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Butterfly Hollow Bed & Breakfast Retreat
Butterfly Hollow Bed & Breakfast Retreat

Butterfly Hollow Bed & Breakfast Retreat

The Butterfly Hollow Bed and Breakfast Retreat functions both as an inn and a destination wedding venue. The property sits on 82 acres of country land in Gordonsville, Tennessee. Dave—who owns the property with his wife Beth Ann—has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. The property is best known for its weddings and breakfasts, as well as being a restored 1899 farmhouse. In the center of the forest, this secluded property has three guest accommodations and a separate cabin bungalow with two bedrooms. A full breakfast is provided to the guests at Butterfly Hollow Bed and Breakfast every morning. Typical activities to do in the area include hiking, kayaking, and visiting local antique shops.


The lodging experience known as Butterfly Hollow Bed and Breakfast Retreat rests in the heart of secluded forest land. Though the property is officially part of Gordonsville, Tennessee, the inn is situated a few miles to the northwest of town. That seclusion, as well as its wedding venue potential, are some of the aspects which make the bed and breakfast unique. Additionally, Nashville, Tennesee, is only a 50-minute drive east of the inn, making it a convenient location for big-city travelers who don't want to stay overnight in the hustle and bustle.

There are three bedrooms at Butterfly Hollow, supplemented with a separate cabin with two bedrooms that is typically used as a vacation rental. The main building at Butterfly Hollow is a two-story farmhouse that was originally constructed in 1899. The walls are made up of dark wood, and the roof is a green-tiled material. A porch runs along three sides of the building and is covered for two of those sides. There is an assortment of chairs and hammocks on the porch, allowing guests to spend time outdoors.

The three bedrooms in the bed and breakfast itself each have their own private bathrooms. Leyton's Porch is the inn's most popular room, located on the first floor and with the most space. It contains a custom-made cedar log bed and a private screened-in porch. The other two rooms—Alexandria's Attic and Kristopher's Treehouse—are both located on the property's second floor and sport different views of the surrounding landscape. Each of the three rooms comes equipped with high-speed WiFi, bottles of water, soap, shampoo, and other basic amenities. Other features can be found within the building's common room, which has couches, a refrigerator, microwave, oven, stove, tables, chairs, and a small television.

Outside, guests can find a small Japanese garden and a hot tub. The property has extensive virtual tours on its website which can be used to gather additional information about the layout of the property and the other miscellaneous amenities and decorations which it offers. The separate cabin has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, supplemented with a common area with similar features as the main house. Dave, one of the property's owners, cooks breakfast for his guests.

As far as what food is served, Dave has a favorite saying: "I'm an IHOP on steroids." While the dishes are nothing particularly fancy (mostly consisting of pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, and sausage), Dave adds "a little flair to it." Breakfast usually lasts almost two hours, simply because people are content with their conversations. Dave is always willing to share stories, should his guests desire it. Typical activities of the area include hiking, kayaking, and antique shopping.


The Butterfly Hollow Bed and Breakfast Retreat is described by its owners as "a romantic Nashville hideaway." Due to its secluded nature, many of the guests visiting the property are seeking relaxing getaways. The owners of the property—Beth Ann and her husband Dave—don't live at Butterfly Hollow. Instead, they reside a short distance away in order to give guests more privacy while still maintaining the ability to manage the property.

The property's culture is "100% relaxation and rejuvenation," explains Dave. It is meant as a way for visitors to disconnect from the outside world and get away from everyday life. Apart from being located about an hour away from Nashville, Tennessee, Butterfly Hollow is best known for being a destination wedding venue. In 2020, the bed and breakfast is expected to finish the year with around 80 weddings, despite challenging COVID-19 circumstances. This is perhaps due to the fact that the property specializes in small weddings of approximately 30 people or less. They have a small barn designed explicitly for receptions, lit by small overhead lights and surrounded by rustic ambiance. Those seeking customization for their wedding plans should contact the property and discuss details. Though there are certain restrictions put in place, generally, the specific desires of the bride and groom will be accommodated in order to give them a more special experience. Guest reviews of the property are usually positive across all platforms, explains Dave. Reviews typically mention the bed and breakfast itself, but there are frequent mentions of the wedding specializations.

One guest talked about their special day in the following manner: "Our wedding at Butterfly Hollow could not have gone any better. Planning was easy with the help of owner, Dave. He was a man of all trades, helping with planning, officiating the ceremony, baking the cake, getting the bouquet and flower centerpieces, etc. We felt relaxed and taken care of on our special day." Another one simply said, "It's in a beautiful location that feels very secluded and like you're really out on your own." Dave is personally mentioned in nearly all of the reviews, showing that his extensive time in the hospitality industry has given him much experience. Butterfly Hollow Bed and Breakfast Retreat is open from mid-February to mid-December of each year, closing in the colder months where their outdoor wedding venues are not prudent.


In 1899, the building currently known as Butterfly Hollow Bed and Breakfast Retreat, was constructed. Its original function was to be a farmhouse. From 1899 to 1968, the property served as the personal home for a single family. The building's property in the late 1900s is relatively unknown, though it was restored and refurbished in 1997. In 2014, the land was purchased by Beth Ann and Dave, who had visited the property and had seen the potential to create a bed and breakfast.

They were visiting the property, which had been described to them as a cabin. "It only took an hour and a half for us to realize that it wasn't really a cabin." Instead, they saw a home that could suit their needs. Dave had already accumulated over 30 years' worth of experience in the hospitality industry, so he was excited to begin a new project. They repurposed the property and the surrounding land, converting it into a bed and breakfast with the added potential to be a destination wedding venue.

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