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Cambridge Bed and Breakfast

Cambridge Bed and Breakfast is located in Cambridge, Nebraska. The home offers four rooms for people to reserve. Each room has a different name and each one is associated with a person or place related to Cambridge, Nebraska. Breakfast is included for each reservation, and its menu and serving time may be influenced by guest preferences. Andela, the manager of the property says that she hopes guests feel "like [they] are coming to [stay] at a museum." The home was initially built in the 1910s but did not act as part of the hospitality industry until the 1990s. Various attractions and activities are available to patrons around the Cambridge Bed and Breakfast, and suggestions are often provided by the staff and owner.


Cambridge Bed and Breakfast is located in the city of Cambridge, Nebraska. The four-story home features four rooms that visitors may reserve. Each reservation includes a private bathroom, furniture, and a bed. Each room has a name identifier which, according to the official website of the bed and breakfast, is derived from places or people associated with the city of Cambridge, Nebraska. Andela, the manager of the property, says that one of the rooms still maintains the original furniture. 

Common areas of the Cambridge Bed and Breakfast house include three parlors and a dining room. Additionally, according to Andela, a neo-classical style is featured throughout the home, and original designs have existed since the house was initially constructed, such as the painted glass windows.

A complimentary breakfast is included as part of each reservation. Andela says that Cambridge Bed and Breakfast has become known for the breakfast they provide daily. She also says that the owner of the property cooks the breakfast and will provide dishes based on what the patron desires. As well, people can request the specific times at which they are served food. The business' specialty is Swedish pancakes; these pancakes are associated with the owner's Swedish heritage and are served with lingonberries and homemade whip cream. Another food item that may be served is french toast.   


While guests are staying at the Cambridge bed and breakfast, the property's management desires them to feel "like [they] are coming to [stay] at a museum." Andela, the manager, also adds that "staying at grandma's house" has been another association that previous patrons have attributed to the home. While patrons are staying at the home, they can expect interactions with the owner and the staff of the bed and breakfast. The manager says that one of their favorite aspects of running a bed and breakfast is getting to communicate with people who share similar interests, as well as helping guests experience the historic home and the surrounding area. 

To help the property run smoothly, the owner has implemented policies they would like guests to follow. In the Cambridge Bed and Breakfast, smoking is not allowed. Pets of any kind are not allowed in the house. People are not allowed to cook food in the home, and there is no kitchen access allowed. Additionally, people may want to know that the house does not have a designated quiet hour. The home manager wants patrons to know that while kids are allowed to stay in the house, they do not have accommodations available for relatively large families.

According to the staff, many people who have come to the property use it as a stopping destination during their travels. The summer season, as considered by Andela, is the most popular; however, she would like potential visitors to know that they may enjoy coming to visit in March and April due to crane migrations, which take place during this time. The main ways in which previous guests have found out about the property, according to Andela, have been through word of mouth as well as discovering the property online.

Previous Cambridge Bed and Breakfast visitors left reviews of the property online regarding different aspects and their experiences. One previous patron said, "We were thrilled with our night stay at Cambridge Bed and Breakfast in Cambridge, Nebraska. The craftsmanship in this whole house was great for anyone who loves woodwork, glasswork, and antiques. The family that owns the house was gracious and fun. The breakfast was excellent, and the whole atmosphere was relaxing." Another past visitor said, "The rooms and amenities are wonderful, and the hospitality was great." 

While people are staying at Cambridge Bed and Breakfast, various activities and attractions may be available. Andela says that the staff of the bed and breakfast wants to help people find the right destinations to visit and will be available to act as a concierge if a patron desires. Some general attractions and locations that may be of interest to patrons include antique stores, museums, art galleries, and coffee shops. As stated before, the home does not offer visitors the ability to cook meals. Still, management says that there are many places to eat nearby, with some of their recommended restaurants being Town Talk, Sherly K's, The Coppermill, and Cittadeli.


The home of Cambridge Bed and Breakfast was constructed in the 1910s. According to Andela—the manager of the business—the original designer of the house had done previous work in designer courthouses around the state of Nebraska, while the home may be considered to be one of their only residential properties designed. The house was initially owned by the Faling family, whom Andela says were attributed to much of the development of the city of Cambridge.
Around 1990, the home was first introduced into the hospitality industry. Andela says that the first operators of the bed and breakfast retained the home's structure and many aspects that may attribute to its historic nature. She also adds that after the current owner purchased the home, no renovations were considered, while the main work being done to the house is in maintaining it.

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