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Canyon Creek Bed and Breakfast

Canyon Creek Bed and Breakfast

Canyon Creek Bed and Breakfast is located in Montrose, Colorado, and is situated centrally among several national forests and recreational areas, including Uncompahgre National Forest and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. The bed and breakfast has three units in the main house, the Carriage House, and other vacation rentals available for reservation. The property is open year-round, and the busiest season tends to be during the summer. The owner of the company, Kendra, would like her guests to feel comfortable when they come to the establishment. While the main house's units are unable to accommodate pets, patrons are permitted to bring their pets with them if they are staying in the Carriage House.


Canyon Creek Bed and Breakfast consists of multiple units, including a main house, the Carriage House, and other vacation rental houses. While the exact count of bed and breakfast units varies due to the vacation rentals, there are typically four units available for guests to reserve throughout the year.

The main house, a building that was initially built in 1909, has a wide arrangement of rooms that can be reserved. Each one has a private bathroom with a shower or old-fashioned bathtub and access to Wi-Fi. The units in the main house, including The Chipeta, The Monarch, and The Idarado, are named with historical significance. The decorations and furnishing in each room reflect the stories behind the names. Many of the names pay tribute to the area's gold mining heritage and local figures who held a significant role in the town. One of the available units, The Chipeta room, tends to be more popular, which one of the owners, Kendra, attributes to the views of the garden from the windows.

Located near the main house, one can find the Carriage House, which offers a one-bedroom unit that is equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, television room, and a washer and dryer. Kendra explains that it "would be one that someone like a traveling nurse would like to stay at because it's not too big."

Regardless of which building visitors decide to stay in, everyone has access to several amenities that can be found at the bed and breakfast. All of the rooms come with access to Wi-Fi and smart televisions and those staying at the inn can use general amenities such as the common area and a hot tub. The property also has a front porch, a library that can be used for work or other quiet activities, and a living room with a fireplace. Outside, the backyard has a garden area where guests are welcome to spend time drinking a beverage, playing games, or doing other leisurely activities. For those who have a reservation at the establishment, private parking is available, as well as breakfast each morning.

Canyon Creek Bed and Breakfast has a menu available every morning where patrons can choose what they want to eat. An egg dish and something sweet accompany the entree, and when guests sit down at the table, tea, coffee, juices, and a bowl of fruit is provided. In the past, the owners have made dishes such as omelets and French toast. People can ask for accommodations if they have allergies or other dietary restrictions, though the owners need to know in advance in order to make the appropriate changes.

Canyon Creek Bed and Breakfast is located near a variety of nearby attractions. The bed and breakfast is in the downtown area, and several restaurants and other businesses are within walking distance. Other attractions that can be found outside of the city include Black Canyon National Park and Uncompahgre National Forest. Kendra mentions that Black Canyon National Park is "just 22 minutes from our front door" and is known for "bringing a huge amount of tourism in the summer." Another place that guests are known for exploring is River Bottom Park, which offers kayaking and rafting. Regarding recommendations for dining, Kendra recommends Ted's Steakhouse; Pahgre's, which is an Italian pizzeria; and The Stone House, which is a steakhouse.


The Canyon Creek Bed and Breakfast owner, Kendra, would like to make her visitors feel "like they found a gem." She believes every patron should feel important and appreciated, and to emphasize her belief, she created a motto for the bed and breakfast: "Arrive as strangers, leave as friends." Kendra mentions that she enjoys interacting with guests personally, which also "helps in creating a welcoming atmosphere." According to the owner, one of the most enjoyable aspects of running the bed and breakfast is the opportunity to meet new people each day.

The bed and breakfast hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year. Some events, such as the comedy show, occur each month, but there are others that are more special events, including Nurses' Day, Teacher's Day, and other local traditions.

Canyon Creek Bed and Breakfast has several policies that visitors need to abide by while they are staying at the establishment. Dogs are not allowed in the main house. However, people that are traveling with pets are permitted to bring them to the Carriage House unit if they would like. Smoking is prohibited inside any of the buildings.

Many visitors have traveled to Canyon Creek Bed and Breakfast, and a few of them have left reviews of their experience there. One person wrote, "It is an older home that has been upgraded while maintaining a lot of its original charm. There was a jacuzzi that easily accommodated four of us. The breakfasts were delicious with options of omelets, pancakes, or French toast." The establishment is open year-round, but typically, the best season for the business is in the summer, according to Kendra, when many people come to spend time at places such as Black Canyon National Park, as outdoor recreational activities draw a number of visitors. Kendra reports that the usual demographic of guests who make reservations at Canyon Creek Bed and Breakfast tends to be diverse, including couples of various ages and families.


The main house of Canyon Creek Bed and Breakfast dates back to its construction in 1909. It was initially owned by a man named Mr. Deemer, who was the only banker in town at the time. Eventually, the property was purchased by the Smith family, who resided in the house and raised their two sons. In 2004, the current owner, Kendra, acquired the house from one of the sons. She went about restoring the home, adding bathrooms and bedrooms, and turning the building into a bed and breakfast. The business first opened to the public in July 2005. 

Kendra explains that she was led into the industry when she began a summer job at Martha's Vineyard, which was initially intended only to be a break before she began pursuing a teaching career. She loved working at the bed and breakfast so much that she stayed for almost a decade. Kendra moved back to Colorado to open up the Canyon Creek Bed and Breakfast after finding the property for sale. 

Throughout the years, the owner has made a variety of changes to the establishment in an effort to improve the company. A few updates that she has made include adding bathrooms to the guestrooms and refurbishing the Carriage House. In the future, she would like to continue making minor adjustments to the business, including updating the dining area and upgrading the bar section. However, she would also like to maintain as much of the historical aspects of the building as possible.

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