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Captain's Bounty On The Beach

Captain's Bounty On The Beach

Captain's Bounty on the Beach is a motel that is located right on a sanded beach in Rockport, Massachusetts. Rockport is northeast of Boston and is found on the edge of the coast. The property has 24 rooms that can be rented out by guests. The rooms on the first floor of the building are pet-friendly, while the rooms on the other floors are not. Guests looking to stay for an extended period of time can arrange such accommodations by communicating with the staff at the time of their reservations to get a room that is better equipped for longer stays. The property is open from the first week in April to the first week in November.


Captain's Bounty on the Beach has a total of 24 rooms available for guests to reserve. For guests looking to stay for an extended period of time, there are nine rooms that can accommodate longer trips. Also, there are two of the total rooms that are much larger suites compared to a majority of the others. The suites are capable of sleeping up to six people at a time. One accommodation that stands out from the rest is room 38, which is known as the Captain's Quarters. The Captain's Quarters is a smaller two-story building with more space than all of the other rooms, including the suites. In the Captain's Quarters, one can find a full kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and two bathrooms. There is a king-sized bed in the upstairs room and a queen sofa sleeper available as well. Along the outside, there is a deck with a table and chairs that overlook the beach.

The units at Captain's Bounty on the Beach all have a similar theme, but they are unique in their decorations. Every room has its own private entrance and a private deck with a sliding screen door. A small table and a couple of chairs can be found on the verandas. Additionally, each space comes equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, cable TV, air conditioner, and access to Wi-Fi. Room reservations also come with a parking spot for use while guests are staying at Captain's Bounty on the Beach.

The building that makes up Captain's Bounty on the Beach is primarily white, with blue doors attached to all of the rooms. One unique thing about the property, reminiscent of its name, is that there is a statue of a pirate captain that can be found in the front of the building. The parking lot consists of a paved road with numerous parking spaces, one for each of the guests. The ground-level rooms have sliding doors that allow for direct access to the beach from the guest rooms, while guests staying in a second or third-floor accommodation can take stairs to the lower floor and out to the beach.

There are a number of restaurants in the area that the owners like to recommend to visitors that are looking for a place to eat. Among the recommendations they like to give is Roy Moore's Fish Shack, which is a seafood joint that is about a five-minute walk away from Captain's Bounty on the Beach. Another restaurant is called My Place by the Sea, serving seafood that is prepared in a more elaborate fashion, as reflected by their prices. There is a new eatery that is close to the property called Feather and Wedge, which is a contemporary location that serves cocktails and a number of international foods.

Rockport, Massachusetts, is a beach town that offers a number of places that guests can spend time doing a variety of activities. Front Beach is the beach that is right behind Captain's Bounty on the Beach. There is also Back Beach Landing, which is northwest of the property, and Old Garden Beach, which is further to the east. Rockport is known for its numerous art museums and galleries. One of the motel's proprietors, whose name is Meg, has her own art gallery that has numerous displays such as ceramics, watercolor, acrylics, fiber art, and more. The name of her art gallery is 1 Dock Square. At one point, there were about 129 art galleries in the town, with one of the most popular ones being The Rockport Art Association, which has been around for over one hundred years. The Rockport Music Shalin Liu Performance Center is down the road on Mainstreet and is another art center that specializes in performance art. Another location that may be of interest to visitors is called Halibut Point State Park. The state park is located north of Captain's Bounty on the Beach and is less than ten minutes away.


Meg and Joe are the current owners of Captain's Bounty on the Beach. They explain that their goals for the motel are "to create an atmosphere that is clean, comfortable, reliable, and to have friendly staff." They would like Captain's Bounty on the Beach to be "comfortable like a bed and breakfast." The owners also mention that they try to interact with everyone that comes to their establishment and make sure they have what they need for their stay.
There are several policies that are in place at Captain's Bounty on the Beach that the owners would like guests to be aware of when considering staying at the motel. One of the more important policies is that there is no smoking allowed inside any of the rooms. They also do not allow smoking on the decks. This is so that smoke isn't blown into the other rooms because of the wind. They do have a policy against pets as well. However, this doesn't apply to the first-floor rooms. Anyone that would like to bring their pet along has to pay a 25 dollar fee per night. Pets must be accompanied by their owners at all times and need to be registered with the front desk upon arrival.

Captain's Bounty on the Beach has received a number of reviews over the years from previous guests. Many of them mention the convenience of having the beach so close and the views the balconies offer of the ocean. One person who recently stayed at the motel writes, "Nice hotel. Very clean, the staff is friendly and helpful. Beautiful beach view from the room balconies." Another aspect that is mentioned relatively frequently throughout reviews is the quality of service that the patrons of the motel received from the staff. One review, in particular, reads, "The staff at the hotel are extremely helpful and friendly. The views of the ocean are stunning, and the rooms are cozy and clean. The staff made us feel like we were a part of their family."


The building that makes up Captain's Bounty on the Beach was originally built in the 1960s, though the exact date of its construction is unknown. Over the years, there has been a large number of changes and renovations that have taken place to maintain it and keep it a viable building. Meg and John, the current owners, purchased the property about seven years ago in 2014. Ever since they took over Captain's Bounty on the Beach, there have been a variety of changes made. One of the most significant changes they made to the building was when they took all of the rooms apart and redid them due to the state they were in before. Meg explains that their plans for the future include maintaining the standard and upkeep of the building to the best of their ability.

Meg was lead into the industry because her husband, Joe, owns another facility that is a motor lodge, which is run by their daughter. After some time, they learned about Captain's Bounty on the Beach. When they learned that it was for sale, they made the decision to purchase it. They have lived in Massachusetts since they took ownership of the motel, while their other property that is being run by their daughter is located in California.

Captain's Bounty on the Beach is not Joe and Meg's only property in Rockport, Massachusetts. A few years ago, they also acquired a property called Captain's Bounty Beach View. Meg explains that "It is nice to have Captain's Bounty Beach View because we sometimes fill our occupancy at Captain's Bounty on the Beach. When that happens, we are able to offer Beach View to them, rather than just sending them away."

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