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Buffalo Sage Bed & Breakfast

The Buffalo Sage Bed & Breakfast is located in Tropic, Utah, which is about six miles outside of Bryce Canyon National Park. The Buffalo Sage Bed & Breakfast has only two guest rooms available to the public for visitors to choose. The park is a large draw for visitors, in addition to the unpolluted night sky and the other red-rock formations of southern Utah. While the city of Tropic is smaller in comparison to others, the owner says that the main reason guests visit is to find a good view of the outdoors and wildlife. The bed and breakfast has been functional for 20 years, under the management of Alice and David Roberts.


There are two guest rooms in the Buffalo Sage Bed & Breakfast: the "Native Dreams" bedroom and the "Hearts of the West" room. Both of the guest rooms have private bathrooms and entrances, allowing for total privacy if so desired. The bed and breakfast is a two-story home with log cabin and brick stylings. It is situated on a hill overlooking the surrounding valley, providing unobstructed views of the Escalante Mountains and their respective red-rock formations. The greenery of the area is mostly concentrated on the mountain tops. In a general sense, the area is a desert, one of many that are famous within southern Utah.

Buffalo Sage Bed & Breakfast contains a shaded porch and a second-floor patio, each with seating options with views of the valley. The two rooms in the house have general features and amenities such as television sets, DVDs, hairdryers, WiFi, and the previously-mentioned private bathrooms. The Hearts of the West has two queen beds, each set on log framing. There is a vaulted ceiling with a fan and a high window, which add to the feeling of the open range. The Native Dreams guest room is a favorite of the owner, Alice Roberts. She explains that it is the more attractive room in her opinion, accented with a high proportion of authentic artwork. There is a single king-sized bed in the room, similarly supported by log structuring.

In addition to the two guestrooms at Buffalo Sage Bed & Breakfast, there is also a common area adorned with ranch decor and equipped with a log fireplace. The owners—Alice and David Roberts—live on the property as well, though on a separate floor of the building and away from guests. Alice serves a home-cooked breakfast each morning for a period of an hour and a half, between 7:30 AM and 9:00 AM. She typically serves full hot breakfasts, and the menu rotates each day. Alice describes the experience as "a sitdown meal at your house." Because of the range of time offered, guests can choose to dine together or go alone at their own convenience.

The area of Tropic, Utah, is fairly rural in nature. Most of the available activities of the area include visiting Bryce Canyon National Park or stargazing. The national park is famous for its hoodoos (which are irregular columns of rocky formations), of which it has a higher concentration than anywhere else on Earth.


The desired culture of the owners of Buffalo Sage Bed & Breakfast is that of relaxation. The secluded nature of the property helps to promote that idea. The city of Tropic, Utah, is a small rural town with a population of just over 500 permanent residents. Though Alice admits that there is not "much to do" in the region, Bryce Canyon National Park is enough to bring in an assortment of visiting tourists. Southern Utah is world-famous for its red-rock desert formations and hiking trails. Outdoor enthusiasts are frequent visitors to the Buffalo Sage Bed & Breakfast.

Though the town's small size restricts it from many recreational activities, there are still a few festivals such as 4th of July celebrations and an annual "Mule Days" event. Within the bed and breakfast, guests can expect privacy and seclusion, unless they desire to interact with the innkeepers. In fact, the owners of Buffalo Sage Bed & Breakfast try to be available in the case that guests have questions or desire suggestions for local dining or attractions. Alice, one of the innkeepers, explains that most people spend their time outside. "Most people don't even turn the TV's on," she says. Instead, visitors generally opt to stargaze or sit on the inn's patio or porch. The bed and breakfast is open from the first of May to October 15th, and their peak month of occupancy is September.


The Buffalo Sage Bed & Breakfast is owned by Alice and David Roberts. They are the first owners of the property, having constructed it in the year 2000. For twenty years, they have steadily managed the bed and breakfast, taking guest feedback to heart and making improvements. Before the construction of the property, the area was a cow pasture. Alice and David got into the industry because they wanted to live in the southern Utah region while still maintaining some form of income. Based on their preferences of work, it was just about the only thing available to them. So far, they've had the chance to meet people from all over the world, and most have been respectful and courteous.

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