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Brinckerhoff Inn Bed and Breakfast

Brinckerhoff Inn Bed and Breakfast

The estate known as Brinckerhoff Inn Bed and Breakfast is found in the southern portion of New York State within the town of Fishkill. The 10,000-square-foot mansion is equipped with three floors and ten available rooms for potential guests of the property to reserve. In addition, the estate contains over 3 acres of grounds with various attractions that patrons of the property can visit and utilize during their stay at the home. The property can trace its history back to the year 1718 when it was bought by its original owner, Dirck Brinckerhoff. Since that initial purchase, the property has gone through various changes that have led to what it is today. The current owners strive to create an "upscale environment" where visitors can "feel at home," as a manager illustrates. The inn has received various reviews throughout its operation, with the quality of service and overall history of the property being aspects that are brought up.


Brinckerhoff Inn Bed and Breakfast is located in the city of Fishkill in southern New York state. The three-story building has nine rooms available for rent, with an additional apartment that guests can reserve, making a total of 10 available units within the home. Nine of the rooms are outfitted with an ensuite bathroom that contains a full bath, toilet, sink, and complimentary soaps and toiletries that patrons are able to use throughout the duration of their stay at the bed and breakfast. The exception to this rule is the Andrew Jackson room, which does not have an ensuite bathroom but has a private bathroom that is located across the adjoining hallway to the room. In addition, all of the rooms are equipped with a sitting area, a flat-screen television, and climate control capabilities. The rooms all have unique names that distinguish them from one another.

Aside from the rooms themselves, the building also contains a dining room, a foyer, a breakfast area, and a sitting room. The sitting room has a fireplace that guests are able to use while they spend time in that area of the house. There is also a bar and restaurant within the building that is under construction. The entire building is built in a colonial style, and one of the managers indicates that the property is furnished to reflect 18th-century living. These furnishings include both the actual furniture throughout the house and the decorations that can be found throughout the building. The manager further explains that the art, which makes up part of the decoration throughout the house, is a point of pride for the ownership of Brinckerhoff Bed and Breakfast.  

Outside of the main building of Brinkerhoff Inn Bed and Breakfast, the estate is made up of various features that visitors can use during their time at the property. One of these features is an outdoor grill area. The grilling area is also furnished with seating so guests can relax while cooking food. There are multiple barns on the grounds, with one of these currently being converted into a reception hall that will be utilized by the ownership of the property to host weddings and other events. The ownership of the business also has plans to convert an additional barn into a "country store" that will vend antique and thrift items to patrons of the property. The grounds also include a heated gazebo, a garden, a covered bridge over a creek, and an outdoor breakfast area. An outdoor, in-ground pool is currently under construction and will be available in the summer of 2023, as stated by a manager of the property. One of the managers explains that occupants are able to spend their time during their stay walking around and visiting the different areas and attractions that the property offers. The ownership also provides a private bus service that transports property visitor between the estate and local attractions. One of the local attractions that guests can visit is a neighboring cemetery that contains a historic monument. 

Brinckerhoff Inn Bed and Breakfast provides a complimentary breakfast for each patron. who are able to choose between a variety of available options that include eggs, hashbrowns, toast, and others. One of the managers explains that they have the capacity to accommodate multiple food allergies and dietary restrictions. If a guest has a request or accommodation for breakfast, this same manager directs them to contact the owner or manager prior to their stay in order to discuss how their needs can be met. 


The owners and managers of Brinckerhoff Inn Bed and Breakfast strive to create an atmosphere within the property where guests can have an "upscale experience" while also feeling like they can "come [to the home] and feel like they're at home," as stated by one of the managers. The owner and managers have employed various practices and policies in order to provide those who stay at the property with that kind of experience. Some of the policies that have been instituted by the owners include a ban on smoking throughout the entirety of the estate, a rule that prohibits children under the age of twelve from staying on the property, and no pets on the property. A manager explains that the owner believes that the rules and the efforts of the workers at the home to be available to the customers are what will help provide this desired experience during their stay at the bed and breakfast.

In addition to the rules and practices of the workers, ownership has plans to host various events in the future that will attract and entertain patrons of the property. These events could include weddings, parties, and multiple others. A manager states that the owner has a goal to turn Brinckerhoff Inn Bed and Breakfast into a "destination place" in the area. The estate is already known for the history behind the building and grounds and attracts many tourists. Visitors to the bed and breakfast come from "all around the world," including places such as Africa, as stated by that same manager. The manager has noticed that a portion of the guests who stay at Brinckerhoff Inn Bed and Breakfast include business people and couples. The property has received many reviews during its time of operation, with multiple people commenting on the history and quality of service provided to them during their stay. A former occupant of the home described their experience during their stay as such: "The historic building is lovely. The rooms are spacious and extremely well-furnished, and we enjoyed every minute of our stay. The owner is very friendly and clearly cares a lot."


The estate that is now Brinckerhoff Inn Bed and Breakfast was originally a two-thousand-acre tract of land bought by a man named Dirck Brinckerhoff in the year 1718. The home that is now the main house located at the current bed and breakfast was originally a two-room stone structure with a chimney built by the eldest son of Dirck, Abraham Brinckerhoff, and was utilized as both a private residence and a trading post. The eldest son of Abraham, Derick Brinckerhoff II, constructed a larger mansion around the original structure that was built by Abraham. Derick then participated in the American Revolutionary War and hosted historically notable persons in the Inn, such as George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette. 

Matthew Brinckerhoff, a later descendant of the original owner, updated the exterior and interior of the house in the late 1800s. These renovations included installing wooden siding and replacing the fireplace mantels. The home was passed down in the Brinckerhoff family for generations until it was ultimately sold in 2014 to the current owners of the property. Throughout its history, the property had many functions and uses, but it officially opened as a bed and breakfast in 2018. 

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