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Buona Sera Inn

Buona Sera Inn is located in Grants Pass, Oregon, a few miles from Highway 99. The Inn has fourteen rooms varying in size. The room can accommodate up to six guests. Complimentary breakfast is served daily at the inn. There are many popular activities and restaurants to visit in the area such as the Boatnik Celebration and Crater Lake. The Buona Sera Inn is owned in part by John Casterlin and his wife Mardie, the purchased the property in 2012. The original building was erected in 1937 and has always functioned as a motel or inn.


Placed on a city lot on the corner of Sixth Street, Buona Sera Inn presents fourteen rooms for their patrons. Each room contains a variety of bedding, including queen beds, double queen beds, and king beds. The group size is a determiner of the room selected, with the larger groups needing to stay in a double queen room.

Cable televisions in each of the fourteen rooms provide entertainment and media services for the patrons to use during their stay. A private bathroom is presented in every location, equipped with a shower and tub combo, for cleansing purposes. Refrigerators provide storage opportunities for the various foods, drinks, and snacks that the guests acquire during their time at the Buona Sera Inn. Linens are provided by the Buona Sera Inn, having been washed after each use.

Microwaves, hairdryers, and a heat and air conditioning unit are also located in each room. Certain rooms come with a kitchenette, including a sink, dishwasher, and various dishes and flatware found in the rooms. The lodgings that contain kitchenettes are the Rosetta Room, Blue Moon Room, Morning Glory Room, and the Tuscany Room.

A complimentary breakfast is provided by the inn, including individually wrapped items such as pastries, yogurts, and juices. The Buona Sera Inn focuses more on the term "snack" than breakfast, providing snacks each morning for the guests. Grants Pass, the city Buona Sera Inn is located, contains a variety of activities for guests. One of those activities is Crater Lake, a lake that was created through the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama. The lake is the deepest in the United States, with a depth of 1,949 feet. It ranks ninth in the world for its depth.

As stated by John Casterlin, "Grants Pass is seen as the middle point between Seattle and the Bay Area." Guests stop in Grants Pass on their way to several locations because it is the halfway point to several different attractions. Grants Pass is located two hours south of Eugene, Oregon. Eugene is the third most populous city in the state of Oregon, after Portland and Salem.


John Casterlin, a part-owner of the Buona Sera Inn, describes the inn's culture as "staying at grandma's house," which also serves as the motto of the Buona Sera Inn. This culture focuses on providing a "homely feeling" to their guests through the use of their decor and accommodations. Being a family-owned business, John states that this allows the guests "to feel more at home because, for us, this is our home."

Guests who have stayed at the Buona Sera Inn mention in their reviews the cleanliness of the property, stating, "the rooms are spotless and tidy." Another review mentioned is the quietness in the rooms, saying that "since this is a smaller inn, the rooms are quieter due to fewer people being there." The Buona Sera Inn has over a 60% return rate, with several guests coming back year-round to stay at "their room," as stated by John Casterlin.

One feature offered at the inn is free parking outside the rooms, which is seen as a positive by patrons. The staff at the inn can be seen as a very friendly and accomodating staff, willing to tend to their guests' every need. The city of Grants Pass is reviewed as an ideal location, with it being only a short drive away from the mountains, forests, and beaches. Grants Pass is also known for its Boatnik celebration, which is an annual celebration held during Memorial Day that involves a speedboat race and carnival event.

With the building built in 1937, Buona Sera Inn is located on Highway 99, a highway that is seen as the "original main road" to various locations before Interstate 5 was created. This one-level building provides only the same leveled rooms, serving as an attraction for people who wish to minimize their use of stairs.


The Buona Sera Inn has been owned and operated by John Casterlin and his wife, Mardie, for the last eight years, having been purchased the inn in 2012. The building itself was built in 1937, serving initially as a motor court. A motor court refers to a term coined in 1925 that means motel. It generally is used in reference to a single building of connected rooms whose doors face a common parking lot.

After serving as a motor court for several years, the property was expanded into the inn. Having retired from IT and database careers, John and Mardie Casterlin wanted to move into more of a rural area than Seattle, soon deciding to settle in Grants Pass and purchase the inn, providing them a job to do during their retirement.

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United States


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