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Captain's Bounty Beach View

Captain's Bounty Beach View is located in Rockport, Massachusetts. The property is about one acre in size and is located right across the street from the local beach. The building has 16 units available for guests to use as they stay there, each one spread across the two floors that make up the building. Three of the rooms have balconies that face the beach for those who would like to spend time taking in the views. All rooms have many amenities available for visitors, and the staff strives to provide any needs for those staying at the property. The owners, Joe and Meg Allen, hope that all of their guests will feel comfortable while staying there and that they can rely on the staff to be friendly, reliable, and hard-working. They strive to interact with their guests as much as they can despite their varying schedules.


Captain's Bounty Beach View is a two-story building that is located directly across the street from the local beach. Unlike many of the properties in the area, Captain's Bounty is located on the rocks directly above the beach, giving the option for anyone staying at the vacation rental to walk to the beach from the property if they would like to. The property is on about one acre of land and has a joint business just across the street called Captain's Bounty on the Beach. The building that visitors can use consists of two floors and has 16 units that visitors can choose from. The rooms vary in size, offering king-sized beds and queen-sized beds, as well as some pull-out beds. The most popular rooms tend to be the three king rooms that have balconies. These balconies all face the beach, providing an option for those staying in these rooms to spend some time outside and look at the views of the beach. Another room that is popular among those who stay at Captain's Bounty Beach View is The First Mates Quarters, which is room number eleven. This room is much larger than the other rooms provided, consisting of a full kitchen, an eating area, a living room, and a bedroom. The living room has a queen pull-out bed, and the bedroom has a queen bed. This room also has a view of the ocean through one of its windows. 

Every room has some basic amenities provided for all of those who frequent the property. Each room has controllable air conditioning, mini-refrigerators, separate bathrooms and showers, coffee pots, water, and cookies. The coffee pots also come with decaf. Free Wi-Fi is also offered to guests, and for those wanting to head down to the beach, towels are given free of charge. 

The building that these rooms are located in is styled like a motel. There are no other places that guests can visit besides their rooms and the lobby, which is strictly used to check visitors in and out of the property. Every room has a parking spot in front of it that the respective guests to the rooms can use. Each room also has a back entrance. The building is in a traditional New England style, painted gray and white, with some accented black porch walls. One unique feature about the grounds of the property is the statue that is in front of the building. The Captain's Bounty on the Beach has a statue of a ship captain out in front of it, so when the owners of Beach View purchased the building they wanted to add another statue similar to the other. There is now a statue of a pirate with a telescope in front of the Captain's Bounty Beach View. The pirate is facing the beach as though he is looking out at the waters, hinting towards the views that the establishment is named for. 

Outside of every room, there is seating provided for those who desire to spend some time outside. The seating includes a table as well, in case those using it would like a place to eat or to set up a game with other guests they are with. There is also a deck for those who are on the second floor. The deck spans the entire building and also has seating provided, with the addition of some couches. For guests who are looking for a keepsake from the property, the owners sell mugs and caps.


While staying at the Captain's Bounty Beach View, the staff want their guests to have all of their needs taken care of. They strive to be available for anyone who requires additional attention, but they hope to have everything to their guests' liking. The owners of the property, Joe and Meg, also hope that their guests will feel comfortable while staying there and that they can rely on the staff to be friendly, reliable, and hard-working. 

Joe likes to interact with the various guests who visit their business. He enjoys learning about them and their individual stories. Joe is at the property every day, helping guests and keeping things up to date. Because Joe is on the premises often, guests will generally see him more than they might see Meg. Besides running the vacation rental, Meg also owns a local art gallery called 1 Dock Square. She loves art and has decided to spend much of her time around it, hoping to spread her love for art to more people in the area. The gallery, however, is within a 5-minute walk of the rental spaces. Meg tends to help more with the technological side of Captain's Bounty Beach View. She can be found on the property usually only a couple of days during the week, so she doesn't have as many opportunities to interact with those who frequent the property. 

Many of the guests who visit the establishment are in the area to attend weddings, family parties, and/or family reunions. The property itself does not hold events, but rooms are available to be rented out for bigger groups. The property receives various repeat guests who were pleased with their first experience on the premises. One guest left a review with such a view, stating that "the Captain's Bounty Beach View checks all boxes. The location and view are wonderful, and Joe and his staff run a tight ship. The room provided what was needed for us and was newly renovated and kept clean by the staff. The property is steps from the beach, and the town is a short walk away." Meg says that one of their standards is that when their guests leave, everything gets cleaned and washed. She expects a very clean establishment, and some guests have mentioned this in their reviews as well. One guest wrote simply that the rooms and building were "updated, clean, and comfortable. There is an excellent use of space in the rooms, and the property is in a great location."

In an effort to help guests feel comfortable and clean, certain policies have been put into place for guests. One of these policies is that smoking is not allowed on the entire property, including the decks and sitting areas. Another important policy that guests are asked to follow is that they don't bring any pets onto the property. By following these things, the owners hope to keep the rooms clear of any pet hair and full of fresh air. 

Guests of the establishment tend to be retired people, but the owners notice that many of their guests are also younger and/or with families. Meg thinks that families have come to the property more often because the kids love the beach. The Captain's Bounty Beach View is open from April through the first week of November. Joe and Meg enjoy traveling, so they choose to do so during the winter months when their business is closed. Once open, the busiest season for the business tends to be during the months of July, August, and September. The owners hope to accommodate more people during those months because of the two businesses they now have.

The area of Rockport, Massachusetts has many places for guests to visit and eat at. Meg says that the culture of the town could be described as "artsy." There are many art galleries in the area apart from her own, which she invites her guests to explore. There used to be upwards of 129 galleries in the Rockport area. There is also a performance center called Rockport Music-Shalin Liu Performance Center, which is a three-minute walk away from the property. Other than the art forms in the area, guests can also visit the beach that the property is on or other beaches nearby to engage in a wide variety of water activities. If guests are hoping to explore more, they can take a seven-minute drive to the Halibut Point State Park, which has some hikes and views for visitors to use.

As for dining in the area, Meg and Joe recommend a few places to their guests, all of which are within a five-minute walk or bus ride away from the property. These places are usually Roy Moore's Fish Shack Restaurant And Bar, Feather and Wedge, Blue Lobster, My Place by the Sea, and Rockport House of Pizza. The first four all specialize in seafood, though My Place by the Sea is popular for its method of cooking the food that they catch that day.


The construction of Captain's Bounty Beach View commenced sometime during the 1970s. The rooms were built to be a bit larger than some other buildings in the area of the time, offering an opportunity for a vacation rental that guests might find more acceptable than some. The current owners of the property, Meg and Joe Allen, entered the lodging industry mainly because of Joe, who was running a motor lodge when they met. He had been pursuing the neighboring property to the Captain's Bounty Beach View, and when he was able to purchase it, they decided to keep that business running and up to date. After about ten years of running what is known as Captain's Bounty on the Beach, they bought the property across the street in hopes to accommodate those who were hoping to stay with them when they were fully booked. They purchased the building two years ago and named it Captain's Bounty Beach View. 

After buying the second property, they felt that they needed to make many changes to the building. They changed all of the beds that were in the building and redid all of the bathrooms, the floors, and the headboards. They added carpet instead of the wood that was there, and they kept the rooms painted in brighter colors. They decided, and still strive to do this today, to maintain the building to their own standards rather than to the standards of those who owned the property in the past. In the end, the owners basically renovated the entire property, hoping to make it cleaner and more reliable for those who use their business today. They then decided to add a statue to the front of the property that would be similar to the signature statue at their other business across the street. 

Along with the two vacation rentals that the owners run, Meg also owns a local art gallery called 1 Dock Square. She named it after the address of the building, hoping that those looking for it would be able to find it without complication. She owned an art gallery in the past, but after moving to Rockport, she needed to downsize her business a bit because of the room provided for her. She has many different kinds of art out on display for those visiting, including water colorings, oils, acrylics, ceramics, wood churning, fiber, jewelry sets, and more.

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