worked "as an executive chef," leading them to foster the dreams they carried. They both had a sort of "bucket list item" for running a business in the industry, and when they moved to Maine in 2015, they found Brewster House Bed And Breakfast and purchased it shortly thereafter. Kelleigh now says that it really is fun and that "it's really enjoyable to not only welcome them, host them, [and] feed them, but then we get to get to know friends and make new friends from around the area [and] across the country." Many of the guests that stay at the property are repeat guests, and she says that when they come back to her business, she feels as though she is "welcoming friends back to the house."

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