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Captain's Legacy Bed and Breakfast

Captain's Legacy Bed and Breakfast

Situated along the coast of Twilingate Harbour in Newfoundland, Canada, Captain's Legacy Bed and Breakfast is established in the town of Twilingate. The business has been owned and operated by John and Addie, the current hosts, since 2014; however, the building itself dates back to the 1880s when it was first constructed. John and Addie hope that their guests will enjoy the historical significance of the property, as the owners intend to help those who are staying with them feel comfortable over the course of their stay. A custom breakfast is offered every morning to visitors, and dietary restrictions can be accommodated. It should be noted that Captain's Legacy Bed and Breakfast operates seasonally from May through September.


Captain's Legacy Bed and Breakfast offers a total of four rooms for reservation—The Captain's Quarters, The Elizabethan, The Regency, and The Mates—all of which are located in a two-and-a-half-story building. Three of these accommodations can be found on the second floor, while the other room is on the first floor. In addition to the guestrooms, patrons are also given access to the property's common areas, namely the dining room, living room, and kitchen. A deck area extends across the front of the home as well, where people can relax at their leisure. The owners of the business characterize the bed and breakfast as an 1880s-style home, on account of the building dating back to this particular era. The establishment is a designated Heritage Home.

The rooms are equipped with amenities that vary from one another; however, a TV, access to free WiFi, robes, bedding, and an ensuite bathroom are provided in every accommodation. The Captain's Quarters, The Elizabethan, and The Regency all contain a queen-size bed, while The Mates has a double-size bed. Each accommodation has a different name that correlates with the room's theme. The most popular unit tends to be The Captain's Quarters due to its comparatively larger size.

Every morning in the dining room, breakfast is served for those who are staying at the property. Typically prepared between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m., patrons are offered a menu the night prior to their breakfast meal, giving them the opportunity to select their dishes in advance. Options that one can expect to be served include cereal, oatmeal, fruit, eggs, bacon, sausage, whole wheat bread, pancakes, and French toast. John is the cook for these meals, and he notes that those who have dietary restrictions or food allergies can be accommodated.

Situated on the coast of Twilingate Harbour, Captain's Legacy Bed and Breakfast occupies land in a fairly secluded portion of Newfoundland. Flower gardens encompass fractions of the premises, and grasslands constitute a considerable part of the surrounding area. John remarks that "Twilingate, Newfoundland, is one of the top destinations for tourism," considering that the town is often regarded as "the iceberg capital of the world." Whale watching is one specific attraction that piques the interest of some tourists, as well as sea kayaking, iceberg boat tours, visiting pubs and restaurants, and walking along the coastal trail system.


John and Addie, the owners of Captain's Legacy Bed and Breakfast, have the goal of helping their guests feel "like they're at home." In an effort to provide this experience, the owners give a tour upon visitors' arrival and show them where they can make their tea or coffee. They also encourage everyone to sit in the living room and socialize with the other people who are staying at the establishment. John and Addie interact with their patrons periodically and offer people suggestions for some of the nearby activities, attractions, and restaurants in the local area. 

While events generally are not hosted at Captain's Legacy Bed and Breakfast, John informs that Twilingate frequently holds festivals that travelers are welcome to attend during their stay. The Fish Fun and Folk Festival in July tends to receive a fair amount of people, as well as the Twilingate Unscripted Digital Arts Festival, which takes place at the end of September. Numerous dining options are additionally found in the vicinity, such as Georgie's Restaurant, Split Rock Brewing Co., Sansome's Lobster Pool, Annie's Harbour Restaurant, Blue Barrel Gallery Café, and Crow's Nest Café.

Future visitors should be aware of a few policies that are enforced at Captain's Legacy Bed and Breakfast. John and Addie encourage everyone to wear indoor shoes or slippers in the house, as opposed to standard outdoor shoes. It should also be noted that a designated quiet time begins every night at 10:00 p.m. and lasts until 7:00 a.m. Lastly, the property is not suitable for pets or young children. 

John believes that people are drawn to the "quiet nature of the street" on which the bed and breakfast is located. He also accredits the success of the business to the provided hospitality and breakfast. One previous guest commented about the owners' hospitality in a review, saying, "John and Addie truly made me feel at a home away from home. I traveled to Twillingate for work and they provided the most comfortable and cozy work-friendly environment. They are knowledgable and gave fantastic recommendations." John says that many of those who have visited the establishment have enjoyed "the historical significance of the building" as well, which he considers to be "the most unique element of the property." 

Captain's Legacy Bed and Breakfast is open seasonally from May to September. Those of an older age constitute the primary demographic of people who stay at the bed and breakfast, in addition to outdoor enthusiasts who travel to Newfoundland to hike along the trails and enjoy the scenery. John reports that about 20% of his patrons are repeat guests.


Built in the 1880s, Captain's Legacy Bed and Breakfast was originally owned by Ephram Jacobs, who constructed the home with his son. At the time, Ephram assembled furniture as his occupation, and he and his son built the building as a private residence for their family. The home served as such for nearly 60 years before it was sold to Captain Peter Troake in the 1940s. According to John—one of the current owners of Captain's Legacy Bed and Breakfast—Peter was "a famous sea captain," who had ownership over the home until circa 2000. John also mentions that the bed and breakfast was given its current name in honor of Captain Peter Troake. It wasn't until 2014 that the present hosts, John and Addie, purchased the property after visiting Twillingate on vacation.

With regard to future plans, John says that he and Addie hope to maintain the establishment's historical significance. Since becoming the owners, the couple has found that their favorite part about running the business is "the people that we meet from all over the world."

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